usb dac
  1. ferzoli

    sold - Roland Mobile UA-M10

    Hi folks, Selling my Roland Mobile UA-M10 usb dac and headphone amplifier. It is in a perfect condition and comes with original box and usb cable. Compact size, smooth and neutral sound, perfect for listening or editing. Comes from a pet-free, smoke-free and covid 19 free environment...
  2. Shanling Q1 - Portable Hi-Res music player

    Shanling Q1 - Portable Hi-Res music player

    Shanling Q1: Retro-Styled Portable Hi-Fi Music Player In the world of portable music players, it’s all about strict minimalist design on one side and opulent technical extravagancy on the other. And for past few years, Shanling Audio was setting some of these trends. Now it’s time to set a...
  3. TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec Variations V1-A AK4377ECB DSD256 Bluetooth APTX USB DAC HiFi DAP Description 1200mah battery capacity High precision crystal oscillator Low noise PLL technology reduce jitter Exclusive USB driver Dual direction Bluetooth MSEB Mixer AAC DSD direct stream digital LDAC...
  4. morfologus

    USB DAC problem with win10

    I had been happily using my custom DAC plug and play until the 1809 update came out. The windows stopped recognizing my device and therefore I found no solution for the problem I put it apart. Lately I needed to reinstall the system, chose the 1607 hoping that I can use my device again but still...
  5. Tex Irie


  6. Palartemis

    Best volume settings in the chain for best results.

    As a Noob to headphones , tube amps, DACs etc I was looking for advice as to ow to set up my audio chain with regards to volume settings. Which elements in the chain should be set to high volumes to get the best results. My equipment will be :- Windows 10 Laptop using Musicbee which will...
  7. P

    Topping D10 USB DAC ** SOLD

    Mint condition, used for a few months. SOLD
  8. skem

    SOLD: Schiit Gungnir Multibit Gen 5 USB

    Selling my Gumby Gen 5 with a1 analog section. The dac works flawlessly and is cosmetically nearly perfect. No scratches. $850 + shipping net to me. No trades.
  9. yrun26

    (SOLD):JDS Labs OL Dac

    SOLD I'm selling a JDS Labs OL Dac I bought this spring that I used in my bedroom set up. Sold my amp that I was using with it, so now I don't need the dac. Original owner, like-new condition, purchased directly from JDS online store. Comes with original packaging. $69 shipped to lower 48.
  10. Okkultus

    (SOLD!) AudioQuest DragonFly Red - USB DAC/Amp

    Hello All, I am putting up for sale a DragonFly Red in almost new condition, only used a few times and in warranty, in the complete original package. I also have the DragonTail USB and Android cables and the JitterBug if interested, all almost brand new... The price includes tracked shipping...
  11. musicalychallenged

    Noise on one IEM i recently got

    Hello everyone I'm here because im looking for help or some advice on what i could get or might need, i recently bought an IEM from Massdrop it was the Noble x Massdrop IEM and i mean i feel the price was nice and great look to it as well, but recently i started using it with my Schiit Fulla 2...
  12. E

    Asus Xonar D2/pm / U7 as DAC for Little Dot Mk III

    Hi all, I am new into HiFi and I would like some advice before making some purchases. But, first, some background: I am a proud owner of a pair of DT-990 Pro 250 Ω cans for two years, which I use to listen to music and watch movies on a laptop (Asus ROG G750JX) connected to a crappy...
  13. T

    Any recommendations for an USB DAC with punchy bass?

    Hi. I'm searching for an usb dac with punchy bass. I'll give you some background info about what I like to give you a clearer picture of what I'm searching for. I like: -Strong punchy bass -Small amount of subbass -Clear vocals -Soundstage I don't like: -Sharp highs/sibilance -Hearing the...
  14. M

    Android Phone that supports Shanling Up USB DAC Amp?

    Hi everyone This is my first post so hope I'm following correct etiquette and hoping someone can help. Have a Shanling Up Dac Amp which I currently use with iPhone 6 and works perfectly. However new Flares Pro aptx wireless headphones meant purchased used Galaxy S6 for when running as better...
  15. Arjestin

    2 DACs 1 PC - How to Compare DACs?

    What's Up Guys? I love my OPPO HA-1. It was one of the best bang-for-buck "DAC + Headphone Amp + Preamp" combos in 2015, and I think it still is... Well, was. You cannot actually buy a new one anymore. OPPO Digital is soon to be closed and its line for products will sadly become a thing of...
  16. Bullock77

    SOLD:Ayre USB DAC QB-9 24/96

    Selling my Ayre USB DAC QB-9 (not 192Kz and not DSD version), 220V (Europe version), good condition. 800€ + shipping to Europe (comes from Lithuania, Europe)
  17. autur

    transport audio through Wifi instead of USB OTG to USB DAC

    The problem: I hate cables and the thought of plugging back and forth my smartphone from its charger to the USB OTG cable connected to a DAC is off-putting. My ideal setup would include smartphone --> (wireless) --> wifi device (instead of USB OTG) --> usb DAC. Question: are there any wifi...
  18. CactusPete23

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    Right on the heels of the successful R6 introduction, HiBy released a new DAP, the R3. Kickstarter funding has completed IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR CHINESE VERSIONS OF THE R3 And TIDAL -...
  19. areek

    Buying a DAP for under 400$ today, need quick suggestions!!!

    Hello good people, Help out a fellow head-fier I am here looking for a suggestion regarding buying a digital audio player (DAP) under 400$ currently on market. Following are my preferences according to priority- 1. Sound quality (sound>>all) 2. Balanced out 3. Android OS- Streaming option &...
  20. Baroninkjet

    Android USB C Dongles

    Has anyone seen any reviews of USB C > headphone dongles? I just got Pixel 2, and the Google one is decent but not great out of the box. There is a guy over on XDA who has been reviewing some. See... I...
  21. Tex Irie

    iFi-Audio Micro iDSD, & Bose QC35 for Trade seeking an Oppo PM-3

    I would like to trade all the following items iFi-Audio Micro iDSD (Silver) & Bose QC35 in excellent condition for a pair of Oppo PM-3 in excellent condition or best offer. Please PM me if your are interested.
  22. Sebab

    Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

    What are your thoughts on this amp? Is it worth the money and does it sound good with the Audeze LCD-X headphone? Would it be a better investment than the Audeze Deckard?
  23. bixby

    SOLD Cheapest DAC Ever- USB Async _$20 Shipped

    SOLD Yup the cheapest USB Async DAC that actually sounds decent. Want a starting point to replace a crappy on board audio card. Excellent Condition- Works perfectly with Win 10 -No drivers needed - Not tested with Android. SA9027 + ES9023 24BIT/96KHZ Asynchronous USB DAC Finished with...
  24. zeddun


    SOLD****Opus #11 USB DAC/Headphone Amp. Used-very good condition. Fully functional. I am the original owner. Works with Windows, Mac OS, iOS (camera connection kit required) and Android. Very slim and easy to travel with. Will power most headphones from IEMS to full size headphones. Comes...