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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. brrgrr
    In the meantime, the HD25 pads measure at about 6.6 centimeters or 2.6 inches in diameter.
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    I want these to be really comfortable so I hope some other pads will work 
  3. Gee Simpson
    Dsnuts' reviews are awesome! [​IMG] Your enthusiasm and excitement just entices people to buy the product you are reviewing. You should take up a 2nd job as a Salesman! [​IMG]
    Anyway, I gotta get these. Slightly more for shipping to here in the UK ($19.00) but that's cool. In total they come to £49.20 which sounds like a steal to me! [​IMG]
  4. vlenbo
    Forget it, I did it through tenso and amazon.co.jp, I hope I'll get it in a week or so. I will await the magic that comes out of the gun metal headphone!!
  5. sfwalcer
    Amazon jpn sells them for ¥ 3437 = 43.728951 U.S. dollars, so how much was in total USD with that tenso forwarding service?
    Always wanted to know how that tenso thing works and if it requires paypal or just a credit card, can someone fill me in here with the details/ steps please.  Might go for it if it's a cheaper alternative.  
  6. kalbee

    I was checking the prices yesterday with tenso but it ends up being more or less the same price AFAIK. There's a 400 yen fee + at least 1200yen to have it shipped to North America. With the current exchange rates it comes down to more or less the same.
    Since the ebay seller's shipping methods are by EMS, there's not much advantage in terms of speed most likely.
    @Dsnuts: Hm... there's no screws under the earpads?
    Check underneath the arms for vent holes, that's where the HA-M750's vents were sneakily located.
    **EDIT about Tenso**
    We can safely assume the full parcel will be over 0.3kg and under 1kg, that makes 490yen in handling fee and 1500yen+ (to be discovered once they receive the parcel from amazon.jp). With the likely scenario on exchange rates as dictated by bank/creditcard/paypal and assuming 0.3kg~0.5kg parcel, it comes back to ~73CAD vs ~77CAD via ebay. Both use EMS.
    YMMV when using USD.
  7. bobeau
     Checking their site for current rates:
    Shipping weight is 454g, so that makes the cost 490 + 1500 = 1990 yen.
    So 3437 + 1990 = 5427 = $69.20, so saving just a bit... are there any conversion fees though?
    Seems silly to use something like this just to save $6-7, OTOH, the savings seem to be pretty large moving upmarket... people saving like $50 for $200 cans.  Might be a good excuse for using the service for a test run on a cheaper item if you're worried about the process.
  8. lubczyk
    I have a question concerning the JVC HA-S500's sound characteristics.
    I really enjoy Audio-Technica's house sound for it renders female vocals very lively, especially in vocal trance, euro-pop and j-pop.
    How does this phone render female vocals, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. kalbee
    I think it's worth a try, although the resulting cost may be +/- the ebay seller's total price.
    Since it's about the same cost, trying out Tenso would have your experience's benefit.
    I based my conversion on xe.com and how paypal usually charges me relative to xe.com's rates.
    Just went on Paypal under Send Money, and seems I underestimated their service charge.
    XE.com = 1CAD ---> 78.40yen
    Paypal.com = 1CAD ---> 71.18yen
    If you are in the US and buy on Ebay, the item is sold in prices in USD so you most likely won't need to pay for conversion rates. Not so sure about Tenso... seeing the prices they list on their site is all in yen, I'm assuming you gotta pay for conversion into yen.
    In the end Ebay might be cheaper for Americans, for everyone else *possibly* the same? I know Ebay shows me the approximate prices in CAD (from USD in this case) but the real charges given by Paypal is always a bit higher.
    Then there's that amazon.com seller. Not sure about the rates on that one.
  10. sfwalcer
    Thank you'll for all the input.  Tenso seems like wayyy too much work for about the same price, but I guess it depends on the gear you are buying like some of you'll said.  Wish they can lump all your packages into one shipment if you buy more than one item so you can save some dough ha.  
  11. vlenbo
    The reason I'm using tenso is so I don't have to use paypal, ALSO, paypal isn't needed unless you want tenso to buy the item for you.
  12. sfwalcer
    Cools good to know, cuz I don't have paypal, thats why I was asking. LoL
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    It seems the pads for the HD25 are indeed the same size.. Very close the pads of the HA-S500 are 2 3/4 inches. Well I might as well give it a go. If not I can return them. I will see about getting me a pair of the velour pads. I remember on the HTF600 thread the slight sound change that happens with velour pads. I know I will be giving up on some of the bass end but things might get even more interesting with velours on these HA-S500s.  Will report back once I get the velours.
    The great part of these headphones as I wrote in my initial impression how the mids seem a bit forward on the sound in relation to their earphones. Vocals are amazing on these. Diana Krall never sounded better. Her voice was giving me goose bumps is all I can say..These render male and female vocals with not just clarity but the emotion behind the voice..Closed in designs seem to do vocals better than open ones. I mentioned it before but there is not an apparent weakness to the sounds on these..Micro details, check, clean crisp details in all instruments, check, very great imagery, check..On top of this you get some of the highest quality bass I have heard on anything. Double check.
    There are many a headphone I own that are lacking in one area or another but these.. The only issue with these are the fact that they are smaller on ears and not a full sized can. I took them off the burner for a good hour today to listen to them again and I keep on listening to them to see where these do wrong on the sounds and for the life of me I can't find it. If they had more stage. My journey would end. You guys would not see me anymore here. I would be done. If JVC decided to do an open phone much like the Shures. Perhaps someone at JVC will read this thread and figure out what we as a community want with this new tech.  First thing first. You guys have to hear these for yourselves to believe them. This Carbon nanotube tech is something new and exciting for all of us. It is not everyday I can say something like this is an advancement in sound but due to the fact that every single new JVC carbon nanotube based headphone has won me over with ease..This is an exciting product you guys should not miss out on.. This community is the one that need to discover what JVC is cooking..
    All I can say is. Prepare yourselves. These are going to surprise every single one of you that gets one. Now I do have one warning. The bass will be noticeable on open box..I can assure every one now with over 60 hours of burn. The entire sound is very well controlled and now I can add smoothness to the mix. I don't think the sound has changed drastically with burn in. However, the sound is getting much tighter, more chiseled including the bass end and that is all that is needed for these to shine like they do now. When I did my A/B against my M-80s. I wasn't quite sure if I would consider these more of a side grade from them or perhaps a just a different flavor.. I would now consider these an upgrade. It is tough to listen to those now after these. These excite. Those, not so much.
    $71 EMS shipped through the vendors on ebay the headphones will get to you in 3 to 4 days. Seem to be the best way to get these..Now that I know what these sound like. $71 for these? Lol....Like I said wait till you guys hear these for yourselves..These might take over your favorites..This is not a joke.
  14. mosshorn
    Open you say?
    Please Dsnuts, don't make me spend $70 to cut the cups open XD
  15. vlenbo
    The minute it overcomes the a900x, the minute I break the a900x, lol! When I listen to it I mean.
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