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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. DaBomb77766
    I would be worried if these were better than the M-100s. :p  But I'd still like to give these a try.  Even if I don't keep them I could give them to a friend or something.  Gonna get the M-100 first though, I can't afford much right now!
  2. bobeau
    Now this is one comparison I'm interested in... just picked up a pair for a friend's bday and liked what I heard, although not enough to pick up a pair for myself.  If these easily eclipse those it's going to be hard to resist.
    Guess I'll just wait for impressions to continue to roll in.
  3. vlenbo
    Thanks for the nice responses dsnuts and eric, but I want to know one last thing if that's alright. How does gaming go with this headset? Will it pick up positions in fps rather easily?
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have been burning them in but let me try in some MW3. Will be back with some results.
    Fantastic. Sounds great in gaming. Directional sound is perfect..Nice detail.. Carbon nanotube based drivers have such great detail it makes sense these are ideal for gaming. I can pick off detail at much lesser volumes using this headphones..
    I have been using my ASG-1s for gaming as the forward mids wide stage and isolation makes them ideal but these give off much more detail in the upper registers which is important for gaming. I didn't realize how much detail I was missing. Oh and even though I haven't used them for movie watching yet.
    Because of the full low lows these have. These will be perfect for movie watching as well. There is not a thing these headphones can't do. So far as my needs for sound goes. I was somewhat skeptical of these as I own the older HAS600 and the HA-M750. Both those are ok at movies but gaming. Nope. Too bassy and not enough highs and mids definition.. These HA-S500 clearly show their superior resolution even in gaming.
  5. vlenbo
    You da man nuts!!! I am going to order them today as we speak! Another great rounder, I'm going to love my first jvc product!
  6. bowei006 Contributor
    What DAC's and Amps are you using with these or with your other phones>?
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    I keep it simple at my work. I have my desktop with a Titanium HD for gaming and music. Which is ample for my needs here. I also have a burn in station where i keep my 5 headphones and earphones burning at all times. My home rig is a different story however. I have a  Man cave where I have my Denon stack running JBL floor speakers. With my wall of headphones and earphones as well as a custom gaming desktop. A new Alienware gaming laptop and a 55inch Samsung 3D HDTV it is connected to..
    For portable use I have a clip and 2 sony daps the S545 and the Z1060. I use my E11 on them once in a while but I don't use it much. Once in a while when I want more bass.
    My man cave is serious business..That is for another topic lol. 
  8. vlenbo
     the man cave, huh?
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Thants a funny pic as I have theatre seating in my cave as well with a fooseball table.Lol. With a fridge full o Guiness stout and new castle. What sucks is I would love to spend more time in my man cave but alas I am at work for most of the week. But since I own my business I get to do whatever I want at my work which is nice. I have a lot of down time which gives me time to do some research in sound and I shoot people online. Great stress reliever. Lol.
    kiteki likes this.
  10. Achmedisdead
    So do you hear a difference between the two Sony players, and if so, how much? 
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    The S545 is a warmer sounding Sony dap and has bigger bass on the bass boost. The Sony Z1060 is much more neutral in sound and has a wider stage vs the older S545. I prefer the my Z1060 but for bass heavy tunes the older S545 wins. More detailed brighter sounding earphones match well with the S545. Warmer sounding bass heavy earphones match well with the Z1060. Overall the SQ of the Z1060 is an advancement for Sony. I use it every day actually. Love the sound.
  12. bowei006 Contributor
    So you have a Titanium HD and E11 for desktop or in computer dedicated sound devices. Ok
    5 headphone burn in!? What do you use for that?
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have a 14 inch asus lappy hooked up to an external creative sound card which is hooked up to a 5 to 1 hub. I have it on all day all night. Blasting my burn files.
  14. bowei006 Contributor
    I thought you had one of those mega systems that studio's use for multiple headphones or sets.
    Do you personally use noise, like white noise or all those different burn in frequency sounds that some use or just tracks you personally enjoy?
    I don't do a burn in file system. I just use my own bassy tracks and just play that and listen sometimes.
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    You know I tried colored noise. I have to agree with you. I get much better more complete results using my 5 hour long Drum N Bass compilation on 70%-85% volume. Works wonders for these carbon nanotubes.
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