1. Bio-Rhythm

    The ultra portable review thread

    Please use this thread if you are a big fan of small/micro audio technology. For me, this is the balance, or some may say compromise, between having the highest audio quality with the most portable and comfortable form factor.       At present my chosen ultra portable audio tech is a sandisk...
  2. rjalex

    What's your fav cable to link Sansa Clip/Fuze to Altoids/CMoy ?

    Dear friends, I bought a very decent cable for this but it's so stiff and short that the little Sansa player sticks out far from the Altoids can :-(   Is there any better idea for a cable that is short enough and mayne "U shaped" with 90 degrees 3.5 connectors to hold the Sansa close/stuck to...
  3. drabina

    Need budget DAP that will play nice with Starving Student amp

    I am currently building SSMH (Starving Student Millett Hybrid) amplifier and need a portable source that will be a good match for it. This will be for a bedroom headphone system but space is limited that's why I can't go with a desktop source like CD player or a turntable. HTPC is also out of...
  4. inthearmsofrain

    SanDisk sport clip??

    As I was strolling through Best Buy today I saw SanDisk has a new sport clip? It's in between the size of the clip plus in the fuze. Is this new or am I missing something. I've never seen it before and I can't find anything about it even on the SanDisk website, they look pretty cool too...
  5. matonator

    New portable player under 200 euros/dollars

    Hi there,   I would like to get a new portable player for about 200 euros and I would appreciate any tips. I was looking at FiiO X3 and it looks pretty decent. Do you guys have any recommendations, is it good for that price, or can I get something more worthy in the same price range?:)   My...
  6. Schoenberg

    does Sansa CLIP have a true line out?

    I am giving up the idea of buying Sansa Fuze
  7. penelope94

    Sony NWZ-E584 vs SanDisk Sansa Clip + sound clarity?

    Hello im searching for a new mp3. I have etymotic mc5 for earbuds and crypto colourline 033 for mp3 and i need something good so they wont get wasted.i dont think my mp3 makes the best out of them :/)   i am between these two :)   Sony NWZ-E584 (110 euros) SanDisk Sansa Clip + (35 euros)  ...
  8. Danieldanik

    Looking for MP3 player for sport & home use (~140$)

    Hey guys i'm looking for mp3 player up to 140$ (can also be used or refurbished) Uses: running and home use Size: smaller then ipod touch, bigger then sansa clip Features: touch screen, good looking, marketplace is a bonus! Thanks. (Also give me mp3 players for up to 300$ so I could find...
  9. penelope94

    DISSAPOINTED by sansa clip + please help

    I just bought sansa clip + and senheiser 380 HD pro. The sound from sansa is very distant for some reason :( I decided to buy it after reading all the excited posts on the site and now its very dissapointing... I have it in max and the sound is so low!!Is there something i can do? It cant give...
  10. loghead

    Need help choosing a DAP... upgrading from clip+

    I have used a sansa clip plus for years now, having replaced them multiple times due to failure. They are so affordable i have been willing to repurchase as necessary. I will still use the clip at the gym, but I want something higher end for everything else I need a portable player for...
  11. TokyoSun

    Sandisk Sansa Clip+ vs Sony Network Walkman NW-HD3?

    Hi guys, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I was wondering if you could help me here to decide which player is better? I was thinking of getting Sansa Clip+ but colleague of mine offered me to sell his Sony NW HD3. I would be using them with JVC HA-S500 portable headphones. He said its...
  12. Danieldanik

    Looking for mp3 / mp4 player [140$]

    Hey guys. Im looking for decent mp3 player. My options so far are: Ipod nano 7th gen Or Zune HD (refurbished in great condition with warranty) Got any other options? (Size: bigger then sansa clip, smaller then ipod touch) *not looking for something proffesional , just a nice mp3 for...
  13. Halonoonan

    Rockboxed clip, EQ and a p

    So I'm kind of new to this and I have a question. I did some searching and think I found the answer but want to make sure. I just ordered some Beyer 880 250 ohm and a Schiit Vali. I'm going to be playing these out of my iphone 5 as a transportable system. I then came across the sansa clip and...
  14. Alesco

    Sansa Clip+ vs Clip zip vs Fuze+

    Hello~ I'm new here at head-fi! Well, not exacty.. I've been lurking around but only recently created an account.. Anyways I'm looking for a DAP and am a little confused about the 3 in the title.. Some people claim that they are very different while others seem to believe they are almost...
  15. mammoth1981

    I've been out of the loop since 2006, where to start for a £100 mp3 player?

