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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. Dublo7
    Hi guys, I'm considering buying one of these, and I just have a question;
    If I want to use this as a DAC on my Macbook Pro, is it possible to use the Optical input on my Macbook Pro, and then plug the D12 into my Meier Cantate via the RCA inputs? How would I go about doing this? Do I simply connect the D12 to my Cantate via a Mini->RCA cable via the Aux output?
  2. Gorthon


  3. pekingduck
    Yes it's exactly as you describe.
    Macbook --> (optical cable) -> D12 -> (mini-to-RCA) -> Cantate

  4. mrspeakers Contributor
    Make sure you go to the midi audio control panel and set the system output to 24 bit 96 bit if you have any higher resolution source material or it will be down sampled. That's the only bit that is not obvious... 
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  5. castlevania32
  6. Dublo7
    Thanks a lot for the help, folks!
  7. Kremer930
    I have also heard that you should change your midi settings before opening iTunes otherwise it may up and down sample needlessly. I have tried the d12 and it sounds great as a dac running from the MacBook pro.
  8. Gauss1777
    Question about the OPA627/637
    How many should I buy for the D12?
    One if it's the 637 and two if it's the 627?
  9. HiFlight
    Both the OPA627 and 637 are single-channel opamps and two are required regardless of which you choose, however IMO, they sound kind of thin when used in the D10/D12 as they are operating with less than the recommended supply voltage.  .
  10. Gauss1777
    Dang! Seems that I'd actually need a bigger amp after all to give my HD600 enough juice, those cans scream for more! I find my D12 to be enough for my M50s, but the HD600 doesn't sound any better while being 3 times the price.
    Thanks for the info.

  11. detoxguy
    Quick questions:
    I bought this amp/dac to use primarily as a stationary setup in my man-cave connected to my macbook pro. I wanted portable for the option of taking it to the back yard without having to run extension cords etc. Can I leave it plugged in most of the time? Right now I have it connected to the macbook via optical and have the USB plugged into the power adapter. Once the battery was fully charged I turned the charging switch to "off" I thought this would mean that with it still connected it would just run off of the power supply. I then was experimenting and noticed the next day that when I switched it to "on" that the red light engaged meaning it was charging a battery that had drained. If I want it to run off the power supply do I just leave the charging switch to "on"? I know it has overcharge protection but am not entirely sure which position will allow me to have it run as if it was a desktop amp. (I will be buying another dedicated amp later but the combination of features on this amp was just too good to pass up) I am using it to run RS2i phones and the sound is amazing. 
    Other than sending me the wrong colour (don't care really) they also sent some replacement headphone jack things but looking through this thread nobody has mentioned this, new development? 
    I have no idea about opamp rolling and want to learn more about it etc. but I know everyone (mostly) is sick of noobs like me begging for info....I'll figure it out later. Now if only I could pry these headphone off my head early enough to get a decent night's sleep....
    I guess I just wanna make sure I'm not gonna wreck my amp by keeping it plugged in but I'm pretty sure that somewhere I saw that it was ok to leave it plugged in and just need to know what setting for the charge circuit to leave it on....
  12. jamato8 Contributor

    I just leave mine plugged in. When charged it stops but I keep it topped off. 
    The headphone jacks are new. Over time, sometimes they can come loose if a cord is yanked or caught on something and they include these so a bad one can be replaced. I like the D12 in stock but HiFlight does offer a nice kit that can get you a little different sound. The op amps just pull out, making sure you slowly pull them out straight (I rock slightly as I pull). They do have to go in the correct way and that is explained in the inclosed instruction sheet or the one you can download from the iBasso web site for the D12 or any of their amps. 
  13. detoxguy


    Thanks a bunch.

    You leave it plugged in with the charge switch set to on? I did not get any documentation with my order and all I've seen on iBasso website is a very basic manual but will search for opamp rolling instructions. I think I may look into HiFlight's topkit but more as an opportunity to learn than being unhappy with stock sound.

    My understanding is that the DAC function on this unit is quite good and that should I buy a tube amp it will feed good clean sound to it. Correct?
  14. HiFlight

    The D12 DAC is excellent and would, IMO, do justice to any tube amp that you might add to your system.
  15. Kremer930
    I agree with Hiflights comments about the quality if the D12 dac. Feeding it a digital signal makes it come alive.

    The opamps take time to burn in too. Realized this when I swapped out some opamps and was reasonably happy with the combo which I settled on and then used the D12 just as a Dac for a few days in my study. When I next plugged in my triple fi 10's I was very pleasantly impressed.
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