1. M

    Recommendation for AMP and Hiby R6 Pro

    Hi, I have a Hiby R6 Pro and Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones with a 4.4mm Balanced Connection and Fiio FH5 IEMs with a 4.4mm balanced connection. Both of those I usually run directly into the Hiby balanced connection port. I have used MQA on Tidal in the past and also have FLAC files from rips and...
  2. MusicTeck

    Hiby's Flagship R8—now up to 128G!

    New model special pricing is available. Please contact us at info@musicteck.com for details :) >> SHOP NOW <<
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    Our Fourth of July Sales Have Kicked Off!

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  4. M

    Recording Higby R6 Pro Music to Minidisc

    Hi! This may seem like an odd thing to do, but I recently bought a Sony Walkman Minidisc player. I wanted to play my digital files on the Higby and record to Minidisc in real time. So I tried to connect my Higby R6 Pro to it via the USB port of the Higby to a Douk Audio USB converter. This is...
  5. MusicTeck

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day Sale Starts Today! 🇺🇸

    This weekend, we honor and remember those who served our country. -MusicTeck Team CLICK TO SHOP OUR SALES COLLECTION Calculate how much you can save with our handy-dandy price list!
  6. HiBy Seeds II earphones

    HiBy Seeds II earphones

    HiBy Seeds II earphones $129.00 12 REVIEWS COLOR Black (3.5mm)Blue (3.5mm)Black (3.5mm+4.4mm)Blue (3.5mm+4.4mm) QUANTITY 1 ADD TO CART Buy now with PayPalBuy with MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS Certified HiRes, made with pure copper shell, and single dynamic driver for maximum coherence! Standard...
  7. Hiby FC3

    Hiby FC3

    Hiby's first Dongle DAC, featuring an ES9281PRO Chip, supports MQA, HiBy Music app, HiRes certified, 70mW high power / low battery consumption, RGB indicator light, DSD128, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, all metal body, leather case
  8. MusicTeck


    Click to shop our holiday collection View deals list | See how much you save Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄🎅🏻🎉 Brands on sale: AME Custom, Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PW Audio, qdc, Satin Audio...
  9. BadgerRivFan

    New to Android DAPs... newbie questions

    I've been an Apple/iPhone user since the iPhone was first introduced, and have never owned a smartphone or DAP with an Android based operating system. I'm going to take a step into new territory and preorder a new HiBy R6 2020. Since I've never used an Android music player, I am hoping you...
  10. HiBy R5s (Saber)

    HiBy R5s (Saber)

    Full specs list for HiBy R5s: General HW&SW: Operating System: Android 8.1 SoC: Snapdragon 425 No. of CPU Cores: 4 CPU Max Frequency: 1.4GHz Display: 4.0 inches, IPS Resolution: 540*1080 PPI: 300 Touchscreen control RAM: 2GB Internal Storage: 16GB External Storage: Up tp 512GB + via 1 micro SD...
  11. MusicTeck

    The new 2020 HiBy R6 is now available for pre-order!

    ...and just in time for Christmas!🎄🎅🏻 Click here to pre-order Aluminum Alloy Black or Silver finishes *Only pre-orders will include a free brown leather case* $799.00 View on our pre-order page
  12. MusicTeck

    HiBy R5 Saber Tour

    EXCITING TOUR TIME! Meet the HiBy R5 Saber, an Android lossless digital audio player, which does this very well for the price, bringing extensive functionality within the same price range, plus the pocket-friendly size and the excellent build quality make it feel more expensive than it is. Am...
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    Missed Cyber Monday? We've got you—sale extended 1 more day!

