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  1. Fiio Q11

    Fiio Q11

  2. xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    In brief, the TA-22 sports RCA analog and XLR analog inputs, plus DAC inputs for USB (B receptacle), coaxial, optical and major Bluetooth codecs including LDAC. The TA-22 uses these to feed its back-side preamp RCA out (controlled by volume knob), another RCA line-out (volume unaffected), and...
  3. aromaaudio

    [Aroma Audio] Our new "AIR" Bluetooth DAC Amplifier

    We are excited to announce the latest addition to the AROMA Audio product line, the Bluetooth portable amplifier, "AIR". This product is the culmination of over 3 years of intense research and development, and we are proud of its performance. With the ability to support multiple lossless...
  4. U

    Upgrade recommendations from Schiit Stack? (Magni Heresy/Modi)

    Hello all! CanJam NYC was fantastic, and gave me a sneak peek into the world of higher-end gear. On that note, I’m looking at possibly upgrading my Schiit Stack (Modi 3 / Loki Mini / Magni Heresy) in the search for slightly better sound. My budget is under $1k (used market is fine). It can...
  5. Apos Audio

    Pre-order the HIFIMAN EF600 DAC/Amp on Apos Audio Now

    Hi all, We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying HIFIMAN's just-revealed brand-new DAC/Amp, the HIFIMAN EF600. Pre-orders will be fulfilled by April 12th. Like the EF400, the EF600 is an R2R ladder digital-to-analog converter but with more features. It incorporates the company’s...
  6. M

    DAC/AMP under USD $900

    Sorry for my poor gammar I am a newcomer of hifi, after watching a tons of video and posts, i decided to buy Hifiman Arya v3. I'm looking for dac/amp combo which is under USD$900 to drive arya well. Fiio K9 Pro ESS has nice dac and reasonable amp in this price range. Also can be used as pure...
  7. Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    This is the 4th generation product under the mini-i series name from Matrix Audio continuing the classic design and superb build quality. The new mini-i Pro 3 use a two-color aluminum shell in silent black and space gray with a 3.3-inch LCD screen and a brand new user interface. The mini-i Pro 3...
  8. K

    Help Recommend DAC Amp/External Sound Card To Upgrade From Topping D3

    Topic + - Budget less than $150(If there is any that are better than D3 in that price range) - With IEM(18 ohms), Headphone(38 ohms) - Mainly for Windows PC. Don't play FPS games. How about Fosi Audio Q5, iFi Audio Zen Air DAC, Sound BlasterX G6/X4?Are external sound cards better than DACs...
  9. Ichos

    Aune Flamingo Tube DAC

    This is a thread for discussing about the Aune Flamingo Tube DAC. For starters here is my review of the Flamingo. https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/aune-flamingo.26238/review/29982/ Feel free to share your impressions or ask anything else about the Flamingo.
  10. MoonAudio

    EarMen Angel vs. iFi Diablo Comparison & Face-Off | Moon Audio

    EarMen Angel vs. iFi Diablo Comparison & Face-Off | Moon Audio
  11. Burson Conductor 3X Performance

    Burson Conductor 3X Performance

    Intro Some DAC/Amps claim to give you the front row experience in exchange for less soundstage. Others promise a 3D soundstage in trade for fewer details. The Conductor simply gives you everything in the recording, without sugar-coating, the good and sometimes the ugly. You can locate a tapping...
  12. MoonAudio

    Chord Electronics DACs, Amps, & Streamers: The Ultimate Guide | Moon Audio

    Chord Electronics DACs, Amps, & Streamers: The Ultimate Guide | Moon Audio
  13. S

    DAC/AMP for Final B3

    I'm looking for a portable DAC/AMP with a mobile streaming application for the Final B3. I currently own a Fiio m7 and am considering the Chord mojo1, Earmen tr-amp, and ifi hip zen. Bluetooth and wireless are unnecessary for me. Could you please recommend a DAC/AMP that improves sound quality?
  14. Aune Flamingo

    Aune Flamingo

    Aune Flamingo Tube DAC Headphone Amp Hi-Res Tube DAC Headphone Amp Tube and Op-Amp Modus 32bit/768k DSD512 Variable Line Out High-Grade Components
  15. E

    Additions for u12t?

