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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by purk, Jun 12, 2002.
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  1. purk Contributor
    I bought an airhead from James. He ship out the unit even b/f I make a payment. Airhead arrived as described. Very smooth transaction and he's a very nice guy as well. It was my absolute pleasure doing business with him.
  2. JeffKiel
    I sold him a Creek OBH-11. Payment was quick, no hassels at all. Great experience!

    Gladly do business again [​IMG]
  3. joelongwood Moderator
    I had agreed to buy jpelg's Beyer DT770s from the For Sale Forum. We agreed to meet at the NYC Head-Fi meet where we would complete the transaction. The 'phones were just as advertised......mint. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with jpelg again. Nice guy. [​IMG]
  4. HighwayStar
    Just bought Jpelg's DiMarzio ICs and they're exactly as stated. He even cross-shipped to cut transit time. I can recommend him highly !

  5. GTecX
    i bought clou reds from him. he shipped them instantly after receiving the payment. highly recommended!
  6. Y-Z
    Bought jpleg's MD bag. Was in great condition. Very satisfied. And like the others said I highly recommend him!
  7. Todd R Contributor
    Got an Airhead and a really nice bag from jpelg.
    He shipped the same day he got my payment and packed it very well![​IMG]
  8. decesaro
    I bought his senn 580's, he sent them asap and they arrived in perfect shape
  9. williamgoody
    Bought an MD player from Jimmy. He was gracious enough to have me over to pick it up. It was in fantastic shape, and he was even waiting for me, as I arrived earlier that I said I would. He's definitely a gentleman and someone ideal to do business with.
  10. Tim D
    Fast and easy transaction. Good communication. What everyone else has said.
  11. joelongwood Moderator
    Just received Jim's K1000 and custom cable. Well packed and, to my eyes, in better condition than Jim had said they were. They look pretty close to new to me.
    The transaction was very smooth, and he even cross-shipped. He's a great Head-Fier and a great guy, as well. Highly recommended. [​IMG]
  12. JMedeiros Contributor
    Just completed a very smooth transaction with Jim. Great communication and lightning fast payment.
    Enjoy them Jim!

  13. tom hankins
    James bought my Antique Sound Labs OTL32. He sent the money priority and it got here in 2 days. He also sent extra cash to help with the return shipping. Highly recomended!!!!!!
  14. tigger Contributor
    Jimmy recently purchased a pair of Di Marzios from me. He was polite and quick to respond throughout the transaction. Payment was recieved as soon as the deal was sealed.
    I highly recommend jpelg as a buyer/seller.
  15. nicorette
    i bought a pair of cables from him.
    smooth transaction, careful packaging, fast shipping.

    need more? great guy to do a business.
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