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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    That is a killer deal. Wow. I might have to get a 2nd one. Lol!
  2. bobeau
    Holy crap.  Could have saved myself $30 if I only waited a few more days.  Well now no one has an excuse.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya the retail price on them are $50-$55 so this is as close to that price as it gets.. Don't be on the fence fellas snap one up before that deal sells out. I guarantee it will too.
  4. bobeau
    I know... I'm thinking at this price it would be great for gifting.  I want to see if the girl I just starting seeing likes them then may pick this up as a little surprise :)
  5. bobeau
    BTW, if any similar deals pop up on the S400 please bring them forward... I'm curious about what its younger sibling is capable of, but not really looking to spend more than $40-ish.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    I was thinking of throwing this link to the deals thread but you know what. Lets not do that. Lets keep this deal for all of us first. Lol!! Get em guys. I payed $71 for mine and while these might take a bit longer to get to you. You save $20 that is a DEAL. Snap one up.
    For the same price of what I payed for mine. You can throw in a FX40 and one of these HA-S500s? 2X your carbon nanotube fix.
  7. sfwalcer
    Yeppp, if they are really as good as you say they are, gonna get the gunmetal one as well......... when prices drop that is, I'm a slickdealer at heart after all.  heeeee
    Edit: like I said expedited 1-3 days shipping is only for $5 more, so it should be fast if you need your fix bad ha, but I already ordered, so I'll just wait and in the meanwhile I can still enjoy my FX40s before these 500s destroy them. R.I.P [​IMG]
  8. bobeau
    It's actually $30 now... I think the eBay seller pumped the price up as I paid $77 w/ regular shipping.  
  9. Achmedisdead
    I'm in on this deal. Order total $47.10
    Of course, who knows when they will get here....lol
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    It says it will take an extra 3 to 4 days for processing as it is coming from Japan.. From what I know of standard shipping out of Japan it will take a week at the most. So 2 weeks is what it should be. But saving that much for an extra week worth of wait time is completely worth it.
  11. jwong
    Seems like a price mistake, given the higher pricing of the silver model. Still, it's worth a shot! :)
  12. sfwalcer

    Damn dude don't scare me like that, makes me wanna cancel and do a re-order with expedited. LoL Fingers crossed!!!
    edit: why I got this feeling like I am stealing these for this price now ahahahahahah
  13. Spider fan
    Ordered a pair off of ebay a few hours ago and one from your link just now too.
  14. dnullify
    Good thing i checked this thread...
    If these are indeed the legitimate carbon nanotube s500, i'm definitely going to have to give them a shot at that price.
    Absolutely no clue how long shipping will take though... hopefully before they're available here [​IMG]
  15. Gee Simpson
    I'm glad I held off for a few days! I did want them in Gunmetal but tbh at this price I really should just go for the Black ones. It only comes to £34.63 and that's including the expedited shipping option for only £3.32 more!
    I just want to make sure this deal is genuine before going through with it as it seems to good to be true! [​IMG]
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