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  1. KIWI EARS Allegro

    KIWI EARS Allegro

    High-Fidelity DAC Chip: Allegro utilizes the ES9028Q2M DAC chip, renowned for its high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion, ensuring unmatched audio clarity and lifelike sound reproduction. Versatile Output Options: With both 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs, Allegro offers...
  2. Dethonray Listening M1

    Dethonray Listening M1

  3. pradiptacr7

    Dethonray Listening M1 - Compact desktop DAC/Amp Discussion + Impression thread

    Starting a thread for the new Dethonray's Listening M1. It's a compact desktop DAC/headphone amp! Just slightly larger than a CD case but powerful enough to drive any planar magnetic headphones. Welcome Head-Fiers.
  4. L

    Any alternatives Fiio K7 under 200$ for Dt770Pro?

    Hi guys, I choose something for my Dt 770 Pro 80 Ohm, but for this price there doesn't seem to be much choice. At first I noticed Fiio K7, everyone praised it very much, but there were a couple of oddities. There is a delay when adjusting the volume, non-linear volume increase, as well as a...
  5. Questyle

    【Earside Review】A Standalone Advanced DAC/Amp: Unveiling the World-Class CMA18 Portable

    This review piece is published by EARSIDE REVIEW, and republished here for convenience. Introduction This review may come a bit late to the party. In fact, when Questyle unveiled the CMA18 Portable (referred to as "CMA18P" hereafter) earlier this year at the Beijing exhibition, I, as a...
  6. DITA Navigator

    DITA Navigator

    Specifications Dual DAC Dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks Output: 340 mW @32Ω Supports: MQA 16x Native, PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD256 Native Up to 110mW @32Ω at 3.5mm Up to 340mW @32Ω 4.4mm Integrated Phone Stand
  7. S

    My First $650 Audio Gear Haul - How Did I Do? Did I Maximize Value? AKG N5005, Sennheiser HD 6XX, iFi Audio Micro iDSD Signature Finale

    Hello Head-Fi community, I’m a long-time user of the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro (1st gen), but I recently became interested in wired audio gear. After doing some research, I made the following purchases with the goal of stretching my dollar and maximizing the price-to-performance ratio as much...
  8. SMSL M300SE

    SMSL M300SE

    A new series of exterior design with tempered glass panel, both high-end feeling and durable! Cirrus Logic's latest audio decoder chip CS43131, with carefully designed circuitry, achieves an unprecedented 0.00013% (-117dB) distortion performance! The new third generation XMOS XU-316, PCM support...
  9. cpu235

    DAC upgrade

    Hi, I am currently looking for a DAC to match with my Liquid Platinum, my previous DAC was an SMSL SU-9 but I thought it sounded a bit too harsh, now I am using my Cayin RU7 temporarily, and I want to find a better desktop DAC solution. I prefer AKM or R2R sound. My budget is $1000 USD (the...
  10. G

    DAC/Amp recs for DT 1990s + is my amp faulty?

    I recently bought a pair of DT1990s as my DT990s broke and loved the sound they produced so stuck with Beyer (no, the highs didn't put me off), but thought I'd invest a bit further and buy a decent DAC/Amp to drive them. I was previously using an old Sound Blaster Audigy 5 Rx soundcard, which...
  11. zlayde

    Shout out: Dethonray Pegasus SG1 is pretty amazing

    I'm typing this as listen on my Dethonray Pegasus SG1 bluetooth dac/amp. This is a strange piece of hardware. It is bluetooth ONLY (which is odd) and it can be finicky but my Lord, this thing puts out an absolutely pristine sound to my IEMs. My IEMs range from $500 to $3k and this thing goes...
  12. K

    DAC for my first IEM

    I'll buy my first IEM (in-between 320-500$ price bracket) soon and I have a question: Will I need a DAC in order to enjoy all the detailing, imaging and sound stage the IEM has? It might be a very common question, but I think it is mainly because of the divergence of opinions of people who say...
  13. Y

    How do you know when your dac is working?

