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  1. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern Launches AK HC4 USB DAC

    Astell&Kern Expands Audio Accessory Line With The Launch of the AK HC4 USB DAC Experience Astell&Kern’s Signature Sound Quality on a Computer, mobile or gaming device Astell&Kern, a global leader in hi-resolution audio products and accessories, is expanding their high-resolution audio...
  2. Apos Audio

    The SMSL PL200 MQA-CD Player - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here’s another exciting CD player launch we’d like to share with everyone. Meet the SMSL PL200 MQA-CD Player. By combining top-tier technologies like the P.A.S.S Precision Access Servo System with multiple input/output options, this audio player offers flawless CD playback...
  3. opis

    picking USB DAC: does stacking a USB DAC/AMP with a desktop headphone AMP cause problems?

    So, previous setup I used the onboard mobo soundcard (which was.. alright) and just connected it to a JDLabs o2 amp to drive my headphones. I couldn't afford an alternative at the time and it did the job. So now I got a new mobo, tl:dr; turns out on this one the gpu is real close to the onboard...
  4. Whizzer DA1

    Whizzer DA1

    Whizzer DA1
  5. Creative Labs Sound Blaster X1

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster X1

    Weight Main Unit: 15 g / 0.5 oz Dimensions Main Unit : 9.7 x 175 x 67 mm / 0.4 x 0.7 x 2.6 inches, USB C to USB C Cable : 80 mm / 3.1 inches Headphone Amp Supported Headphone Impedance: 16–600Ω Audio Technology X-Fi, SmartComms Kit, Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine, Super X-Fi Max. Recording...
  6. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern to Debut Three New Products at High End Munich 2022

    Astell&Kern will debut three new products next week at their High End Munich 2022 booth. Available for demo at the booth in Hall 1, D02/E03a are KANN MAX, the fourth player in the KANN series of DAPs, the HC2, a dual-DAC USB-C Cable with 4.4mm balanced outs and full compatibility with...
  7. Zishan Z4

    Zishan Z4

    Dual flagship ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M, flagship headphone amp Texas Instruments OPA1622 with balanced output up to 884mW! 5 navigation buttons, true retro LCD with soft colours and old-fashioned operating system. Official thread here Specification: Dual DAC ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M Single Ended...
  8. T

    question/help with Jcally JM20 USB DAC (is NOT encoding DSD natively!)

    Hello - new member here (been lurking for a while now). I recently bought the Jcally JM20 dongle to use with my LG V20, which I use as a dedicated DAP. Prior to buying the JM20, I used UAPP to play my HR FLACs. Love UAPP and everything works great in that config. But, I wanted to play DSD...
  9. Geshelli Labs - JNOG DAC

    Geshelli Labs - JNOG DAC

    This is Geshelli Labs' limited release of the AK4493EQ version of their new DAC: the JNOG. The DAC is slightly larger than the previous models released by Geshelli Labs. However, that bulk addition brings the utilization of two TI1656 OPAMPS for a fully balanced design that allows both Balanced...
  10. S

    fiio q1 mkII usb DAC?

    Hi!So I was wondering if when I plug in my fiio q1 mkII DAC to my laptop it will be different than when I plug it in to my iPad. I mean if it's the same DAC will the sound be exactly the same? Or will it be better when it's plugged in to the laptop? I am using USB for the laptop and lightning...
  11. Shanling Q1 - Portable Hi-Res music player

    Shanling Q1 - Portable Hi-Res music player

    Shanling Q1: Retro-Styled Portable Hi-Fi Music Player In the world of portable music players, it’s all about strict minimalist design on one side and opulent technical extravagancy on the other. And for past few years, Shanling Audio was setting some of these trends. Now it’s time to set a...
  12. TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec Variations V1-A AK4377ECB DSD256 Bluetooth APTX USB DAC HiFi DAP Description 1200mah battery capacity High precision crystal oscillator Low noise PLL technology reduce jitter Exclusive USB driver Dual direction Bluetooth MSEB Mixer AAC DSD direct stream digital LDAC...
  13. morfologus

    USB DAC problem with win10

    I had been happily using my custom DAC plug and play until the 1809 update came out. The windows stopped recognizing my device and therefore I found no solution for the problem I put it apart. Lately I needed to reinstall the system, chose the 1607 hoping that I can use my device again but still...
  14. Palartemis

    Best volume settings in the chain for best results.

