The most balanced Digital Audio Player for Dancing
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Dec 7, 2008
At the moment I have a Sansa clip V2 & I am relatively happy with it.
I'm looking for a extra DAP either as a backup or as my primary player.Of course a upgrade in sound quality would be great, though I have not seen much evidence that in this 'clip on size range' their is a better player than the Sansa clip.
As I Dance  whilst listening to music with my DAP, having the ability to clip the player onto my shirt or anywhere I choose adds to the unrestricted movement I desire from my Audio setup.Also the lightness & size of the DAP ensures that it does not bounce about too much.
So is the Sansa Clip+ the best 'upgrade' for me?
I would be wiling to pay more money , if for example their was a DAP of a similar size/weight that had a better quality DAC.
I listen to my Digital>>Analogue>> Vibrations using Westone 3's & V-jays .
Thanks for reading :) .


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