    I got a topping e70 dac and I have the zen dac v2, which is a dac/amp. Can I use the e70 as the dac? how do I know when its working? Could I hear an immediate difference if I unplugged the rca cables? also which output do I use on my computer, would it the e70's or the zen dac v2?
  14. Tempotec MARCH III

    Tempotec MARCH III

    TempoTec March III M3,HiFi USB Bluetooth Audio DAC Receiver, Support LDAC,AAC,GAIN,BASS,3.5/4.4mm/Coaxial/RCA/Optical Output Bluetooth receiver and USB DAC Multiple input and output interfaces bring you various choices for listening GAIN and BASS Audio formats supported Chips...
  15. Thenewbie76

    Which mid to high-end DAC/AMP should I get? I've found a few. Don't know which to choose.

    I am currently in search of a new DAC and headphone amp. My current gear is the SMSL SU-8 (DAC), THX 789 Massdrop (AMP) and Bravo Audio V2 (Tube amp). I am looking for a mid to high-end DAC/AMP combo that would be a good investment and last me years whilst sounding good of course. I am looking...
  16. bassdad8

    Letshuoer s12 pro & Ifi hip-Dac2!

    So since I’ve paired these up, I thought I’d pontificate a little bit on the sound and performance. Just in case anyone out there is considering this pairing or something similar. I’ll discuss my impressions of each and then describe how they seem to interact. Disclaimer #1- I don’t do...
  17. MoonAudio

    FAQs on DACs, Ep. 2: Which DAC to Choose? | Moon Audio

    FAQs on DACs, Ep. 2: Which DAC to Choose? | Moon Audio
  18. HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop DAC/AMP

    HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop DAC/AMP

  19. FiiO Q11

    FiiO Q11

  20. xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    xDuoo TA-22 balanced hybrid tube DAC/Amp/Preamp

    In brief, the TA-22 sports RCA analog and XLR analog inputs, plus DAC inputs for USB (B receptacle), coaxial, optical and major Bluetooth codecs including LDAC. The TA-22 uses these to feed its back-side preamp RCA out (controlled by volume knob), another RCA line-out (volume unaffected), and...
  21. aromaaudio

    [Aroma Audio] Our new "AIR" Bluetooth DAC Amplifier

    We are excited to announce the latest addition to the AROMA Audio product line, the Bluetooth portable amplifier, "AIR". This product is the culmination of over 3 years of intense research and development, and we are proud of its performance. With the ability to support multiple lossless...
  22. U

    Upgrade recommendations from Schiit Stack? (Magni Heresy/Modi)

    Hello all! CanJam NYC was fantastic, and gave me a sneak peek into the world of higher-end gear. On that note, I’m looking at possibly upgrading my Schiit Stack (Modi 3 / Loki Mini / Magni Heresy) in the search for slightly better sound. My budget is under $1k (used market is fine). It can...
  23. Apos Audio

    Pre-order the HIFIMAN EF600 DAC/Amp on Apos Audio Now

    Hi all, We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying HIFIMAN's just-revealed brand-new DAC/Amp, the HIFIMAN EF600. Pre-orders will be fulfilled by April 12th. Like the EF400, the EF600 is an R2R ladder digital-to-analog converter but with more features. It incorporates the company’s...
  24. M

    DAC/AMP under USD $900

    Sorry for my poor gammar I am a newcomer of hifi, after watching a tons of video and posts, i decided to buy Hifiman Arya v3. I'm looking for dac/amp combo which is under USD$900 to drive arya well. Fiio K9 Pro ESS has nice dac and reasonable amp in this price range. Also can be used as pure...
  25. Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    This is the 4th generation product under the mini-i series name from Matrix Audio continuing the classic design and superb build quality. The new mini-i Pro 3 use a two-color aluminum shell in silent black and space gray with a 3.3-inch LCD screen and a brand new user interface. The mini-i Pro 3...