1. iBasso 3T-154

    iBasso 3T-154

  2. Chadoudud

    Help with Ibasso DC03PRO firmware update

    Today the ibasso DC03PRO arrived, I went to the ibasso website and downloaded the latest firmware (V3.13.047,Jul 26th,2023) but when I opened the zip the WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe I got "installation error not enough memory available for this command" I have tried the update on 2...
  3. notaris

    Review: iBasso DC04PRO

    Review: iBasso DC04PRO Exquisite performer Introduction iBasso is a company that does not need any introduction. It is one of the Chinese leaders in the audio trade specializing in IEMs, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs, and accessories. In the past few years, it has presented some very nice DACs...
  4. iBasso IT05

    iBasso IT05

  5. iBasso DX260 Digital Audio Player

    iBasso DX260 Digital Audio Player

  6. iBasso PB5 Osprey

    iBasso PB5 Osprey

    Ibasso PB5 Osprey Dual NuTubes, True balanced amplifier https://ibasso.com/product/pb5/
  7. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    DX260, DC-Elite, VE10, and Raven SE in Stock at Bloom!

    Step aside, Duke Nukem Forever. We have new audio gear that many of us feel like have been 15 years in the making. Literally all arriving just now at Bloom HQ are 4 long awaited products. Available to actually ship. Today. For realsies. The mythical Empire Ears Raven Standard Edition! The...
  8. rebbi

    How to install Google Play Store on iBasso DX240 with Android 11?

    I've got a DX240, which I adore, with the latest firmware running Android 11. Lately, the APK Pure app is choking on downloading certain apps, specifically, the latest Tidal app update. It just won't download at all no matter how I clean app storage or reboot. Can anyone here confirm that the...
  9. knght990

    1st post and of course, need help

    Hello I suppose this is how most people end up on a forum. Either they have a massive interest or need help. So, time to show my ignorance. For the last 6 or 7 years I've been using a set of Senn CX985s with various Samsung phones for a portable music experience. Recently I started using an...
  10. AllNight

    iBasso website gone

    Just an FYI for anyone looking to purchase iBasso gear, their website has disappeared and has been replaced with the following message (over unsecured http://): Not sure if this is just some kind of website upgrade, or something else.
  11. Audio46

    The iBasso DX320MAX Ti Is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iBasso Compared with the previous generation MAX series, one of the major improvements of the DX320MAX Ti is the replacement of the carbon film analog potentiometer with a stepped attenuator, making this the world's first portable player with a balanced...
  12. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    iBasso DX320MAX Ti Preorders Are Live!

    The moment iBasso fans have been waiting for is here. Preorders are now live for the extremely limited DX320MAX Ti. An absolutely mammoth transportable DAP with Quad ROHM DACs, an optimized Super Class A discrete amp circuit, and the highest quality internal components create a listening...
  13. iBasso AMP14 for DX320 and DX300

    iBasso AMP14 for DX320 and DX300

  14. MoonAudio

    iBasso AMP14 Module for DX300 and DX320 - Now Available and in Stock

    AMP14 Module for DX300 and DX320 iBasso $279.00 Give Your DX320 / DX300 Improved Tonality and Soundstage and 4.4MM BAL Outputs with iBasso's Latest Nutube AMP14 Uses improved 6th Gen KORG Triode Vacuum Tube for rich overtones Cathode Input for lower impedance and less interference 4.4mm...
  15. E

    Better option than Hidizs s9 pro

    Hello All, I am curious to find out if there are other options out there which are better than Hidizs s9 pro? I dont want the dac to take over the host volume (like cayin RU6) cause this is a desk (macbook pro) setup and I'd rather control the volume with the keyboard than the dac. This would...
  16. MoonAudio

    Music Streaming 102: Portable Audiophile Gear | Moon Audio

    Music Streaming 102: Portable Audiophile Gear | Moon Audio
  17. gallionetech

    Help me pick a DAP

    Hey all, I'm looking to pickup a DAP for when I'm on the go and to also use as a USB DAC for my M1 Max Macbook Pro 14". Any suggestions? I will be primarily running IEMs off of it. Here is my contender list: - SP2000T - iBasso DX320 - SP3000 - Cayin N8ii Thanks in advance!
  18. voja

    iBasso SR3 — 150Ω version of the SR2

    Specifications: Driver type: moving coil Structure: fully open Frequency range: 3Hz-40kHz Sensitivity: 108dB at 1kHz Impedance: 150Ω Rated Power: 50mW Distortion: <1% (at 1kHz /1mW) Plug specification: gold-plated 4.4mm Wire length: 1.6m Product net weight: 395g (excluding wire) Let's discuss...
  19. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    10% Off iBasso at Bloom! Other Great Holidays Deals Still Ongoing.

    What's up, fam. 9 days until Christmas? Holy smoke. 😳 Hope y'all are enjoying the holiday season so far! We recently added a bunch of great deals to our Holiday Sales page including 10% off all in stock iBasso products – including the ultra rare DX320 Edition X (only 100 units available...
  20. NelsoniteCO

    Sony NW-ZX507 vs iBasso DX170

    Sony NW-ZX507 vs iBasso DX170 Anyone have experience with both? Would you recommend one over the other? I like the size of both, have an Astell&Kern KANN but it’s like a brick in my backpack. Never been a big fan of their form factor. Looking for something more transportable. Thanks in advance!
  21. Audio46

    The iBasso DX320 Edition X is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iBasso iBasso is celebrating 10 years of DAPs by releasing the very limited DX320 Edition X. The main new feature is a sleek liquid metal casing. According to iBasso, "A liquid metal casing is very hard to produce in a quality housing. Out of 4,000 we...
  22. iBasso DX170

    iBasso DX170

    MAIN FEATURES Dual Cirrus CS43131 DAC Chips. Bit for Bit Playback With Support up to 32bit/384kHz. Support of Native DSD up to 256x. 5.0"(1080*1920) IPS Full Screen with On Cell Capacitive Touch Panel. CNC Aluminum Frame, With Curved Glass Rear Panel. Support of QC3.0, PD2.0, & MTK PE Plus...
  23. Audio46

    Pre-Order The iBasso DX320 Edition X at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iBasso The Limited Edition iBasso DX320 Edition X is now available for pre-order now at Audio46! The newest iteration of the iBasso DX320 uses a liquid metal casing which is very hard to produce in a quality housing. Out of 4,000, iBasso accepted less than...
  24. MoonAudio

    How to Connect a DAP to your TV via Bluetooth 📺 | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips

    How to Connect a DAP to your TV via Bluetooth 📺 | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips
  25. lokhanglee

    When will we see iBasso DX400 and DX400 Max?

    I tried iBasso DX300 and DX300 Max before. With DX320 released, shall we see DX400 and DX400 Max soon? 😊