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"The Lab"

  1. audio123
    Hello headfiers,
    anyone can give a brief impression on this lovely iem.
    Thks in advance!
    - audio123
  2. mochill
    Audio 123 need to try the Venture Electronics duke ☺
  3. audio123
    i tried alr very disappointing lol
  4. yacobx

  5. audio123

    price to performance ratio is not there. there are tons of better options like finder x1, pinnacle p1 etc
  6. audio123
    need to share this lovely iem with you headfiers!
  7. B9Scrambler
    Good morning Labsters!
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  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Interesting development on the Shanling DAP front. Shanling posted revised sub-1ohm output impedance ratings for M3 and M5. Still waiting for M2 OI. Doesn't surprise me for M3 & M5. I've listened to several multi-BA IEM with both and haven't had any negative impact. Same with M2 for me, although I know HiFiChris did hear a difference.

    I've asked them to post their old vs. new testing methodologies and the reason for the change. We'll see how they respond...
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    I (actually not only myself but also other members on the German tour I organised together with another member) didn't only hear but also measure the difference with the M2 (calculated OI would be around 7 Ohms). Most multi-drivers react critically, some show less drastic changes when paired with high impedance sources. Clearly audible (and measurable) with the Triple.Fi 10, UERM and SE846 (not pictured below as not measured) for me, for example. Many in-ears with non-flat impedance response show a lower resistance in the upper frequencies, sounding less sparkly and smoother with sources like the M2. Rather few in-ears show an impedance rise in the treble (SE425, SD-2/W20/IM02 for example) and would logically sound brighter.
    Imvho (and from an objective point of view), the M2 is clearly not the best choice for driving multi-driver in-ears and such with non-flat impedance response linearly. But it does a really good job with most insensitive dynamic driver in-ears and about all full-sized headphones (it's a powerful beast). If the effective impedance really is lower with the M5 and M3, they are obviously much better suited for driving multi-driver in-ears without deviation of the frequency response output.
    It'd be interesting to know in what way they changed their output impedance testing method.

    Triple.Fi 10 @M2; y-axis shows 1 dB step sizes
    UERM @M2; y-axis shows 1 dB step sizes
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    I've asked how they measured previously and more recently and how they respond. Now that I think back, I actually didn't have many multi-BA IEM on house with M2 - just M3 & M5. I used FLC8S with M2.
  11. nmatheis Contributor
    Following up on my earlier post HiFiChris. Here's the latest from Shanling:

  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    I just uploaded my full review of the LEAR NS-U1: http://www.head-fi.org/products/lear-ns-u1/reviews/15804
    It's a single dynamic driver in-ear with second integrated crossfeed (called NatroSound™) driver that can be activated and deactivated. It does a good job for a dynamic driver in-ear around US$200 (I'd say on-par w/ Finder X1 but with a different approach; not as good as the LHF-AE1d though) and I have discovered some interesting things with enabled NS. However, the real fun just starts with the additional NSC-03 cable that lets one tweak the amount of bass and NS depending on preference - then the mids can also be tweaked to sound neutral with NS on (with the standard cable, the mids are on the thick and warm side when NS is engaged).


  13. twister6 Contributor
    Great review as usual, Chris!  What I'm curious about is the cable connector.  Does it just snaps in, and if so - does it stay securely connected?  It kind of reminds of JH cables, but I don't see a threaded collar on the cable.  Also, wondering if there is some kind of a guide/key notch, so you don't attach the cable 90deg off.
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Hi Alex, thanks. They're just "regular" 2+2 pin cables without any additional attachment, basically acting just like two 2-pin cables merged into one. I haven't had any problems with that and the connectors stayed safely in place.
    Regarding your second question, pics say more than words: :wink:
    8a4711c5_IMG_1293.jpg   d8bcd781_IMG_1294.jpg
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  15. thatonenoob
    If I may ask, which configuration are you on at the moment?

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