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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. bowei006 Contributor
    I'm also scared that the noise will damage my phones...completely idiotically stupid that I think like this but whatever.
    I typically use Pendulum or some dubstep :/
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya burn should not be too complicated. It makes sense to use heavy to fast beat driven music. Just pounds the drivers. If you guys need some of this type of music for burn in. Go to your local walmart or cd shop and you can pick up a random Drum n Bass compilation for less than $5 which will do the job. It don't matter what or who made the tracks. The only thing that matters is that it should be Drum and bass heavy. And while dub step and other EDM works. I find Drum n Bass to be perfect. Fast beat driven tempo that digs deep into them drivers.  I have burned in every single one of my headphones and earphones this way and it just works..
  3. bowei006 Contributor
    That's what I typically do. I don't really make a big deal of it whether it's real or what to use. I just burn them in for 70 hours by default as some will ask and I personaly have had light changes.
    I have a few CD's already and just got the new Linkin Park CD...not the best quality tracks.....but I love LP.
    I just use Pendulum and some other things.
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well I can say these Carbon nanotubes absolutely need burn in..Even if the sound only slightly changes it is worth the change..These headphones sounded great on open box but they sound more refined with burn in. They sound simply amazing. I am gonna keep them on the burn but I am about 60 hours now. I wont be happy with burn in till I get 200 plus hours on here.
    The way they sound now..This sound for this much is a new one for me.
  5. bowei006 Contributor
    >_< I need Kiteki to tell me how it is to get me to feel like it isn't just the hype train. Kiteki has a lot of experience which is why.
    Hopefully it comes to America soon! >_<
  6. kalbee
    Yes, my biggest grief with the HA-M750 was the bass... it was bloated enough to veil the rest of the spectrum. Reason why I modded it.
    The other problem was the shape. I was in the market for non-circular headphones and, hey, that's what I found as the ATH-SQ5 wasn't available at the time. Later I actually got to try the SQ5 and did not like the fit ad comfort. The HA-M750's shape just leaves an opening behind my ears though, so sub-bass or not, I don't have it. Still a little too bassy for my liking.
    Not truly looking for a few toy right now, so if I do get one anyway I'd get a cheap one. The HA-S500 sounds like it would fit the bill... But thanks for the detailed input!
    I would stray ways from anything that looks like beats though; not my type of fashion. V-moda is a little flamboyant for me as well... I'll wait it through :wink:
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    The SQ is at another level on the HA-S500 easily over the older HA-M750. There is no comparison really..The clarity is shockingly great on these..I know I have been raving about the sound on these new JVCs. Wait till more guys chime in. Next week. This may surprise but I would put the SQ on these little headphones against any of my cans including my ATH-A900X or even my D2000..These are easily at that level. The resolution on these drivers are just boss. There is no other way to put it.
  8. drbluenewmexico
    OK kids...Dsnuts your ravings have driven me over the edge.  I just pulled the trigger and ordered the JVCs500 in spite of my empty wallet.  I guess will sell some gear tomorrow to
    cover the ace of bicycles charges...they better be good or I'm going to swear off head-fi forever...of course Dsnuts has such a postive track record that its likelly they will be even
    better than his ravings indicate...close to the holy grail of portable sound.....so im betting on a postive result here....he was right about the CKM500s and CKM99s, both of which
    you would have tear from my clenched fists....seriously its great to hear some wild exuhubart enthusiasm for a new technology and finely tuned headphone at a reasonable price...
    cause in the  high end audio world these cost chump change....cant wait to burn them in for 100 hours. might have to peek at the sound out of the box ha ha...
    thanks to everyone int his thread for all your critical thoughts, comparisons and excitement....this has been great!!!  
  9. gelocks
    I guess I wont be trying them then... (have sold all my on-ear headphones... seems full over ear will always be my favorites).
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    You are in for a treat my friend..Yes please do listen to them on open box. The shock of how great they sound will surprise even on open box. It is when they reach full potential when you will be in a state of shock. Such sound coming from smallish portables. The sound on these have to be experienced to believe. And believe you will. Look forward to your take on these.
    It is unfortunate these are on ear. So these will eliminate many a guys from hearing their greatness because of their design. Which is a shame. These deserve a home for everyone. For what it's worth they are supremely comfy. I have no issues with having them on for hours at a time. But I can understand why guys don't want on ears.
  11. kalbee
    For reference's sake... are these easy to dismantle? specially the cups.
  12. vlenbo
    Being honest, I do not like on ears as well, but I'll give it a shot since the on ear I tried was the bose cancelling headphones. THAT WAS horrible to wear...it felt awkward, i felt as if I wouldn't hear soundstage, clarity, and anything really.
  13. tzjin
  14. vlenbo
    Even worse, they make you pay for slower shipping, if you want the expedited shipping option like the one in Ebay, you'll probably get it in 2-4 weeks, unless someone who knows aoyama and purchased items from there can light up the situation. IF They do ship it and it arrives less than 2 weeks AND it is from japan to USA, i'l'l buy it there, today I didn't get the right card to pay with ebay as they don't like the dang walmart debit cards by itself. Has anyone ever used Aoyama?
  15. Dsnuts Contributor

    I don't know about taking these apart. I think you would have to break the arms holding the cups to take them out. I am wondering if these would make a great transplant for a bigger housing. I am also thinking these are vented somewhere and not truly closed in as they look..The isolation is not like my Pioneer HJE500 or my WS55. They sound like they are vented somewhere.. I will have to take a good look.. A vented design would make sense as these have too big of a sound not to have some type of venting somewhere. Will report back.
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