1. HiBy R4

    HiBy R4

  2. HiBy x F.Audio Project Ace

    HiBy x F.Audio Project Ace

  3. T

    How does Hiby fc6 R2R dac dongle compare against Schiit multibit dacs

    Hello all you lovely people, This is my first post in Head fi. Hoping to find help regarding a purchase decision. As an owner of Schiit Bifrost 2 OG and 2/64 r2r dac and Jotuheim 2 Amp with Senn HD 6XX headphone , I am planning to get the Hiby FC6 R2R Dac dongle for travel due to its small...
  4. MusicTeck

    Stars of CanJam Are Now In Stock!

    Dita Project M In the spirit of continuous development and evolution, DITA introduces its first resin-based, hybrid earphone, Project M. The M’s physical appearance is a departure from previous DITA designs, taking on an even more ergonomic form factor at once familiar yet uniquely DITA...
  5. Hiby FC4

    Hiby FC4

    The HiBy FC4 is a portable USB DAC/headphone amp, with high driving power and MQA support. Can be connected to smartphones / computers etc. for use as audio out! High driving power, detailed and energetic sound make the FC4 stand out from the crowd.
  6. S

    Can the Hiby M300 play M4A files?

    Can someone please help me with this? I can not find an answer anywhere. I’m looking at getting a Hiby M300, but I need to know if it will play M4A files. I’ve got about 4,700 songs in my library and most of them are M4A files from iTunes, and I don’t want to have to convert them all.
  7. kesobie

    HiBy W3 II: CS43131 Bluetooth Dongle DAC

    HiBy W3 II CS43131 Bluetooth Dongle DAC Hey ya'll! HiBy just released the update to their W3, named the W3 II and I thought it was a genuinely interesting product as it features their UAT decoding that apparently guarantees 192khz at 1.2mbps. Here's some details about the product: Let me...
  8. HiBy W3 II Bluetooth CS43131 Dongle

    HiBy W3 II Bluetooth CS43131 Dongle

  9. T

    Help with a portable DAP for Simgot EA1000, please

    Hi everyone, I registered on here because I couldn't get a clear answer/comparison on this anywhere else, so I thought I'd ask the forum I've been reading for a few months now. I recently bought the Fermat and I love the liveliness, clarity and resolution of it. It's perfect out of the box for...
  10. Joe Bloggs

    HiBy R8 II flagship world tour

    This is your chance to experience HiBy's latest flagship player first hand! We are touring the latest flagship from HiBy, the R8 II, which comes with the all-new in-house developed Darwin-MPA (multiphase PWM array) all-new modulator-based DAC architecture with 16 output channels for a unique...
  11. Hiby FC6

    Hiby FC6

  12. Hiby M300

    Hiby M300

    HiBy Digital, a new sub-brand under HiBy Music, is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services for modern tech and digital enthusiasts. Stemming from the legacy of HiBy Music in the portable HiFi domain, HiBy digital will start with music players and then expand its product line to...
  13. S

    A little DAP advise

    Hi all. I haven't got a dedicated music player since my Classic Apple Ipod days. I have narrowed down my choices to the following: 1.Astell&Kern - A&norma SR35 2.HiBy - RS6 3.TempoTec - V6 4.Astell&Kern - KANN ULTRA Some advise on which i should go for, either from above or something else would...
  14. kesobie

    HiBy Digital M300 Android Digital Audio Player,"The Gen-Z Music Player" - Discussion thread

    HiBy announces their brand new subbrand, HiBy Digital and their first product, the M300 Android-powered Digital Audio Player! BRAND BACKGROUND: PRODUCT DETAILS The Gen-Z Music Player Android 13-based SoC Snapdragon 665 CS43131 DAC 15 Hours Long Playback Time 136g Light Weight Pocketable...
  15. MusicTeck

    HiBy R3II and Shanling M0 Pro Are In Stock Now!

    HiBy R3II--A Small Player That Can Stream! Key Features: 3.2 Inch Touch Screen Supports Tidal And Qobuz Stream with HiBy OS DSD and MQA Supported Hi-Res and Hi-Res Wireless Shanling M0 Pro--The Smallest Hi-Fi Player
  16. HiBy R3 II

    HiBy R3 II

    HiBy R3 II (Gen 2) Entry-level HiFi Lossless Audio Player Music Player with HiByOS
  17. HiBy FC6 R2R dongle DAC/amp

    HiBy FC6 R2R dongle DAC/amp

  18. Joe Bloggs

    HiBy FC6--R2R dongle DAC reborn

    Hi all, I'm here to re-introduce the HiBy FC6 to the head-fi community. https://store.hiby.com/products/hiby-fc6 First introduced early this year, it immediately found favour from AndyEF of DongleMadness, making its way to #1 of his top dongles list over hundreds of contenders in one swell...
  19. Joe Bloggs

    Introducing the all-new HiBy DRX10K

    Now available as systemwide audio plugin on most HiBy R Android players (audio settings->plugins->DRX10K) For use with almost any music app, streaming or local. Combining quality and innovation in audio processing rarely seen even in professional studio audio plugins and easy-as-pie intuitive...
  20. HiBy Crystal 6 (Gen 1)

    HiBy Crystal 6 (Gen 1)

    Bass Driver: Knowles 22955 Mid Drivers: Dual pair of 1006 drivers Treble Drivers: Custom 30098 + 2 custom 31735 drivers Acoustic Tubes: 4 independent tubes Crossover: 4-way crossover for frequency splitting Parts Certification: Hi-Res certified by JAS (Japan Audio Society) Components: Panasonic...
  21. MusicTeck

    Pre-order the new HiBy R6 Pro II and PWAudio Orpheus today!

    Meet the R6 Pro II by HiBy. Ships with a free storage case and leather case! Alsoooo... we're getting another shipment of the long-awaited sold-out Orpheus cables very soon—pre-orders are live again :) HiBy R6 Pro II (Gen 2) Lossless HD Medium-end Music Player Portable DAP $749.00 All new...
  22. HiBy Crystal6 II

    HiBy Crystal6 II

    The second gen version of the HiBy Crystal 6, with "crystal" clear sound quality and crystalline sand-painted custom faceplates to match.
  23. HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II--the next-gen midrange player from HiBy in 2023. Sporting an all-new exterior design, it is also the first DAP in its class to run the flagship AK4101+Dual AK4499EX DAC set, and the first DAP to use all 8 output rails from two AK4499EX in single-ended output mode.
  24. HiBy R6 III (Gen 3)

    HiBy R6 III (Gen 3)

  25. Joe Bloggs

    HiBy R6 pro II + HiBy Crystal 6 Gen II / HiBy Zeta Easter 2023 inaugural tour--first impressions rolling in!

    After becoming the latest addition to Head-Fi's hallowed list of sponsors :wink: , I am pleased to announce the very first Head-Fi world tour for HiBy. Call it the Easter 2023 world tour :beerchug: https://store.hiby.com/products/r6-pro-ii-gen-2 We are touring the latest release from HiBy, the...