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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    With many of the same features as the D10, the D12 has coax, optical and USB input and is single ended on the output. 
    The changes are the WM8740 to dual WM8740 DAC's, the PCM2906 to the PCM2906B
    It will have a new case, that is the same as the the PB1, which is a split case so opamp rolling is easier and you can use single or dual op amps. 
    The new Sys Concepts 1300 fiber cable:
  2. vkvedam
    Seems interesting, is it gonna have a balanced output and a SE?
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  3. jamato8 Contributor
    It is a single ended dac/amp. It has dual dacs like the D4, which is an excellent sounding dac and the PCM2906 is the B. 
  4. vkvedam
    Does it have digital inputs similar to D10? Or is it a D10 with dual DACs and new box design?
  5. jamato8 Contributor
    It is like the D10 with a new and easier to use case, which is the same as the PB1 case and has coax, optical and USB input. 
  6. HK_sends
    I looked at the PB1 on iBasso's page but couldn't see it...what do you mean by split case?  Top and bottom halves of the enclosure?
    Any pics yet?
    -HK sends
  7. richbass
    When is it coming ?
  8. furyagain
    only wish it will have more power then D10
    atleast like D4 will be good..
    230mw  32ohm on D4
    100mw 32 ohm  on D10
  9. jamato8 Contributor

    The top half and bottom half are split. You can remove the two top front and rear screws and the top half of the case comes off exposing everything so changing the op amps is easier. 
    It has the same battery as the D10 so the power should be about the same, depending upon the op amp used. 
  10. HK_sends
    Cool!  Thanks for the info![​IMG]
    -HK sends
  11. barleyguy


    The D4 uses a 9 volt battery, and the D10 uses a 4.7 volt rechargeable. That gives the D4 more power as well as larger voltage swings.  In order to increase the power of the D10, they'd likely have to move away from the rechargeable lithium battery.
    EDIT: BTW, there are opamps for the D10 that will increase the current, at the expense of battery life and possibly sound signature.
  12. pekingduck
    Announcement on iBasso's site
  13. gilency Contributor
    How about digital volume control?
  14. Mad Max
  15. madwolf
    Hmmmm, Sounds interesting.
    Single ended on the output of the DAC or the OpAmp ? 
    Logically it should be at the DAC. 
    Would be even more interesting if there is a balance output to go with a balance amp.
    Wounder why we have such complicated design for portable, But I like.
    Waiting to get one and mod
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