1. raymondu999

    iBasso upgrade recommendations?

    I currently use an 80GB iPod 5G (video) converted to an iMod, and then through my LOD with BG caps into my iBasso D10. This all feeds my Sennheiser IE8s, all of which I have to admit are getting a bit long in the tooth, so I'm contemplating a possible upgrade to my iBasso D10.   I love the...
  2. stactum

    iBasso D12 Anaconda Black

    Condition: 9.5/10   Up for sale (no trades) iBasso D12 Anaconda in perfect condition.  It has been used very lightly.  The quality of this device is amazing.  Paypal and shipping fees are on me, and please feel free to PM me with any questions.  Thanks for looking! Includes: HiFlight...
  3. Dunkelbunt

    Looking for an amp/dac for the Galaxy S4

    Since my beloved ODAC/Stepdance combo is too bulky and picks up too much of interference to use on the daily commute I'm looking for a portable amp/dac to use with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a source.   Currently I'm looking at LeckertonUHA-6 mk II  Apex Glacier Audioquest DragonFly Ibasso...
  4. SeanDavid010

    iBasso D12 Anaconda

    Up for sale I've got an iBasso D12 in perfect condition.  It has been used very lightly and was originally purchased in June of this year.  This thing sounds amazing with my Mad Dogs, but I'm downsizing my portable rig to fund my He-500 purchase.  It comes with all the extras in the pics (OPAMP...
  5. DevilsRightHand

    FS/FT - iBasso D12 Anaconda with original opamps + HiFlight amp Kit + iBasso Kit

     This thing is in perfect shape, I used it a few times because a month after I got it, I bought a Pico DAC/AMP. I kept the D12 for my wife but she has no use for it so has been in my drawer ever since. It come with a leather pouch, warranty card and an optical cable (not in  the pictures but I...
  6. elwappo99

    Wanted: AKG K400 / K401 / K500 and iBasso D10 / D12 / PB-1

    Looking for these AKG headphones in stock condition (without modifications) and with pads in good condition as well.   Also looking for some new portable units for some travelling so looking for a USB based portable DAC/Amp or just a PB-1 on its own. Let me know what you've got. 
  7. Baba booey

    iBasso D12 Anaconda Stereo DAC Headphone Amplifier

    Used iBasso D12, decent condition (I'd say 7.5-8/10).  USB charging cable included.  I would estimate about 50hrs of use on it.  I'd like to keep it in the continental US.   Paypal only, I'll eat fees and cover shipping.
  8. Jamesdeandoa

    Ibasso D12 - Great condition

    For trade, includes leather pouch, optical cable, warranty card, 3.5 interconnect... All the accessories! Has the new opamps but included original as well.  I will trade for headphones or cables or anything really equal really!  its worth like 280 or something brand new.  Ask for pics!
  9. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  10. castlevania32

    [FS/] RSA P-51 Mustang or WTT d10/d12 SOLD

    Mint condition, no scratch or anything. Comes with original box and charger. I bought it in September 2010 and burned it for 100H. The effective use would be something like 30 hours. Sorry for the poor quality photos (pm if you want better quality or other angle).   Edit : UE buyers...
  11. zen87192

    High End Portable Amp Collection For Sale - RSA SR-71B, RSA Protector, ALO RX Mk2, iBasso D-12, Neco v2 & PAv2

    Good Day to all Head-Fi's,   I have decided to put up for sale my High End collection of Portable Amps as I need to realise immediate cash for personal reasons. All six Portable Amps have had no more than 20 minutes - yes twenty minutes - of testing/listening. All are working perfectly and are...
  12. steaxauce

    FS: iBasso D12

    First and only price drop:  $225   Up for sale is my iBasso D12.  I bought it directly from iBasso just under three months ago, and am now selling because I need the extra features of a bona-fide soundcard (ASIO drivers, spatial processing, EQ), not just a USB DAC.  It has some minor scuffs...
  13. johangrb

    IBasso D12 -Silver (mint)

    Bought 9/2010. Used a few times. Original box & all accessories.   $250 - includes Paypal, shipping CONUS. (No trades)
  14. sling5s

    WTB: ibasso D12

    Please PM.  
  15. sling5s

    WTB: ibasso D12

    Please PM.
  16. Sludig

    WTS: iBasso D12

    I´m looking for sell my iBasso D12. It´s in 100% working order and perfect cosmetically, as you can see at this pics: http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/6316/p3270015.jpg http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/3246/p3270018.jpg http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/5056/p3270021.jpg...
  17. johangrb

    iBasso D12

    Pref. CONUS deal.
  18. vermellfort

    [SOLD] Ibasso D12 Anaconda

    For sale my beloved Ibasso D12 Anaconda in pristine condition. Little use, no scratches or marks. Comes with everything retailed from factory.   Price is [SOLD] shipped anywhere in Europe. Paypal as gift or add 4 %.   Thanks!
  19. Coatze

    Ibasso D12

    For sale is a good condition Ibasso D12.  It was purchased (as the warranty card shows) in October of 2010 direct from Ibasso.  It was predominately used at home.  I would say it made 20-30 trips outdoors, tops.  A few months later I picked up a Yulong D100 and I pretty much stopped using it...
  20. mgurvits

    iBasso D12 "Anaconda" USB DAC/Amp (Like New In Box)

      Up for sale is an iBasso D12 "Anaconda" USB DAC/Amp.   Purchased from iBasso 2 weeks ago. LIKE NEW IN BOX condition, everything in original box is included. Warranty card, charger, leather pouch, USB cord, mini-to-mini interconnect, spare screws, tiny screw driver, factory opamp rolling...
  21. mgurvits

    iBasso D12 "Anaconda" USB DAC/Amp LIKE NEW IN BOX

      Up for sale is an iBasso D12 "Anaconda" USB DAC/Amp.   Purchased from iBasso 2 weeks ago. LIKE NEW IN BOX condition, everything in original box is included. Warranty card, charger, leather pouch, USB cord, mini-to-mini interconnect, spare screws, tiny screw driver, factory opamp rolling...
  22. charles20485

    FS iBasso D12 Anaconda silver

    Sold ! 
  23. CJG888

    iBasso P4, D6 or D12?

    I am looking for a portable amplifier to replace a Meier XXS (between an iPod Classic 160GB and GR07s), and am considering the P4. I was just wondering, however, whether the amplifier section of the more expensive models (D6 and D12) sounds better, is more powerful, or whether the amp is the...
  24. Kremer930

    iBasso D12 Dac/Amp with HiFlight Opamp kit and iBasso opamp kit

    Hi. I have an iBasso D12 Anaconda high performance stereo dac and headphone amp for sale. The D12 has been used for approx 100 hours and has been sitting on my desk for the past two months since I bought an ALO Rx M2 amp. I only bought the Rx to match the size of the Algorythm solo. The ibasso...