    As a Noob to headphones , tube amps, DACs etc I was looking for advice as to ow to set up my audio chain with regards to volume settings. Which elements in the chain should be set to high volumes to get the best results. My equipment will be :- Windows 10 Laptop using Musicbee which will...
  15. musicalychallenged

    Noise on one IEM i recently got

    Hello everyone I'm here because im looking for help or some advice on what i could get or might need, i recently bought an IEM from Massdrop it was the Noble x Massdrop IEM and i mean i feel the price was nice and great look to it as well, but recently i started using it with my Schiit Fulla 2...
  16. E

    Asus Xonar D2/pm / U7 as DAC for Little Dot Mk III

    Hi all, I am new into HiFi and I would like some advice before making some purchases. But, first, some background: I am a proud owner of a pair of DT-990 Pro 250 Ω cans for two years, which I use to listen to music and watch movies on a laptop (Asus ROG G750JX) connected to a crappy...
  17. T

    Any recommendations for an USB DAC with punchy bass?

    Hi. I'm searching for an usb dac with punchy bass. I'll give you some background info about what I like to give you a clearer picture of what I'm searching for. I like: -Strong punchy bass -Small amount of subbass -Clear vocals -Soundstage I don't like: -Sharp highs/sibilance -Hearing the...
  18. M

    Android Phone that supports Shanling Up USB DAC Amp?

    Hi everyone This is my first post so hope I'm following correct etiquette and hoping someone can help. Have a Shanling Up Dac Amp which I currently use with iPhone 6 and works perfectly. However new Flares Pro aptx wireless headphones meant purchased used Galaxy S6 for when running as better...
  19. Arjestin

    2 DACs 1 PC - How to Compare DACs?

    What's Up Guys? I love my OPPO HA-1. It was one of the best bang-for-buck "DAC + Headphone Amp + Preamp" combos in 2015, and I think it still is... Well, was. You cannot actually buy a new one anymore. OPPO Digital is soon to be closed and its line for products will sadly become a thing of...
  20. autur

    transport audio through Wifi instead of USB OTG to USB DAC

    The problem: I hate cables and the thought of plugging back and forth my smartphone from its charger to the USB OTG cable connected to a DAC is off-putting. My ideal setup would include smartphone --> (wireless) --> wifi device (instead of USB OTG) --> usb DAC. Question: are there any wifi...
  21. CactusPete23

    The New HIBY R3 II is here. 4.4MM Jack; Improved Sound and Bluetooth.

    HIBY R3 II - Also Available in Silver; not just Red and Black. - NOW Available for Pre-Order. $179 Quoted from HIBY.COM: The R3 second generation (R3 II) maintains the previous model's sleek body, with the addition of a volume knob and further...
  22. areek

    Buying a DAP for under 400$ today, need quick suggestions!!!

    Hello good people, Help out a fellow head-fier I am here looking for a suggestion regarding buying a digital audio player (DAP) under 400$ currently on market. Following are my preferences according to priority- 1. Sound quality (sound>>all) 2. Balanced out 3. Android OS- Streaming option &...
  23. Baroninkjet

    Android USB C Dongles

    Has anyone seen any reviews of USB C > headphone dongles? I just got Pixel 2, and the Google one is decent but not great out of the box. There is a guy over on XDA who has been reviewing some. See... I...
  24. Sebab

    Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

    What are your thoughts on this amp? Is it worth the money and does it sound good with the Audeze LCD-X headphone? Would it be a better investment than the Audeze Deckard?