    Since we know that Mondays can be rough. Shop our entire sales collection here Brands on sale: Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, JOMO Audio, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PWAudio, qdc, Satin Audio, Sendy Audio, Shanling, SIVGA, Unique...
  14. HiBy R6 2020

    HiBy R6 2020

    Couple of days ago, HiBy introduced a significantly reworked version of quite popular R6 DAP in a livestream event. First version of HiBy R6 was initially launched on Indiegogo back in 2017 and shown high interest of the audience by exceeding campaign target and finishing as a successful project...
  15. gLer

    HiBy R6 2020 User Impressions

    HiBy quietly announced a brand new R6 yesterday (28 October, 2020), with a Chinese-only presentation of what looks to be a new, updated R6 Pro-series DAP (despite the name reverting to R6). Launch date is pegged as November 2020, with an estimated launch price of $799. Main differences from...
  16. HiBy Beans

    HiBy Beans

    HiBy Beans technical specifications: Earphone type: In-ear monitors Diver type: dynamic driver with carbon nanotube (CNT) diaphragms Driver diameter: 10mm Frequency response: 20-20000Hz Sensitivity: 109dB Impedance: 32Ω Cable: silver-plated oxygen-free copper Cable length: 1.2m Connectors...
  17. HiBy FD1

    HiBy FD1

    HiBy FD1 technical specifications Chipset: SA2000 DAC: 2 X ES9118 2 X crystal oscillators (44.1 & 48) DSD decoding: Native (SA2000), 128 Buttons: Play/pause, volume+, volume- Status display: Tri-colour LED USB port Type-C Single ended ouput: 3.5mm (supports wired remote) SE output power: 25mW +...
  18. HiBy R2

    HiBy R2

    HiBy R2 technical specifications: Operating System: HiBy OS SoC: Ingenic X1000E DAC: ES9218 PCM: 32bit/384kHz / DSD: 128 (native) MSEB, HiBy Link support MQA support, 4x unfold, Tidal, Qobuz support Dual microphones for voice recording Ebook reader function Internet radio function Output power...
  19. HiBy R8 Aluminum

    HiBy R8 Aluminum

  20. MrNaturalAZ

    Hiby R2, R3, R3 Pro radio.txt File - 226 Verified Stations including SomaFM, 181.fm, and more

    [Edit 4/13/2021 - updated file, adding "Radio Dismuke"] [Edited 6/15/2020] [Edit 9/12/2021 to add...] Also works with R2 and original (non-"Pro") R3! One of the nice features, for me, of the Hiby R3 Pro DAP, in addition to being able to stream Tidal and Qobuz, is the "Custom Radio" feature...
  21. HiBy R3 Pro

    HiBy R3 Pro

    Parameters Operating System HiBy OS Dimensions 82x61x13mm CPU Ingenic X1000E DAC Dual CS43131 Battery capacity 1600mAh Play time (single ended) 20 h Play time (balanced) 16 h Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 WiFi bands 2.4GHz, 5GHz 3.5mm output 60mW+60mW 2.5mm...
  22. HiBy R5

    HiBy R5

    New HiBy R5 Portable Audio Player Featuring 4.4mm Balanced Output, Android 8.1 Oreo and Snapdragon 425 Processor Parameters Make/Model: HiBy R5 Operating System: Android 8.1 SoC: Snapdragon 425 No. of CPU Cores: 4 CPU Max Frequency: 1.4GHz DAC: CS43198 x 2 Input Method: Touchscreen...
  23. HiBy W5

    HiBy W5

    World's first 192KHz, 1.2Mbits Bluetooth DAC/AMP with UAT codec HiBy W5 technical specifications and discription: Type: Bluetooth audio receiver with integrated DAC&AMP Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (CSR8675) Bluetooth audio codecs: SBC, AAC, apt-X, apt-X_LL, apt-X HD, LDAC, UAT Max. bit rate...
  24. IryxBRO

    HiBY W5 - 192KHz Bluetooth audio breakthrough

    HiBy W5 — the world’s first Bluetooth DAC/AMP receiver with UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codec that might set the new wireless audio standards for the entire industry. 192KHz Ultra Audio Transmission technology was developed by HiBy as new generation of Bluetooth audio codec superior to all...
  25. billinvegas


    Hello, I recently purchased a Hidizs AP80, and I am quite pleased with the OS. Especially the MSEB, which allows me to save different settings (different headphones, connected to my home stereo,in the car, etc) However, it is a little small for me. I have difficulty using the touch screen. I...