    Howdy, howdy. New to the forums. Have been around the classifieds looking for a pair of u12t's to pick up, and I was curious as to what "additional" items I'd need to purchase with them. I'm looking into getting Spiral ++'s for them, once I actually acquire a pair, but I'm not sure what else I'd...
  16. zlayde

    Fiio BTR7 and Mac question!

    Hi all - Loving my BTR7. Sounds great and really loving it. I'm using Apple Music, High-Res Lossless. On my phone it works great via USB: PCM 44K/328 HR But on my Mac laptop, it only shows 44k/168 SQ Am I doing something wrong here? This is direct, not through Bluetooth. Thanks in advance!
  17. Niniao

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a portable amplifier for Hifiman he6se

    We all know that the Hifiman he6se has a high impedance and it is difficult to drive with a normal portable DAC. I also do not want a desktop DAC that can only be placed at home, so I would like to know what you have to recommend. My needs: 1) have multiple interfaces, 4.4 balanced / 3.5 /...
  18. bassheadnewbie

    Bass Booster Portable DAC/Amp Under $200

    A few days ago, I had sold my hipdac v1. And maybe now I'm looking for a replacement for hipdac v1, is there any suggestion? Since I am a basshead, the port 4.4mm and extra bass feature is very useful for me. Thanks
  19. MoonAudio

    iFi Neo iDSD Headphone Amp, DAC Unboxing | Moon Audio

    iFi Neo iDSD Headphone Amp, DAC Unboxing | Moon Audio
  20. Apos Audio

    TOPPING E70 DAC and L70 Headphone Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, As we gear towards the holiday season, we wanted to let you know that TOPPING just launched a brand-new stack that is now available on Apos Audio. May we present the TOPPING E70 DAC and the L70 Fully Balanced NFCA Headphone Amplifier which packs an incredible number of features and...
  21. Apos Audio

    FiiO Q7 Portable Desktop-Class DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, Here's a FiiO launch that might arouse the community's interest. We’re ecstatic about the new FiiO Q7 Portable Desktop-Class DAC/Amp. While it’s only 6” on its longest side, it boasts desktop-level power, a THX amplifier, and an ESS SABRE DAC chip, making it an undeniable solution for...
  22. L

    Which Topping / SMSL is best value? DX7 Pro+ alternatives?

    So, Chi-Fi is evolving rapidly. New products copy old ones, at cheaper prices. But it's such a minefield. So, the Topping DX7 Pro+ was very well-recommended at its price. It has a ton of features I'd use (Bluetooth, harmonic/tube effects, etc). Most importantly, a punchy and resolving sound...
  23. MoonAudio

    Chord Mojo 2 vs. iFi Gryphon: Epic DAC Battles of History | Moon Audio

    Chord Mojo 2 vs. iFi Gryphon: Epic DAC Battles of History | Moon Audio
  24. Muse HiFi M3

    Muse HiFi M3

    >Premium ES9038Q2M DAC chip. >Compact, Curved design. >3.5mm+4.4mm headphone outputs. >Independent amp architecture. >SA9227 USB Master. >High-resolution 32-bit PCM signal decoding. >Seven in-built digital filters. >60-Level volume adjustment with volume memory. >Driver-free operation...
  25. SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    Includes USB Lead, Remote Control, Mains Lead. 2.6 W over 16 Ohms. 4.4 and 6.35 headphone output jacks. RCA unbalanced TRS balanced line out. Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC/AptX HD, SBC, AAC, USB 1 and 2 (Software Driver required for Windows) 2 Gain modes - Low 0 dB High 11 dB ES9038Q2M...