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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. milarepa
    I does not. You might consider adding a clas. It is a sweet sounding combo!
  2. raelamb
    You're a class act Ray Samuels. [​IMG]
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    Thank you very much Ray. I was supposed to package up and give you my SR-71B after last year's Tokyo Show but never got a chance to see you when the event finished. I'll be sending over my SR-71B to you soon.
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    I have never had a battery fail or any other component go bad in an RSA amp or amp/dac over the years I have had them. That is saying something about quality and workmanship.
  5. jpelg
    What is the change described between these models?
    Is it documented somewhere in this thread?
    Is the "upgrade" available for Protectors too?
  6. gidion27
    that would be sweet
  7. isaac157
    Hi everyone,
    First, thanks for all the info on this board! I haven't posted before but have been reading and using the info to make better informed purchases. Thanks.
    Regarding he intruder I just wanted to give my two cents. I bought it not knowing the the DAC was limited to 16-48. This bummed me out as I was using a Peachtree Nova that has a highly respected DAC and I didn't want to take a step back with the Intruder. So when the Intruder arrived I immediately wanted to A/B it against the Nova. I'm using RS1 and JH-13. I know I'm comparing the complete packages of the nova and the Intruder and not the individual components. That being said I was astounded by how much better the Intruder sounded. To my ears it was night and day. The Intruder sounded more transparent, larger sound stage, better separation and more "real" sounding for lack of a better word. Maybe it would sound even better with a better DAC but I'm not worried about that, I love this amp. Since I wasn't using the Nova's speaker capabilities I sold it. I briefly thought about moving it to another place in the house but instead I'm just moving the Intruder as needed, so far this isn't a problem but we'll see…
    And then I got Silver Dragon balanced cables and was startled by the balanced experience. On first listen I actually didn't like it. I felt I was being distracted by all the instrument separation. Every little sound was coming from a more distinct place and asking for my attention when I just wanted to sit back and listen. This was most apparent when listening to great vocalists like Emmylou Harris. I care more about her voice than pinpointing the location if the guitar compared to the drums. I wondered if the balanced functionality was going to get little use. I then watch a movie in balanced mode and was Thrilled! All the separation really gave the movie a 3D feel. After that experience I went back to music and found I enjoyed the balanced experience much more, like my mind had adjusted in some way. What ever it was I'm just over the top pleased with Ray's Intruder and now always prefer it balanced. 
    Now I want to see what other full size headphones might sound like with this amp/dac. I've never heard any of the Hi-fi Man or LCD-3 but really want to. 
    I'm not that into speakers (yet) but do have a pair of Audioengine5+ speakers and found improvement over using an AudioQuest DragonFly so got rid of that also. So that's my anecdotal comparison of the Intruder to the only other audio gear I've used. I just like the Intruder much much more. 
    Looking forward to learning more from you all, thanks. 
    All the best,
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    Great review and thoughts. Implementation. The balanced mode is all I use on the Intruder, I don't want to miss out on anything. The HD650 is ok but in balanced it comes to life and they work great with the Intruder. I have the JH13 and with those I get some of the best sound I have heard from them and the Intruder.
  9. sobrietywarrior
  10. AdrianTW
    Thanks for your great review, Isaac! [​IMG]
    I believe it does. I paired DACmini with The Intruder to drive HE-500 in balanced mode. It was amazing! [​IMG]
    Furthermore, I think it's a bargain to spend $50 on a DAC like the one in The Intruder. [​IMG] I compared the DAC in The Intruder and HP-P1's. (using HP-P1's LO to connect The Intruder's SE input) Though I feel HP-P1 has a better DAC, the gap is marginal to me. (without A/B Test, I even cannot distinguish the difference between sounds from these two DACs)

    Can't wait to see your review of pairing The Intruder with LCD-3. I also used "HP-P1(as a DAC) + The Intruder" to drive HiFiMAN's HE-500 in balanced mode. Though this combo isn't as great as the combo using DACmini as a DAC, it was still stunning. [​IMG] The Intruder is another artwork made by Ray. [​IMG]
  11. isaac157
    Contrary to what I said (one post and I'm already contradicting myself!) I would totally like to try the Intruder with different DACs, always interested in firsthand experience and learning what our tools are truly capable of.
    After reading the forums today I'm leaning towards getting the HE-6. I don't have a dedicated speaker amp yet so would be using the HE-6's with the Intruder in the interim. I've read that HeadphoneAddict thought this combo was OK, surely there are better pairing but maybe this is a reasonable way to build towards a stationary system? To that end does anyone have a recommendation where to get a balanced cable to connect the HE-6 to the intruder. I have only used Moon Audio (and am very happy with their Silver Dragon cable for the JH-13's) but maybe there is a more budget option that is also good?
    Happily logged 6 hours listening to the Intruder today.   :)

  12. SiGiE
    If with an ipod, the Intruder works Great with a LOD.  And much better with balanced headphone or IE cables. 
  13. xinghui0711
    my SR71B has channel imbalance running with SE output... Have you guys ever experienced that?
  14. jamato8 Contributor

    So are you saying that balanced that R and L are in correct balanced but single ended this changes and you have a shift to R or L?
  15. xinghui0711
     I am running the SR71B in SE(singled end) mode, but Ray said that running Balance out would correct it. Then what's the point of putting SE output in the amp?
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