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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. sfwalcer
    Don't worry bro Amazon got yo' back!
  2. rickdohc
    Sorry if it was answered, too much pages to read [​IMG]    But, how about do they compare to the M50?? [​IMG]
  3. Gee Simpson
    I did want the Gunmetal ones but those cost much more at Amazon atm. I reckon I should just go for the Black ones at this price, what you think?
  4. DaBomb77766
    Still can't really afford that price though, I was looking at getting the M-100 when it came out!
  5. sfwalcer
    I actually like the all black ones more, but if I were you, I'll get these now and wait till these hit your country retail then buy the gunmetal ones when cheapish. But that's just me.......
  6. bowei006 Contributor
    Better than AHD 2000's by Denon........ me interested. Kiteki! Where arst thou?
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well these have a high end sound. The M50 not so much..The old M50s are showing their age especially when comparing to these JVC HA-S500..For the cost. I would not hesitate to snap one up. 
  8. bowei006 Contributor
    Can we get more info from clothy on the comparison between AHD2000...because the AHD2000 is a old timer here on head fi.
  9. Gee Simpson
    I couldn't resist and have just snapped a pair up [​IMG]. At that price you can't go wrong.
  10. brrgrr
    Last time I saw a low priced headphone link on these forums all who ordered received a box of trojans, I'm biting anyway!
  11. CrystalT
    I'm considering ordering HD 410/228/238 pads and trimming the opening.

    Also, the low end jvc harx model is 40mm. Pretty sure that would fit.

    Sent from my LG-VM670 using Tapatalk 2
  12. dnullify

    I remember that. I didn't buy that particular deal on amazon..
    I ordered my pair of S500. I paid $53 with expedited shipping, which is probably at/above MSRP for the states - but whatever.
    Now, hopefully they'll show up before JVC brings them to shelves here. That would be unfortunate.
  13. sygyzy Contributor
    Ordered a pair from Amazon for $52.10 shipped.
  14. gelocks
    Nice price...
    If the had memory foam like the Philips Downtowns (the BEST on-ear headphones in terms of comfort that I have ever tried!) I would have bitten! :p
    How's sub-bass performance on these?
  15. analogsurviver
    @sfwalcer : Thank you for posting the amazon link with killer price.
    Since I am located (in this case) on the wrong side of the pond, I just asked the seller if they ship to my location - might be of interest to other prospective European buyers too. Will post what develops when I receive the reply.
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