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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. yurt28
    Does anybody know if resistance gives in past 6900khz at full effect? I know its at 5v-9v, but i was curious to know if hiby was given the ok in 2019 to release the q2m? since its Dual?
  2. SteveOliver
    Thanks for sharing, I can't wait. :)

    On the first page you say it can output 2v or 4v into 0 ohms, a mistake?
  3. audio123
    No problem! The R3 Pro sounds really good. I got the specifications from https://www.hiby.com/cpcc/index_14.aspx. Cheers!
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    That's saying 2V from 3.5mm or 4V from balanced into "no load", fyi no load means infinite ohms not zero :)

    Thanks for the first impressions @audio123 :ksc75smile:
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  5. Nolbert0
    So... when and how much could we expect the R3 pro for?

    Also, why is the Hiby website inaccesible with VPN? FYI, I use NordVPN.
  6. SteveOliver
    Thanks @Joe Bloggs that sounds better. So 2v or 4v into ∞ ohm load would be the correct way to write this specification depending on the whether the single ended or balanced output was used.
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  7. MRobi
  8. Snoopy112
    Custom 3.4 Firmware

    3.4 International ver. (from Kickstarter etc., aka "bar version");
    3.4 Chinese ver. (from JD etc., aka "slash version". Rename the file to r3.upt before updating)

    Note: to find out which version of player you have, on original FW you should open "About" page and see what sign (bar or slash) stays between free and whole memory in "Capacity" line.

    1. corrected translation (Russian and English),
    2. replaced the font with a new one by XVortex,
    3. customized both themes (some pictures, icons, their locations, etc. were replaced), increased font size in some layouts, main screen of the second theme is based on Hexagon theme by Steven Van Geert,
    4. repaired choosing color sliders in the second theme,
    5. added ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to dock mode,
    6. replaced the index page when connect R3 to PC via Wi-Fi (now always in English), changed sort order (folders go first, then files, in order of names: at the beginning the numbers, then Latin, then Russian) and new file formats were added: upt, txt, log, and t,
    7. added an internet radio icon to the top bar and replaced the built-in chinese radio stations (40 stations now, if stations list hasn't changed after FW upgrade, you should restore player to factory settings from system menu),
    others you can personally add to radio.txt file and then save it in the root of your SD card,
    8. striped all binary files,
    9. optimized all png files,
    10. removed unnecessary files and folders that are not used,
    11. extended database limit to 65000 tracks,
    12. added automatically connecting function to known Wi-Fi networks,
    13. added automatically start playback function after player is turning on (you should save key_settings.conf file in the root of SD card with "autoplay=1" line),
    14. added reverse Next and Previous buttons function (you should also have key_settings.conf file in the root of SD card with "reverse=1" line).

    Last update: 07.12.2019

    Original 3.4 Firmware, if you have problem with OTA or custom FW.
    Several custom themes for R3 and R3 Pro with examples (*.t files should be saved in /theme folder in the root of SD card).
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
  9. parabellum777
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  10. Simplesam82
    When is the R3 pro available for sale? I heard 11/11 but website still says coming soon
  11. mikp
    anyone test if the bluetooth error -13 is fixed by hiby?
    If set to ldac the hiby would error out withaptx etc.
  12. jaykay1967
    cheers fella
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I believe errors with bluetooth codec autoselection was one of the major fixes
  14. Eighty8
    Looks like the R3 is on sale on Aliexpress for 11.11. Do you guys think $165 is a good price at this point or would it be better to wait for the Pro?
  15. peyote
    At the end of the August price were reduced to 145$ on Aliexpress which I bought in that time. From what I see about R3 Pro, it comes with lot longer battery life and updated bluetooth and price seems going to be ~200$. I am really happy with my R3 but in that scenario I would possibly wait for Pro.
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