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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Both are completely different natured. These HA-S500 out of the 2 has the more versatile sound. The new sony's are for guys that love their high end full big bass earphones. They have a great resolution and has some amazing mids and smooth highs to go along with the bass end. These excel at any synthetic type music with any type of authoritative bass lines. I find vocals to be angelic on them too.  These are the very definition of a high end musical sound. The HA-S500 will do EDM and Hip hop perhaps not as well as the XB90 but will make up for it by being able to pick off details for Jazz and rock better. So this is what I mean by more of a versatile sound.
    This being said. EDM and Hip hop must be heard on these HA-S500. Not lacking one bit actually.
    Thanks to Danny who was the first to get the XB90. I had to get one as the idea of having a more refined CKS77 was enough to get me to bite and that is exactly what I got.
  2. amader7
    Hey Dsnuts, I would like to thank you for your effort here on Head-fi. I find your posts really informative, and your enthusiasm admirable. However, I want to know if you've had any experience with ie80, and if you have, how would you compare it's bass with that of s500 and xb90? I know that this might not be appropriate, and like comparing apples to oranges, but i would really like some opinion on this matter. I am particularly interested in the texture, depth and extension. Also, where do you think these cans (ie80,xb90,s500) start to rolloff bass/sub bass?
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have never heard the IE80s I know those have great bass end from what I read with a big stage. Perhaps similar to the XB90EX. I can tell you based from my other big bass earphones that I do own. The MG7, MDTs, CKS77, FX3X..All of them don't touch the bass end of the new XB90s.It does have the wow factor when it comes to bass. Sony put that big Extra Bass on the packaging for a reason. The sub bass is so strong the only ones that comes close is the Veldyne Vpulse and the MG7s. I am willing to bet these new Sony's reach deeper. Vibration in audible levels deep..I haven't done a sine sweep but it will be interesting to hear how low these do go.
    It says on the packaging 4hz-27khz. Lol! 16mm high end bass drivers reach so deep might stain your shorts a bit. I remember Danny was comparing the bass end of these the the XB1000s low lows like you guys would not believe lol! Where they roll off? It is just as strong in the bass at 30hz as it is at 60hz if not stronger..  I would love to see a Fr graph of these. 
    Likewise with the new JVCs. All the previous carbon based drivers never had an issue hitting them deep low notes. These are no exception. If quality textured bass is your suit I am happy to report the new JVC HA-S500 has it in spades.. While sub bass is not as strong and more than likely doesn't reach as deep. But that would be 99% of headphones and earphones as well. When comparing to the XB90EX.  As a fan of good quality bass myself I can say these JVC pass with flying colors.. But currently I will have to give the nod to the new bass kings being the Sony XB90s.These truly do sound like subs. Big ones.
    I borrowed this from the FXd80 thread Appreciate the graph mr inks.
    1000.gif I know this is the graph for the FXD80. I wouldn't be surprised if the HA-S500 is similar. As you guys can see the sub bass region the carbon nanotubes have no problems with roll off. The HA-S500 is much fuller in the sub bass region. Some might even say they are boarderline bass head. The great news is as defined and full featured as the bass end goes so it is on all parts of the sound.  And the other difference would be the mids being more forward/ fuller and deeper on the HA-S500s.
  4. amader7
    Thank you.
  5. lubczyk
    Would you recommend the On-Ear JVC or the IEM Sony for female vocals, gaming and movies?
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Don't know if you read when I was testing out COD MW3 and watching a bluray rip of Judge Dredd. But I can tell you the JVC HA-S500 are excellent for both applications. The Sonys would probably do well for movies but for gaming. The HA-S500 imagery and detail makes them ideal.
    I was very impressed with how great MW3 sounded using the HA-S500. The details was so great I noticed I can turn down the volume more and still be able to pick off little details. Footsteps n such.  Female vocals are excellent on both. The overall sound is cleaner on the HA-S500. The XB90EX. Very smooth and deep in vocal characteristics.
    Since both are different animals. Try out the JVCs for now and when Sony releases the XB90EX world wide and prices goes down snap one up.
