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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. caracara08
    500 hours?  I believe in burn in but i really dono about 500 hours. 
  2. ianmedium
    check out high end home HiFi, very often that sort of time is recommended for equipment.
  3. caracara08
    but what makes this 700$ portable require 500 hours?
  4. ianmedium
    Not sure but those that have heard mine and other ones with fewer hours have all remarked how much more transparent mine is so its not just my brain adjusting to the sound!
  5. jamato8 Contributor

    I am not sure how many hours are on the Intruder I have here, after much play, but dark it is not, so I would agree, if it is dark at some point, it doesn't stay that way. Great amp it is.
  6. milarepa
    70 hours now, already better then my expectations. This will be my new love I'm sure, the soundstage is getting huge and beautifully balanced here. I'll listen to ian and give it 300-400 hours before i turn it off. Then my ears will join in every hour from 400 :D
  7. ianmedium
    I am so glad your enjoying the amp. I truly think Ray is one of the best amp designers out there and I feel a lot of the negative comments are down to lack of hours or real listening. I always think of his amps as Mini Krells in terms of musical delivery and quality of build. I am really looking forward to your voyage of discovery!
  8. milarepa

    Thanks ian, I got a good feeling about this voyage! :wink:
  9. milarepa
    150 hours and counting. The Continental has shipped! [​IMG]
  10. ianmedium
    What are you noticing as the hours pass?
  11. milarepa
    Noticing would be putting it mildly, I find it is an experience. The out of the box vail is lifting hour by hour, leaving sweet mids as the treble is getting more pronounced. Meanwhile the bass is getting addictive! Huge smile and a total insane experience discovering the groove of Blow by Blow by Jeff Beck. Would never have listened to this before getting rigged up, now I can't stop!
  12. singleended58
    According to Ken Ball ALO amps will be needed more 150 hours to break in. The harsh sound will be replaced by smooth high sound and details after more than 150 hours. The ALO is selling now the Continental V3 with more warm and dark sound but not lack of details and bass response according to Caleb.
  13. milarepa
    Mine had 200 hours+ on it and sounded awesome to me, that is before now. To me this is on a different level, all imo and using the clas and TG!334's. The sound is just so huge that it's hard to belive I'm using iems. I am very impressed by the Intruder indeed.
  14. ianmedium

    Yeah, this is exactly my experience with the SR71-B and it just keeps getting clearer and more articulate until it seems to find its natural signature around the 500 hour mark I have found, since that it has just become an amp that defies its size and quoted power.
    As I type I am listing to Baba O'Riely from The Who's Who's next album, the pace rythm and timing is wonderful, the way drums have energy and three dimensionality belies the size and power of is amp, I can only imagine what yours will be like!

    The great thing with Rays amps I find is that they can deliver massive transient shifts, attack and slam and yet at the same time excell at intimate chamber music and female vocal, for me this is a true mark of something well designed and not just something that measures well. It is obvious to me that Ray, like all great HiFi makers actually listens and tunes his products from those listening sessions.
  15. milarepa
    I'm leaving this puppy burning some more! Next week will be blissfull I'm sure.[​IMG]
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