1. raymondu999

    iBasso upgrade recommendations?

    I currently use an 80GB iPod 5G (video) converted to an iMod, and then through my LOD with BG caps into my iBasso D10. This all feeds my Sennheiser IE8s, all of which I have to admit are getting a bit long in the tooth, so I'm contemplating a possible upgrade to my iBasso D10.   I love the...
  2. Dunkelbunt

    Looking for an amp/dac for the Galaxy S4

    Since my beloved ODAC/Stepdance combo is too bulky and picks up too much of interference to use on the daily commute I'm looking for a portable amp/dac to use with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a source.   Currently I'm looking at LeckertonUHA-6 mk II  Apex Glacier Audioquest DragonFly Ibasso...
  3. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  4. CJG888

    iBasso P4, D6 or D12?

    I am looking for a portable amplifier to replace a Meier XXS (between an iPod Classic 160GB and GR07s), and am considering the P4. I was just wondering, however, whether the amplifier section of the more expensive models (D6 and D12) sounds better, is more powerful, or whether the amp is the...
  5. tedv

    Fiio E17 or Ibasso D12 for Yuin PK1 and Sennheiser HD25?

    Hi, I'm new here but have the following question.   I own a Sennheiser HD25 and a Sansa Fuze (v2 rockboxed) and a Cowon J3 player   I'm looking for good ear bud's (not in-ear) and found that the Yuin PK1 are highly recommended so I'm planning on buying them. I read that they require a...
  6. chinook9

    IBasso d12 vs Leckerton UHA-6S MKII

    I haven't seen a comparison of these two and I am interested in an upgrade from my iBasso D10.   My listening tastes are that I like to hear all the detail and I listen primarily to rock with Pink Floyd The Wall being what I listen to the most.  I will be inputting a (flac) USB digital audio...
  7. SennHI808

    iBasso D12 or Leckerton UHA-6S MK2, upgrade over Fiio e17?

    I just ordered a pair of custom IEM's (1964 Ears-Q) and looking to upgrade my current portable amp. Will the iBasso or Leckerton be a major upgrade from the e17? Or would it be better to keep the e17 and get something like the Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo and pair the two? Thanks for any input!
  8. BillsonChang007

    iBasso D12 vs FiiO E9 for power!

    Hi! First post here at full-size amp & I am a total new bee to amp. Just wondering which one of these two have more power for higher impedance headphones like HD600/HD650. I know both are better off with tube amp but I can't find any tube amp within my budget here as Fatman audio are not...
  9. Jamesdeandoa

    D12 as dac only with mstage and ibasso d2 as preamp

    Howdy So I can either get a good deal on a dac I know little about due to unpublishable reviews (m stage dac) or just use the d12 which has a nice dac. Also I have a d2 boa kickin around which I will either sell or maybe use as a preamp? How would this do as a preamp? So d12 vs mstage dac And...
  10. destiny9988

    Ibasso D12 Not Recognised By Windows 8

    As titled.   I can't find any thread on troubleshooting this issue. Whenever I plugged in the D12: it says: Your last USB device malfunctioned. The sound output is diverted to the laptop's speaker instead of going through D12.   Please help. Thanks
  11. Flognuts

    Is it even worth carrying and using a portable amplifier with an IPOD classic?

    can anyone actually warrant a sound quality difference worthy of the extra weight?   I use the line out on my IPOD classic, which doesn't seem to really be a line out? its like they changed something on the recent ipod classics and it doesn't bypass anything.    Ibasso d12 + atrio M5's 
  12. LoveAndHonor

    USB from Computer vs Optical from TV ?

