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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Yay. Resurrected my P1s. Replaced failed toggle switches, plus some idiot blew the LEDs trying to bias the thing[​IMG]. Treated myself to some new tubes to make up for not being able to use them for the past few weeks.
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  2. thatonenoob
    Does anyone use dry boxes or dry cabinets for their headphones...and if so what humidity level do you leave it on?
  3. SerenaxD
    Whoa there. Tempted to pick up those, especially the RE-0 at that price... Heard very nice things about them - comparing them with the RE400 would be a fun thing for the summer! 
    Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE-350 | RE-00
  4. Mr Trev
    August shipping date?? My head would explode from waiting[​IMG]
  5. SerenaxD
    I agree. Ordering from China in the US is already enough of a wait. And I honestly should not get on HF the week before APs.
    The more I go on this forum the more my wallet bleeds. Just impulse-bought the DJ100 and a pair of Monks to test them out. I have no idea how the DJ100 will sound - forum seems to indicate it's somewhat of a hit-and-miss.
    Anyone has any experience with the DJ100? 
  6. twister6 Contributor
    At least Monk is not going to break your wallet :wink:  I assume you got Lee's latest Monk+?
  7. SerenaxD
    Yep, just ordered them today. First foray into earbuds - I've always used IEMs instead of earbuds so this is going to be interesting. I found the DJ100 on amazon for $30 shipped so it's not bank-breaking too (I hope... audio purchases stack up) but it's a matter of whether I like that apparently mid-centric soundsig. 
    And then there's the $5 Monk+...
    (Yay! 100 posts!)
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    I predict you'll enjoy Monk Plus SerenaxD and be blown away by P2P!
  9. audio123
    as a mids lover, the ve monk has organic mids that you cannot find any flaws in it. The way the mids is conveyed is smooth and relaxing while not being too technical. :p
  10. Light - Man
    A while back I wanted to splash out and buy 2 sets of monks! one for me and the other for her Light-Ness but they would only allow one pair to be purchased?!?
    I am surprised they do not allow people to buy Him & Her sets, perhaps they will allow Her & Her sets in this modern age? [​IMG] 
    I and am sure lots of others, find it very hard to keep up with the flood of new IEM's on the market!
    Guys, off the top of your heads, what are the best value in ears in your opinion, say up to $50, up to $100 and up to $150 ( price to performance)?
  11. seanwee
    Below $50 i recommend the HiFiMAN RE00 that is currently on massdrop!!![​IMG]
  12. SerenaxD
    Below $50: Fostex TE02, or the new RE-00 IEMs on Massdrop! 
    Below $100: RE400, except for the fact that it breaks easily - mine hasn't yet fortunately
    Below $150: Heh. I don't have IEMs in this range. Jumped directly from RE-400 to FLC8S. [​IMG]
  13. ngoshawk

    Below $50: MEE Audio M6 Pro. Full, solid bass, good mids, highs that pronounce themselves where they need to be, and a very wide sound stage make this my favorite <$50 IEM.

    Below $100 (Scratch-n-dent, used): RHA MA750. Everything the M6 Pro has, except slightly less bass. Clarity and separation are much better. Exceptional build and a wide soundstage.

    Below $200: MEE Audio Pinnacle P1. There isn't much that has been said against these. Punching WELL above its weight, incredible separation, clarity and soundstage highlight a sound which puts all sound (high/mid/low) working together to form a near-perfect (to me) sound with which I am extremely happy.

    My opinions, only. YMMV.
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  14. Hisoundfi Contributor
    iFi micro iDSD, enjoy!
  15. audio123
    Can't wait for more impressions when you guys get hold of the D2 :)


    Time for you guys to get the D2!


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