1. Zaghamkarim

    Hiby R6 Pro 2023 edition - any idea of specifications even if unconfirmed? all l can find is (Coming Soon for Pre-Order).

    First time posting a thread here I think, hopefully right place/ all good. I was hoping to learn more on the "Hiby R6 Pro Gen2", other than confirming it's existence. All I could find was pre pre-order listings, with only information on colours (Black/ Purple/ Blue) and a few specs: SD 665, AK...
  2. Hiby R3 Pro Saber 2022 DAP

    Hiby R3 Pro Saber 2022 DAP

    Hiby R3 Pro Saber 2022 DAP Specs: Flagship Dual ES9219 DAC Chips •3.5mm PO: 32 ohms loaded •2.5mm BAL: 32 ohms loaded Output power: •3.5mm PO:101mW •2.5mm BAL: 340mW Maximum output voltage: •3.5mm PO: 1.8Vrms •2.5mm BAL: 3.3Vrms Rated output voltage: •3.5mm PO: 1.5Vrms •2.5mm...
  3. gLer

    HiBy RS8 flagship Darwin R2R Android DAP -- Class A -- news and impressions thread

    HiBy is set to launch the new RS8 flagship Darwin R2R Android DAP in the coming weeks, featuring all-new Class A amplification. Come back here for more news and impressions as they become available. Features, pricing and more images will be available soon, so watch this space...
  4. MusicTeck

    The new HiBy RS2 has arrived at MusicTeck!

    Are you as stoked as we are? :D HiBy RS2 >> Shop now <<
  5. UrbanAnimism777

    Life-span of Android operating systems?

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking of getting either the Hiby R5 gen2, or the R6 2020 version. The conflict I have is: I'd like a device I could freely use for at least 5 years, without becoming unusable for lack of updates and app support for their respective Android systems. Is this something...
  6. Hiby Lasya

    Hiby Lasya

    Heavens open up to this voice from out of this world With mid and high frequencies attuned to female vocals, voices becoming more emotional and vivid than ever; with outstanding resolution and unbeatable actualization. Just imagine a mythical goddess of song singing into your ears. Carbon...
  7. HiBy R5 (Gen 2)

    HiBy R5 (Gen 2)

    A-class class-A amplification Employing flagship grade class-A amplification in this mid-tier android DAP, the R5 utilizes Class A discrete balanced amplification circuitry, capable of continuous high power output, with plentiful energy reserves for all music genres. Converting power with ease...
  8. MusicTeck

    The HiBy R5 II and R8 are now in stock!

    Meet the new Hby R5 II and say hello again to the R8. We want to know which one you prefer :) HiBy R5 II Portable Music Player >> Shop now << HiBy R8 Flagship Android HiFi Music Player >> Shop now <<
  9. danny334

    Importing playlists into Hiby [batch mode]

    I have a collection of playlists I'd like to import into the Hiby (I'm hoping to get one ) Is it as simple as loading it into the software? I'm using Fiio and I'm really having a hard time as it's not a simple import. You have to go in and add the playlist one by one. There's no way of doing...
  10. danny334

    Hiby - Support for car adapter mode?

    Hello folks Does anyone know if the Hiby software supports car adapter mode like the Fiio? That mode allows the play to auto start on power up, resume playing and then switch off automatically after the car is switched off. thanks
  11. HiBy RS6

    HiBy RS6

    HiBy RS6 is the world's first open Android fully discrete NOS R2R DAP Features: All new DARWIN architecture Discrete NOS R2R DAC and amplification Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 4GB RAM 64GB internal storage Up to 2TB expandable via mSD Large 5'' 1080p display Open Android 9 OS Direct Transport...
  12. MusicTeck

    The HiBy RS6 has arrived at MusicTeck!

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  13. T

    HiBy R3 Pro Saber: Very good or not for classical music/opera fans who want high quality sound reproduction?

    I'm a classical music and opera enthusiast who wonders if the HiBy R3 Pro Saber mp3 player offers very high quality sound reproduction when the unit holds only classical music and opera. Or is this player best for some kind of music which is non-classical and non-opera because it's electronics...
  14. M

    Recommendation for AMP and Hiby R6 Pro

    Hi, I have a Hiby R6 Pro and Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones with a 4.4mm Balanced Connection and Fiio FH5 IEMs with a 4.4mm balanced connection. Both of those I usually run directly into the Hiby balanced connection port. I have used MQA on Tidal in the past and also have FLAC files from rips and...
  15. MusicTeck

    Hiby's Flagship R8—now up to 128G!

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  16. MusicTeck

    Our Fourth of July Sales Have Kicked Off!

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  17. M

    Recording Higby R6 Pro Music to Minidisc

    Hi! This may seem like an odd thing to do, but I recently bought a Sony Walkman Minidisc player. I wanted to play my digital files on the Higby and record to Minidisc in real time. So I tried to connect my Higby R6 Pro to it via the USB port of the Higby to a Douk Audio USB converter. This is...
  18. MusicTeck

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day Sale Starts Today! 🇺🇸

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  19. HiBy Seeds II earphones

    HiBy Seeds II earphones

    HiBy Seeds II earphones $129.00 12 REVIEWS COLOR Black (3.5mm)Blue (3.5mm)Black (3.5mm+4.4mm)Blue (3.5mm+4.4mm) QUANTITY 1 ADD TO CART Buy now with PayPalBuy with MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS Certified HiRes, made with pure copper shell, and single dynamic driver for maximum coherence! Standard...
  20. Hiby FC3

    Hiby FC3

    Hiby's first Dongle DAC, featuring an ES9281PRO Chip, supports MQA, HiBy Music app, HiRes certified, 70mW high power / low battery consumption, RGB indicator light, DSD128, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, all metal body, leather case
  21. MusicTeck


    Click to shop our holiday collection View deals list | See how much you save Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄🎅🏻🎉 Brands on sale: AME Custom, Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PW Audio, qdc, Satin Audio...
  22. BadgerRivFan

    New to Android DAPs... newbie questions

    I've been an Apple/iPhone user since the iPhone was first introduced, and have never owned a smartphone or DAP with an Android based operating system. I'm going to take a step into new territory and preorder a new HiBy R6 2020. Since I've never used an Android music player, I am hoping you...
  23. HiBy R5s (Saber)

    HiBy R5s (Saber)

    Full specs list for HiBy R5s: General HW&SW: Operating System: Android 8.1 SoC: Snapdragon 425 No. of CPU Cores: 4 CPU Max Frequency: 1.4GHz Display: 4.0 inches, IPS Resolution: 540*1080 PPI: 300 Touchscreen control RAM: 2GB Internal Storage: 16GB External Storage: Up tp 512GB + via 1 micro SD...
  24. MusicTeck

    The new 2020 HiBy R6 is now available for pre-order!

    ...and just in time for Christmas!🎄🎅🏻 Click here to pre-order Aluminum Alloy Black or Silver finishes *Only pre-orders will include a free brown leather case* $799.00 View on our pre-order page
  25. MusicTeck

    HiBy R5 Saber Tour

    EXCITING TOUR TIME! Meet the HiBy R5 Saber, an Android lossless digital audio player, which does this very well for the price, bringing extensive functionality within the same price range, plus the pocket-friendly size and the excellent build quality make it feel more expensive than it is. Am...