General Information

Dual flagship ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M,
flagship headphone amp Texas Instruments OPA1622 in dual
with balanced output up to 884mW!

5 navigation buttons, true retro LCD with soft colors
and old-fashioned operating system.



  • Dual DAC ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M
  • Single Ended 3.5 mm 4Vrms 442 mW 32 ohm
  • Balanced 2.5/4.4 mm 8Vrms 884 mW 32 ohm
  • Dual AMP Texas Instruments 2x OPA1622 and LPF 2x OP275
  • Non-Android Custom Operating System
  • Output impedance 2 ohms
  • Direct coupling output (no blocking capacitors)
  • Bluetooth 5.1 LDAC, AAC, SBC, AptX, AptX-HD, AptX-LL (Adaptive) up to 24-bit 96kHz (BT working as receiver)
  • USB DAC Amanero (separate USB-C for DAC only) up to DSD256 and PCM 32-bit 384kHz
  • Second separate USB-Charging port (working as data transfer to microSD as well)
  • Power save mode by 3.5 mm only 1 of 2 DAC/AMP section is working
  • Coaxial output up to 32-bit and DSD DoP128 (USB-C accessory cable will be available soon)
  • Line-out AUX 3.5 mm directly from DAC chip
  • Surround channels support up to 6 audio channels including Dolby DTS
  • Dual crystal oscillator + CPLD I2S
  • 7 DAC ESS filters
  • MicroSD 10T (NTFS, EXFAT, FAT32) supports all common loss and lossless audio format up to DSD256 and PCM 384kHz
  • Aluminium CNC housing 57*98*20mm 147g
  • 4200 mAh (8 hours or more)
  • Transfer files directly into microSD card using USB-C Charging port (tested in Windows 10)
  • 2 independent CPU/MCU chips (1st for Player-DAC processing and 2nd for USB/BT-DAC audio communication)
  • Album art cover 8K is supported in ID3Tag - tested 7680x4320 pixels 4 MB JPEG inside audio file
  • Coaxial USB-C output will be available soon with dedicated USB-C cable.
List of supported audio files:
ISO, CUE, APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A, WMA, AIFF, ALAC, AAC, DSF, DFF, DTS, can read MQA without decoding additional hidden "fake kHz".