1. whirlwind

    Help With Portable Set-Up

    Hey guys, I have the RS1i headphones......what would be a good sounding set-up for these and not break the bank.   Need a nice MP3 & Flac player DAC and portable amp.   Need a few suggestions.....thanks
  2. bigbenrfan99

    Please help a headphone newbie--any help is greatly appreciated

    I just bought the Shure srh840 on ebay.  I am extremely new to the world of quality sound, and I would like your opinions.  I have attempted to do a lot of research, mostly on this site, and I have found myself completely lost.  I would like any recommendations for how to maximize my sound...
  3. Aoi-chan

    New IEM + PMP | Budget : USD 150 or INR 8000

    Hi. I new here and my sole purpose of joining is because I'm not able to decide on an IEM and a PMP in my budget of USD 150 or INR 8000 for both the things. Yeah, I live in India, so the total cost should be inclusive of shipping and taxes/customs. I can order from (this one...
  4. chuckle490

    Can anyone point me towards a good DAP for under $250?

    I need at least 30 GBs of memory. What player will give me the best SQ? I've been looking at the iPod classic 7th gen, but I've heard some people say it lacks good SQ, is that true? I'm willing to go a little higher on my budget if needed. Thank you!
  5. Fracocci9203

    Flac vs mp3 quality

    I have an ipod classic 6g and a sansa clip you think that the differences between flac and mp3 are very audible in this portable player?
  6. madmonkey

    Which mp3 player should i choose

    I dont care about anything other then it s ability to play great sounding music i dont play games or surf the net with my players. But i do like them to be able to drive any headphones i get with no amp.TY for reading my post . i also want it to sound great
  7. calist3r

    iPod Touch 5th gen, now on par with sansa clip+?

    I have been using an iPod classic 160gb for about a year, and figured that it is not suited for BA IEMs since its H/P out has 5 ohm output. That's why I consider buying a Clip+ as it is said to be better with BA IEMs because of its near linear H/P out(1ohm, if I'm not mistaken).   But now...
  8. yashi

    Help. Looking for a news portable player

    Hi,   im looking for a new portable player. I will use it on the bike, while running and to listen to audiobooks in the bed.   My main concern is: I need very quiet audio output when listening in the bed. Atm im using my nexus7 for that, and my ears are bleeding :/. Its much to loud. I'm...
  9. Groenn

    New to the community, so would appreciate some help regarding a portable amp for the Philips Fidelio l1.

    Hi everyone!       I have been a passive observer for some time on the forums, and after saving up and finding quite a bargain on the l1, I now have space in the budget for a portable amp!   As it is a fairly low impedance and my sources generally do not have any issues with the...
  10. AnimalChin

    Looking for a portable MP3/FLAC player that has an FM radio in it. ipod nano or something else?

    Hello!   I am looking for a portable MP3/FLAC player that also has an FM receiver in it. I know the 7th gen ipod nano has an FM reviver in it, but should I look at other devices? I realize that it doesn't play FLAC, but it can play Apple lossless which is fine for me. I probably will be...
  11. GodOfDeath

    Sansa clip+ random restarts

    I do not know what is wrong with this music player. I am using it to play FLAC files and at the end of songs sometimes it will just randomly restart the player by itself. Sometimes the thing will just turn off and I have to reset it holding the power button.   I read somewhere that this was...
  12. @@anderson@@

    Need an MP3 replacement :'(

    Anyone have any good suggestions for Mp3 player for under £100 ? I think I will change onto something DAC when I head back to Hong Kong this xmas.   I lost my good old reliable Telecast T51  so I will need a replacement for it, atm on my list are    Sansa Clip Zip 4gb £25.61 +...
  13. thasowl

    portable setup im looking to buy, any advice

    Hi everyone, NOOB here. im looking to get a new setup for listening music on the go (street and subway). so im on a budget basically and my first setup idea is made of this :   for the source gear : sansa clip zip (cheap, small, good sound, flac, and the ergo seems good) also im...
  14. ahujasid

    Driving Shure SRH440 wih mobile phone

    I recently bought a Shure SRH440 and i'm relatively new to all this so i didnt know my mobile phone wouldnt be able to use them to their full potenital. Will buying a Fiio e11 amp help?
  15. TheJesusGuy

    Opinion on the KRK KNS 6400 and 8400?

    Opinions? I am considering these very much but don't know if the 8400 is worth the extra money.
  16. Csupercool

    HFI-780 vs. ATH-M50 vs. SRH840 or other ? [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone !   I was looking into buying my first pair of headphones and after few hours of searching, I've came down to these 3 pairs   -Ultrasone HFI-780 -Audio-Technica ATH-M50 -Shure SRH840   Now, if you noticed the link between these headphones, I was looking for...
  17. wupah

    Portable source opinions wanted!

    Greetings,   I'm in the market for a new portable music player because I would like to distance myself from Itunes altogether.   - My budget is around 200$ but very flexible. - I would like to play FLAC without converting them - Ideally 30 gb + of storage space - Decent battery...
  18. TheEvilNarwhal

    Help.Need a Recommendation for a Portable Source!

    My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any...
  19. GNR93

    rename the files

    Hello   I have a problem with sansa clip+ rockboxed, when i rename the name of folders in micro sd after the folders change the name ex: before 18) Stevie Ray vaughan & Double Trouble  - In Step before 18580000_18) Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dou Why?
  20. Artmuzz

    iPod Nano 7G opinions

    Personally I am very disappointed with this new design on the Nano 7G. I really liked the small design of the Nano 6G and it was great to wear as a wristwatch/DAP for cycling and walking. I was really hoping that Apple would of done an upgrade based on the Nano 6G design but unfortunately they...
  21. Orel

    Horribly harsh treble, is it the iPod's fault?

    So I have an iPod Touch 8GB 2nd generation. With my AKG Q350 and Sennheiser PX200-II (even though theyre are a demo model for a store and had their jacks replaced) connected to the iPod, the treble sounds horribly harsh, the letter S and drums are especially awful. When connected to my computer...
  22. hellboyx5

    Help me choose high-end DAP or high-end IEM

    I have 2 options for my portable setup The first one is dap Rocoo BA with 16gb micro sd card and Shure SE215 I'll have to stick with entry level iem SE215...   The second one is dap Sansa Clip+ 8gb and IE80 or SE535 I'll have to sell my Rocoo BA to buy less expensive dap and a high-end...
  23. Silver

    Does the latest iPod Classic sound similar to Clip+?

    I have kinda given my mother my Clip+ as I end up preferring my Galaxy Nexus with Poweramp EQ sound to the flat sound of Clip+. I am concerned that I will feel the same about iPod Classic. I have been strictly headphone out only as I prefer not to mess with LOD and amp as that would be another...
  24. NoGood

    Earphones For Sansa Clip+?

    Hey guys/girls,   I recently sold my iPod Touch 2nd Gen and I'm looking to either buy an iPod Classic(5th or 7th Gen) or maybe an iPod touch 4th Gen 32GB.   I can't find any information about the sansa clip+ impedance(ohms). I went to sandisk forum and some mentioned that it was 16 ohms...
  25. headfirocks

    Computer/DAC vs. DAP as source component

    I've spent a lot of time tuning a desktop and laptop for hifi audio.  They run Gentoo Linux, mpd direct to hw(0,0), real-time tweaks, a Wavelength Proton USB DAC, and Wireworld Starlight USB cable.  I've been at it for years.  I'm on the road so I'm using the laptop (Dell XPS 13) and a powered...