  7. analogsurviver
    @ Dsnuts :Thank you very much for the reply. I appeciate your work very much. I turn blind eye to hype from time to time in order to appreciate the good part more.
    I started a new thread, as questions that trouble me go beyond any single model of headphones of whatever description. Please look at it if you can menage, it is in this section : http://www.head-fi.org/t/621803/headphone-earphone-iem-monitoring-of-live-recording
    JVC HA S500 might prove instrumental in rejuvenating another very unique JVC product - the HM 200E Binaural Microphone/Headphone from mid seventies. Here is a link with most of the specs for HM 200E :
    To quickly give you and all of headfiers a polite and diplomatic assesment of SQ - very "vintage" for both microphone and headphone section, 
    nothing to write home about. Yet the basic idea is sound one and by changing the mics and headphone drivers (inherently has to be closed in order to prevent leakage/microphonics/feedback to adjacent microphone as much as possible ) , it should ultimately result in recording tool suitable for situations where other more conventional approaches simply are not practical. It would also be possible to competely bypass the headphone section by using IEMs and then HME200E over it (as pure microphone), which could/should lead to even better result due to lower chance of feedback from headphone to microphone. HME200E does have headphone switch for either 0 dB, - 20 or so dB and off to cope with that problem. The reason I would still like to use headphone drivers inside HM 200e  is convinience, comfort and reliability that should be better than HM 200E + IEM combo in the long run.
    The drivers inside JVC HA S500 have somewhat lower diameter than those in HM 200E - 46,75 mm. The gap can easily be bridged by using numerous methods. What worries me is the fact driver of HM 200E is rather shallowish and there is no way around that. If I compare the "high end telephone earpiece sound" of HM 200E to the lowest possible expectations from your descriptions of the sound of the HA S500, this change should result in enormous increase of SQ,  bringing museum piece to actually something fully viable and functional for 2012, some 35 years after its initial release.
    Best regards,
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
  9. DannyBai
    Haha, I was thinking the same thing.  No offense to analog since you're into some stuff I have no clue about.  
  10. analogsurviver
    I guess I should make my posts a little bit more concise and above all shorter in lenght. AND keeping to one topic in a single post.
    Seeing you guys have a healthly dose of humor up your sleeve is reassuring.
    Reading between the lines might reveal to attentive reader I was "courting" Dsnuts to measure that driver. Ressurecting the HM 200E to desired quality is a far bigger fish to fry for me than any "headphone only", even if it is TOTL SennSTAXJecklinAKG Special Reserve Hyperlimited Edition, worthy to be accepted in lieu of a weeding ring by a certain lady here on head-fi.
    Which does not diminish my interest for JVC HA S500 as such one single bit. Just keep up the good work.
    Best regards,
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    A little update. I am 80 plus burn..The bass has tightened up nicely. The bass may sound a bit bloaty on open box. Be warned. Clarity has improved as the overall sound is tighter. It is my mind getting used to the sound is what it is. 
    @analogs. Your good my man. I understood what you were getting at. I had to poke fun. It was my way of welcoming you to one of my threads..
  12. Dsnuts Contributor

    You should do her a favor and burn those in for her before you give them to her. Just tell her to run it loud on some stereo channel for a week. lol.
  13. analogsurviver
    Nice to see those hours piling up. Although the measurable effects of burn in are rather small, human ear is very descernible. Just an anecdote from I forgot which manufacturer of speaker drivers. They let the women ( who do have more acute hearing than men ) do the final QC for the then their TOTL tweeter by ear. It did not last long - sooner or later those women were rejecting far in excess of 50% total production, where far in excess of 90 % of the tweeters were well within spec. Needless to say, this QC went to automated measurements within specified limits in no time flat.
  14. Ghostfit
    I couldn't help LOL when I read your post and then looking at your avatar !
    Oh my !   ...what did DS do to you when you tried prying those HA-S500 from his head ??? [​IMG]
  15. bobeau
    Wow, mine already shipped.  Impressive that the eBay seller was able to get them out in a day.  Looking forward to hearing these sometime in the next couple weeks.
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