    Hello guys,   I've benefited greatly from the amount of information available on these boards, though you'll probably notice that my post ratio says I am much more of a lurker / silent reader than a regular contributor.    So far I've been listening to music with my cans (Pro900) plugged...
  13. Nuge

    Ibasso D12 sound signature

    Hey!   I had the ibasso D10 in the past and I was wondering if the D12 has the same overall sound signature as the D10? 
  14. theque

    Mid - High End DAC/AMP Combos (Please Rate)

    All,   After hours of research I have found the following 10 DAC/AMP combos to be in the mid - high end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, there are only a few reviews on each, and very few reviews which compare them to each other. Therefore, I am attempting to start a thread where people can...
  15. Trox

    DAC/AMP for Galaxy S3 and also replace Titanium HD on PC

    I'm looking foward to buy a new DAC/AMP combo for my Galaxy S3, and make sure it´s better than Titanium HD DAC and integrated headphone AMP. I have a budget of ~300; I was thinking in going for this uha-6s-mkii/ but no have idea of others alternatives. I Mainly will be using Grados 325 for...
  16. Gauss1777

    Best Match for iBasso D12 and DX100: Westone 4R or Sony EX1000?

    I have come to just 2 options for my actual iBasso D12. After reading a lot I have not quite get the idea onto which one I would really like more, the Westone 4R or the Sony EX1000. Testing is not an option in my country and return back not even in dreams. It's going to be a request at a third...
  17. zwitt

    I'm at a complete loss here guys

    I've been reading reviews for idk how long and I just can't seem to find a solid choice for a closed can I want something relatively neutral that isolates well And has good quality highs but not too sharp I was great pronounced mids especially vocals as well as good instrument separation that...
  18. Triangle3

    iBasso P4, D6, D12?

    Well, I'm really trying to decide between the P4 and the D6 or D12, but then I'm trying to decide between the D6 and D12.  I just need help. lol Any input is appreciated. I don't REALLY need a DAC, but it would be nice. I like the amping ability of the P4, but I kinda want a DAC also.  Not...
  19. Mampus

    Audiotrak ESI Dr. DAC Prime

    Anyone interested? Dr. DAC prime simply has everything you need in order to listen to digital music with pristine audio quality on the road or at your home. Dr. DAC prime works with up to 24bit/192kHz and is not only equipped with both an optical (via the included miniplug-toslink...
  20. zowki

    Portable DAC/Amp combos

    I'm trying to find an upgrade from my Fiio E10 DAC/amp. I love its form factor since I can bring it with my laptop anywhere. The only other similar product I can find is the Headamp Pico DAC/amp. Any recommendations? Volume knob is a must (rules out Fiio E17).
  21. giveit2menow

    ibasso d12 > p4 headphone or aux socket?

    i am going to be using an ibasso p4 amp fed by the d12 dac/amp. Just wondering whther its better to feed the p4 from the d12's headphone socket or aux out socket? tx.
  22. DougofTheAbaci

    Neutral Desktop Headphone AMP for Heir Audio 4.A CIEM?

    I have a pair of Heir Audio 4.A's currently running out of my Leckerton UHA-6SII (which I love) but I want to be able to leave that at the office rather than shifting it back and forth every day.   I like the neutral sound and would like something that kept that relatively similar. However...
  23. JoshNurse

    What is a great laptop for music/movies? One that has a good sound card for headphones.

    I made another thread for dubstep music type headphones and got some good feedback.  Now I also plan to buy some expensive headphones and a laptop for listening to music and movies.   I want the movies to be imax quality sound.  I know it cant be that good but I want it to feel as close as...
  24. jacobgolden

    $350 for Portable DAC/AMP Nirvana...Is it Possible?

    I'm a musician and I'm on the hunt for a beautiful DAC/headphone amp that work equally well in the office and can be used in my home recording studio as well to feed my power amp/speakers. I need something that has the following features -   1. Both USB and SPIDIF inputs (so i can get a...
  25. yosment

    Is purely amp more powerful than DAC/AMP combo? I am talking about iBasso D12...

    Have Fostex HP P1. But I am not that satisfied with the sound from its stock amp. Have paired up with the iBasso D12 I already have. There are some improvements but limited. Am considering getting an amp only unit, with the aim to broaden the sound stage, reduce the hiss, and get a more HI-FI...