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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    The Intruder is more powerful in balanced than many desktop amps. I really like it with all my phones including the HE-6, which are hard to drive.
  2. milarepa
    In a dream world the clas would be tucked inside the Intruder without adding bulk. I would pay up to see that! I am so looking forward to get my hands on the whiplash v3 hybrid to get balanced here. I bet I'll grin so wide it willl stretch all the way round my head. 
  3. Timmyw
    I've decided to make my own balanced cables. 
    Eye popping prices have driven me to DIY and have found that it's a lot of fun and very satisfying. Probably going to order the bits and pieces this month sometime, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm also going to make a Balanced cable for my HD650 and try this out. Should be interesting!
    On a side note, I am really satisfied with my Intruder, just from a SE point of view. I have been using it non stop for a couple of months now and I think it's great. I was a bit put off at first but I must say I am now a believer of burn in. Either my brain burnt in or the amp did either way I'm easy.
  4. gidion27
    Small question: How does the DAC stack up for use with a laptop?
  5. milarepa

    I would like to hear about how this turns out. Me I'm better at eye popping than soldering [​IMG]
    My experience was exactly the same, 300+ hours of burn in makes such difference that I'm stunned. I love the Intruder.
    I think it works well for such use, but I don't do most my listening from a computer. Considering how much the clas sounds better, I would probably reconsider if I was to use it as my main setup. Truth be told, my usb cable is of horrid quality, so I could think less of it than it deserves. Anyway, if no dac is the option this is a sweet bonus.
  6. gidion27
    I will mainly use the Intruder for amping and not for the DAC. Although it would be a nice option if I could hook it up to my work computer:) Maybe I should just go with a RS-71B
  7. milarepa
    You can hook it up to your computer and it sounds good! Go for the Intruder, I think you will be happy, having a dac as well as an amp is good stuff. The Intruders amp section is stunning. 
  8. varyV
    I would second that. it runs my HE-400s effortlessly at med gain and the pot at 1'O clock, balanced. The best part is being able to transport this little amp/dac package without having to lug around a full size amp. The DAC section is very decent for use with a computer: it makes for an excellent laptop setup.
  9. Howlin Fester
    I received my Intruder yesterday.  Charged it up last night.  Listening at work all morning while doing reports.
    So far, I'm extremely happy. I found myself smiling at certain musical passages.  (Caution:  Random bouts of smiling can occur....)
    Bass:  The thing that has impressed me most is the depth and quality of the bass.  I have been listening to some older music today (Deep Purple and Nantucket) and those don't normally have the best bass reproduction.  But I have been hit with some "wow" moments where the music will make me focus on the sound more than my reports.
    Soundstage:  My other main objective for getting this amp was soundstage.  I am happy there as well, but I haven't done an a/b with any other amps to confirm how much happier I am.  :)  I have taken a few moments to try and focus on depth and separation.  And I would say "Yep.  sounds good."  At one point I was hit by something from the DPurple Fireball album that just sounded great.  A guitar ringing  or something in the left ear, that made me think....  Far left and slightly forward.  Nice!
    So far with two or three hours on it, I am enjoying the Intruder quite a bit.  So take these initial impressions for what they are.  Initial impressions.  I have not yet gone to some of my favorite material and tried to critically listen.  I'm just letting 'er rip and enjoy what comes out.  And obviously there is no burn in yet either.
    Build Quality:  As for the build quality, It feels very well built.  I feel like it has some heft to it for the size.  It gets warm while it is running, but I assume that is all the powerful goodness oozing out everywhere.
    More later...
    My setup:  iPod touch > Moon audio black dragon LOD (single ended) > RSA Intruder (medium power) > Grado RS1i (single ended).  MP3 320 kbps (constant bit rate)
  10. milarepa
    If this is your out of the box impression, you will be one happy camper!
    It gets so much better, and then, even more so! Ianmedium says this goes on for 500 hours, and I can tell you it is a refined beast after my 350 hours.[​IMG]
  11. jamato8 Contributor
    The Intruder rivals many good desk top amps. You are in for a treat. The better the source the better the sound.
  12. Ray Samuels Contributor
    You have not scratched the surface yet my friend.
    You are in for a treat once you use the amp in balanced mode. But first you have to wire your phones, Grado & your IEMs in balanced, to get the best sound stage.
    If you happen to purchase LCD3 with balanced cable terminated to my balanced connector then you will enjoy your Intruder way more.
  13. rudi0504
    The best set up for my intruder and RS 71 A :
    source : iPhone 44S
    dac : Ventura craft go dap dd1 with upgrade op amp muse 02
             Cyberlabs class solo tactical edition 
    amp : RSA RS 71 A
              RSA the Intruder 
    headphone : LCD 3 , fostex TH 900
  14. SiGiE
    A pair of LCD3 headphones connected to the Intruder in balanced mode is a GREAT Treat, i concur.  Friends that have had the chance, found it hard to believe the Transparency, Fullness, and Power coming from the small, simple & practical, easily transportable package:  RWA Imod SE Input RSA Intruder Balanced--out > LCD3 
    "Delightful and Mind-Blowing" - that's what they say. 
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    Yep, kind of blows away the competition letting you enjoy the most from your phones and source. Also the adapter, being very light is also solid. I have been using the same one for a few years now and imagine it will easily last the rest of my life. Actually I see no reason it will ever wear out and it takes plenty of abuse.  Those LCD-3's are beautiful. Must hear or have some, some day.
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