    My last mp3 player was my beloved Meizu M6 Miniplayer - but it's dead now :( I'm after something to replace it and was hoping for some advice. My only requirements are: non-proprietary cable, drag & drop file transfer, decent quality sound, reasonable interface, smallish size (ie not as big as a...
  16. dinkydoughnut

    SanDisk Clip+ VS Clip Zip VS Fuze+? Need help choosing

    What are people's opinions on SanDisk's series? Mainly their sound qualities, are there any differences between them? Features-wise are they easy to use? Right now I'm leaning towards the Fuze+ unless there are any downsides to it compared to the other ones, thanks!
  17. Sound Eq

    is there a portable gear that acts as a player and dac without connecting it by usb

    hello guys   I want to know if there is a portable player that can play music like flac files as analog files by itself and play the songs without me having to connect that player to a computer or a phone to get the analog outcome   thanks
  18. Ardian

    New DAP for natural sound.

    Hi to everyone :) I have bought a Martin Logan Mikros 90, and the sound is incredible in my opinion. The Sansa Clip+ that I have, seems a bit poor in body for the Martin, anche I need to high up the volume too much!! Can you suggest me a new DAP that can easily drive the ML and that would be...
  19. MiniMaster

    Best Player with Most Capacity?

    I was looking at the iPod Classic (7G) 160gb. Would that be the best option? Music library is fairly large. Keep in mind I am getting an RX 3-B and probably a DAC from them as well. Sooo, what would be my best choice?
  20. sack patrol

    Suggestions for bass heavy headphones.

    Hi, I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones for my mp3/phone. Now, obviously I like high quality sound so after owning a few skullcandy earbuds that all broke I decided it was time get something serious.    At home I'm currently using AD700, before that I had yamaha rh-5ma. Plus a pretty...
  21. davekojo

    brainwavz m2 - want a little more sparkle

    Hi guys. I'm a little new to iem's. I have picked up pair of brainwavz m2 and really like their deep punch bass the way they present mids, but i feel I'm missing something in the highs. I mostly listen hip hop and find high hat goes missing. I also listen to jazz and a bit of rock and dustep...
  22. furienost

    Recommendations for a Portable Small Sport Style Source

    Hey guys,   I'm going to try to tempt myself to get more fit - and what better way to do it than by giving myself some new audio gear.  :)   I'm looking for something that I can use to run / bike / hike with, so here is a list of what I'd like:   Must - Haves: * must play FLAC...
  23. luke100

    SanDisk Sansa Clip+ vs Galaxy S3 sound quality

    I'm kind of on a budget and I'd like to buy a new phone, but since I'd use it heavily for music, I started thinking about stuff. I know Nexus 5 would probably be perfect, but that's a bit too expensive. Then I thought I'd be glad with a Galaxy S3. I heard bad stuff about S2's sound quality...
  24. spandexninja

    Sansa - Clip+ VS. Clip Zip

    I want the Clip Zip (for the radio) but I've heard some reliability issues with this model. The amazon rating is only 3.5 since a lot of people are getting dead units. Does anyone know if this is a hardware or firmware issue? Will getting rockbox for the Clip Zip make it more reliable?
  25. DigitalFreak

    What's the best sounding DAP on the market ????

    Title says it all. Right now I'm using an iPod 160 gig classic and I also use a iPod touch 3rd gen 64 gig. They don't sound bad I guess but I'm sure there's better sounding out there. The hifi man DAP's are rather pricey and for a lack of a better description ugly. Considering I've talked to...