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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. milarepa
    And if it would connect my ipod, the clas would stump it's sound imo (same song from itunes on my imac using the Intruder's dac does not sound as good as the ipod/clas to me) . I found that running Audirvana made it even worse, is that not wierd for an expencive program?
    However for me it was a bonus having a dac to go with my computer, and the Intruder has a sweet amp section to my ears, the best I have had the pleasure to own. (it's a thrilling sort of pain to my bank account having to buy everything I would like to try living in Norway, but I feel I'm getting close to finding my "sound" in this jungle of sweetness.) Now I'm anxious to get my hands on the lcd's that I just ordered to see what the Intruder can do.[​IMG]
  2. ionicle
    I currently own an Asus Xonar Essence One with stock opamps, and I would love to hear a comparison between the Intruder and the One, since both are USB DACs with an amp section. That would be hugely helpful, actually.
  3. i_djoel2000
    lipo battery is not designed to be maintained fully charge all the time. use it properly, let the battery drains until around 25%, and then charge them again until they're full.
    that's how lipo battery is supposed to use..
    *just FYI
  4. SiGiE
    The Intruder do not use Lipo,  
    *just FYI!
  5. i_djoel2000
    wow, i thought all recent portable devices now always use lipo battery. i stand corrected. thank you
  6. SiGiE
    No Worries.  Ray says that it's fine to keep the adapter plugged-in, which I have been doing the past months, without any hitch.
  7. SiGiE
    I am enjoying the Intruder and the LCD.  I hope you will, as well. 
  8. Howlin Fester
    Can anyone comment on the Intruder with Grado RS1i?  I listened to the SR-71B/RS1i combo last week at the Charlotte meet and enjoyed the soundstage and presentation very much.  This was through single ended output.  I felt that the SR-71B tamed the highs of the Grados slightly while keeping the clear presentation and increasing the depth of the soundstage over my current setup.  A very positive outcome in my book.
    I am thinking about pulling the trigger on an RSA amp.  I know I like the SR-71B grado combo.  So for me, the appeal of the intruder would be a "bonus" DAC and higher power.  Both for future proofing.  I don't need the higher power with the Grados, and I don't have any FLAC files at the moment.  But I am considering FLAC since I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S3, and apparently upgrading headphones is a fact of life when joining this hobby.  :wink:
    So I guess I am looking for impressions from somone who may have tried the intruder with the Grados and opinions on +/- of the two different amps.
    FYI. I listen to all kinds of Rock, Blues, and Traditional Metal with an ipod and 320 CBR MP3.  My current amp is a Neco portable V3.  All of my listening is with ipod/amp/headphones.  Either RS1i or TF10 iem.
  9. jamato8 Contributor

    I would like to give you some feedback but I don't have that pair. I do have the HF2, and they sound very good with the Intruder. Good separation and impact.
  10. Howlin Fester
    @Jamato8.  Thanks very much for the info.
  11. Howlin Fester
    I just ordered my Intruder.  Now for the wait........
  12. milarepa
    Good on you mate. I've got my lcd3 and the Intruder really does well, even before my balanced cable has arrived. I'll post more impressions when that is in da house.  So far I must say that handling such sensitive iems as the 334s and full size badboys like the lcd with ease makes me love my Intruder.  
  13. varyV

    How much difference in sound would you think lies between driving the lcds with the intruder vs a full size amp? Is it able to drive them with adequate power?
  14. milarepa
    Well, I would really like to be able to answer that. The Intruder is what I've got, and I have not been so fortunate as to listen to the lcd3 on a fullsize amp. 
    What I can testify to is that it sound really good and does not feel strained when feeding the lcd. On high gain I don't think I ever will go past 12 o'clock on the volume pot. It really sings loud at 11 already. It also plays the lcd wiht perfect balance in the sound at very low volumes, doing so often reveals how well the capabilities of the setup are. I am able to start at almost unaudible levels of volume, and the bass mids and treble stays in perfect balance to eachother as you go louder without ever changing. 
    I would be surprised if connecting say The Dark Star would not bring even more sweetness.... [​IMG]
  15. varyV
    The Audezes seem like a peculiar beast: driven fine by a portable amp and yet finnicky when it comes to full sized ones. My Intruder is serving me pretty well too with my HE-400s but I plan on picking up the lcd2s in the near future. Lets see how well these are driven.
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