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Noise on one IEM i recently got

  1. musicalychallenged
    Hello everyone I'm here because im looking for help or some advice on what i could get or might need, i recently bought an IEM from Massdrop it was the Noble x Massdrop IEM and i mean i feel the price was nice and great look to it as well, but recently i started using it with my Schiit Fulla 2 and i can hear hiss sound coming from it and i thought it weird as i use my Westone W60 with it and never hear any hiss.
    I want to know if anyone knows a fix to this or should i be looking to buy some sort of headphone AMP/Dac for a certain price range that will work with all my IEM's, Earbuds and Headphones without making any hiss.
    ( IF there is any ) or should i try something that maybe someone would happen to know i can do to fix this problem.

    I Would also like to get some recommendations on maybe an interface if that would do anything or help with the noise.

    I have been looking at the Schiit WYRD or EITR as a possible thing and im hoping to see if anyone on Head Fi is willing to sell me one ( used Preferably ).

    Thanks For Taking The Time To Read About My Little Problem.
  2. theveterans
    The Noble Massdrop IEM is just very sensitive that anything powerful will cause it to hiss. Don't use an external DAC/amp with that IEM then your hiss problem should disappear unless you have a really bad source
  3. musicalychallenged

    Im just using it on my pc I dont think it would be a bad source but i mean I use it as help to extend it since im not near the Desktop itself its a small distance away but it helps having the fulla 2 to give it an extension for me, is there any way i can extend the cable without having to spend a ton of cash.
  4. theveterans
    I would look into iFi Ear Buddy to eliminate hiss from sensitive IEM
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  5. Dulalala
    The source in this case would be the Fulla 2, not your PC. The issue is that the noise floor of the Fulla 2 is too high.

    Like mentioned above, if you don't want a better DAC/Amp, you can get an attuneator like the iFi Ear Buddy.

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