1. olear

    How to delete songs from RB Clip+ ?

    I really appreciate this information.
  2. InRainbows

    Advice for my Hi-Fi Portable source... or "Brick".

    Hello Head-Fiers, I used to be a long time lurker in the past, and I've only just started to get into the world of Hi-Fi. Hearing the HD800's my uncle owns wet my mouth for some seriously professional and amazing sound quality that money can buy. Unfortunately all I have are a pair of m50's...
  3. LDJ6915

    Audio Setup for ATH-M50

    Hi all. Before I begin, I know this is a seriously over-asked question, and if I'm breaking any rules I apologise in advance, but I'm finding myself drowning in a lot of information after spending around six hours reading up on all this. Still, if anyone has the patience to help me out, I'd...
  4. Agony

    Should I Upgrade?

    I currently run my TF10s (and occasionally M50s, soon to be CKM50s) out of my iPod Nano 3G/3GS to a FiiO E5 via an L1. Would it be a very noticeable upgrade in sound quality over the 3GS and/or the Nano? I'm looking at the Sansa Clip+ 2GB; money's tight right now, so I can't really try it...
  5. lerio

    Alternative to Sansa Clip Zip (FM with clip)

    Hi, after my Sansa clip who didn't work after 2 years and now Clip Zip who don't work after 1 years i want to buy from another brand..., i'll want small mp3 player with FM and a clip to fix it to my shirt, budget same as Clip Zip.   Thank's for you advice ;)
  6. weston

    amp for shure se530

    I have a Sansa clip with a set of shure se530s could anybody suggest a good amp for this combination?  thanks
  7. ProjectDenz

    Worth the upgrade?

    Hi I currently have a Sansa Clip and am wondering if it is worth upgrading my source. I use TF10s, IE8 and RE0 mainly in the order of how often I listen to each. Would it be worth shelling out an extra $240AUD for it or would the differences be very marginal or even a sidegrade?
  8. Jouho

    Better sound quality than iPod?

    Hi, I ordered Ultimate Ears 700's, and I'm interested in getting a small sized MP3 player.   I have an iPod Touch 2nd gen, but something smaller might be more suitable for cardio and even in school.   Are there any mp3 players out there that have better sound quality than the 4th Gen...
  9. hardtimes

    Sansa Clip 2GB at Daily Steals for $9.99 Nov. 1

    (Apologies in advance if this should go on the For Sale forum -- since I'm not selling it I assumed I should put it here.) has the 2gb clip for $9.99 (it comes out to $17.40 with tax and shipping) for today only or until they run out. I couldn't tell which version it was...
  10. py3r3str

    e2 or clip+

    I'm goging to buy mp3 player just wondering which has better sound quality e2 or cilp+ any opinion would be nice.
  11. danielghofrani

    s:flo2 or Sansa Clip + ??

    Hi there everybody a while ago I posted a thread and asked about a portable music player which delivers the best sound for my budget (around 500$) almost everybody agreed that I should buy a sansa clip+ and rockbox it. I was almost ready to get one but now I am reading these reviews saying...
  12. B0bcat

    Problems playing .wma files from micro card on Clip+

    Downloaded a few CD's to my notebook computer then subsequently loaded them onto a 2gb micro card (came w/ my Blackberry) which my Clip+ accepts.  The Clip+ recognizes these files and even displays the song name but skips them before going on to play the songs that came w/ the player.  ...
  13. metllicamilitia

    Rockbox EQ help (Klipsch S4 and Clip+)

    So, basically I listen to rock of all types. The S4's have a lot of bass. I would like to be able to bring up the treble, bring down the bass and bring out the mids. But I really don't know how to do this with Rockbox, this is the first time I have ever used Rockbox. Also, for some reason...
  14. metllicamilitia

    Quick help please (been out of the loop, another what to get, sorry)

    Well, about 6 months ago or so, my parents old dogs ate my SA6's. I was pretty upset, so I checked the Sleek site and noticed the SA6R's and the SA7's. A quick look at SoundEarphones showed the SA6R's. So I spent some money I shouldn't have and bought them. It's been so long since I've truly...
  15. TheRH

    What is the output level of the Sansa Clip+?

    Hello,    I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-E344, and the output is 5mw. What is the output level of the Sansa Clip+?   Thanks, RH
  16. ofiveo

    cheap/affordable mp3 player? (around 80$, but less if used)

    Hey, anyone have any suggestions? I use to use my Xperia X10, but got rid of that today for a Blackberry 9700. I need a dedicated music player now. If anyone wants to recommend, or maybe even sell me their used one, I'd be glad to take it of their hands. I'm in Toronto if local.   Anyways...
  17. h1a8

    Problem with the Clip+

    My clip+ headphone jack is loose I think. Sometimes the music will only play out of one ear (the right one) and I will have to push the headphone in tighter (or maneuver it around) just to get sound from both sides. 1. Is there a quick fix for this? For example, is there something I can buy...
  18. ext23

    help my girlfriend choose a new player

    ok, it should be noted that even though this is an audiophile forum, my girlfriend is NOT an audiophile and has no idea about electronics/bitrates/hifi stuff. so audio quality is not an issue for her. it is, however, an issue for me, as i won't be able to stand by and just let her drop loads of...
  19. bassophile

    Sansa clip earphones impedence?

    Or, if you don't know their impedance - how loud do they play for a given volume versus the stock apple earbuds out of a dap?   Cheers!!
  20. JosephKim

    Clip+ Bricked After Rockbox

    A friend of mine has a 4gb clip+ that he somehow bricked. He cant remember what he did lol. I told him Id take a look at it. Any advise or links to how to fix? Thanks.
  21. David58117

    Anything like Sansa Clip+ but with AM radio?

    Is there anything like the Sansa clip+ (small, plays flash memory cards, portable for workouts) that has an AM radio too?  I don't want something that requires wifi or anything, just something I can take on walks and listen to talk radio on.  Any ideas? 
  22. Elladan

    What to Rockbox?

    It seems as though, beyond iPods, which I simply dislike, there aren't many DAPs currently on sale in the US that can be Rockboxed.  What's currently available?  What's best?  I'd like to give Rockbox a try for the great EQ customization and crossfeed options, but don't want to invest a whole...
  23. desired

    Sansa Clip + good enough?

    Hello everyone.   I'm considering acquiring a Cowon iAudio 7 because of its power, FLAC format, battery and size but since its so hard to get one I thought to get Sansa Clip +. I would use RE0 earphones and probably an E3 or E5 amplifier, what do you think about it? I like Clip+ because its...
  24. DLRStudio

    Frustrated with Clip+

    I converted a bunch of music from mp3 (for walkman) to FLAC this morning. When I tried to put on my Clip, only about half of it would write to it. I've tried disconnecting the Clip from my computer and reconnecting it, checked to make sure the card wasn't full (still has over 6Gig free)...
  25. GarageBoy

    Sansa Fuze vs. Clip vs. Clip +?

    I have the clip and I enjoy the sound, I may be getting a Fuze or a Clip + to replace it. How is the sound signature different between the 3? Thanks