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Earphones For Sansa Clip+?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nogood, Aug 27, 2012.
  1. NoGood
    Hey guys/girls,
    I recently sold my iPod Touch 2nd Gen and I'm looking to either buy an iPod Classic(5th or 7th Gen) or maybe an iPod touch 4th Gen 32GB.
    I can't find any information about the sansa clip+ impedance(ohms). I went to sandisk forum and some mentioned that it was 16 ohms but could be 32ohms as well.
    On looking at the multi iem review by joker, most of the decent iems <=$200 seems to have an impendace of >32ohms.
    So what decent iem/earphones can i get that will be great for the clip+?
    Also lets say i get the 8gb version plus 32gb mem card, will it be easy to navigate through all the music like in an ipod touch/classic? Or is it cumbersome..etc?
    I'm not a fan of sandisk at all and my ipod combined with my senns hd 558 were great for me. I really enjoyed them. Even the stock earphones of the ipod were decent. So should I stay buy another ipod or for a breath of fresh air, the sansa clip+?
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    You can run any IEM's you want with your new Clip+ up to 80ohm's semi comfortably. So 32ohms and 16ohms isn't a problem for the Clip+ Don't underestimate it's size it actually outputs a decent amount of power. I was running my Sony MDR V6 earlier today and they sounded ok, it wasn't the best but it drives them easily enough.

    Scrolling through songs isn't as bad as one may think. I have 32GB of music on my Clip+, as you start scrolling it speeds up...1...2...3. etc etc. so you can zoom fairly well through folders, albums etc etc.. I wouldn't call it frustrating.

    Personally I'm not an Apple fan, so I would not get another ipod they sound terrible compared to the Clip+ IMO.

    Take a look at this thread.

  3. NoGood
    Thanks for your input mate, very helpful. I think I somehow underestimated the Sansa :p So I was looking at some IEM reviews earlier and I've been able to narrow it down to these. Anyone can add one that might be very good with the sansa clip+
    1. Westone 2(retails for like 180$ at amazon)
    2. Sony MDR-EX600
    3. Vsonic GR01
    4. Sennheiser IE8
    5. Phonak Audeo 122
    6. Yamaha EPH-100
    7. JVC HA-FXT90
    Edited the above list and added only earphones with Impedance of <= 32ohms except the westone 2(33ohms imp)
    So any idea which of these might be the best?
    I generally listen rock/metal, classical, trance and some blues. I'm not a Jazz/rap/hip hop type of guy.
  4. trentino
    For those genres i'd recommend the IE8. Well built and great sounding iem's. I myself enjoy the TF10 and Westone 3 from my Clip+. Have had all Shure iem's but did not enjoy them, not with Clip+ and not with any other dap :)
  5. NoGood
    If I get an earphone over 32 ohms like the Hifiman RE 262, Vsonic GR07 or Fischer Audio DBA-2 MKII, will I need an amp to drive them properly?
    And does an iPod Classic(5th or 7th Gen) or Touch 4th gen with LOD outperform the Clip+ with LOD?
  6. Achmedisdead
    The Clip+ has no LOD.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    If you can handle the lack of isolation EX600 would be a nice choice. I own EPH-100 and they would be decent too, though EX600 is quite a step up imo. I haven't heard the others and tend not to recommend IEM's I haven't heard. If it's for outside use the EX600 won't isolate enough (it's only real weakness)

    As Achmedisdead said Clip+ doesn't have a line out, though many people still pair it up with amps.
  8. NoGood
    So how about an iPod with LOD vs Clip+? Which will sound better?
    Isolation ain't a problem for me. If you don't mind, a minireview of the eph-100 with the clip+ would really help :D. I might just get the EX600 since you mentioned it to be sort of better than the eph-100.
    How about the high imp headphones like the re262, fischer audio dba-2 mkII? You need an amp to drive them to get the to play in the way they were intended to?
    Thanks once again for all the help :)
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    The Clip+ drives both EX600 and EPH just fine. EPH-100: There's a nice amount of bass which can be quite punchy also expressing decent sub-bass when called for. The mids are quite liquid in their presentation and are just off being slightly forward, well detailed with exceptional separation. The highs on EPH-100 are a little calm never sibilant and possibly too polite for some. They take a mellow approach compared to mids and lows.

    I found running the Clip+ rockboxed using these EQ frequency settings worked well with both IEM's and possibly others.

    LS: 80Hz
    PK1: 220Hz
    PK2: 1.4kHz
    PK3: 4.1kHz
    HS: 9kHz

    These are presets band frequency's that are options on Cowon S9's EQ.

    If isolations not a problem I would suggest EX600 over EPH-100 for it's natural and balanced sound through the low/mid range, it's a little brighter though than the Yamaha's having less bass amounts, but the quality and layering leaves EPH-100 falling behind a touch. If you like a bigger soundstage with an out of head experience go for EX600.

    Again, I haven't heard the others.
  10. NoGood
    In that case I guess I'll opt for the MDR-EX600. I just saw that you have the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 and vsonic GR07 mkII. How about them vs the MDR600?
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I find TF10 don't respond properly with Clip+, it cannot bring bass amounts up properly for some reason imo, others may think differently. Possibly I'm spoilt with Cowons Mach3bass. Though if you can live with the fit and lower comfort levels over EX600 then it would be a nice choice. GR07 MK2 and EX600 share some resemblance with the addition of extra treble sparkle and extension on the Vsonics but you will sacrifice soundstage depth, height, and some instrument placement. MK2 are very natural and possibly too balanced for some. More suited for audiophiles who want a flat, flat sound across the board again IMO.

    I think for genres you mentioned remembering you're running from a Clip+ EX600 will fit as an all rounder.
  12. JK1
    I don't like the combination of the Sony V6 and Clip+, when a headphone amp isn't used. The V6 isn't at its best. The Clip+ seems to work best with headphones or earphones in the 16 to 32 ohm range. Most headphones or earphones under around 80 ohms will probably work with the Clip+, however using one within the 16 to 32 ohm range is probably best.
  13. NoGood
    Well it's the MDR-EX600 IEM and not MDR-V6 headphones we're talking about? :p
  14. JK1
    Someone mentioned the Sony V6. The EX600 is 32 ohms, 107 db/mw so I don't see any problem.
  15. NoGood
    Yep, thanks :)
    Btw I wear spectacles, so the MDR-EX600 won't be uncomfortable, or the EPH-100, Vsonic GR07..etc for that matter?
    I really love how comfy my HD 558 are, but I prefer to listen to music while on the bed/sleeping, hence going for IEM.

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