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HiBy R6pro II--the next-gen midrange player from HiBy in 2023. Sporting an all-new exterior design, it is also the first DAP in its class to run the flagship AK4101+Dual AK4499EX DAC set, and the first DAP to use all 8 output rails from two AK4499EX in single-ended output mode.

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New Head-Fier
Hiby R6pro II - Purple Lamborghini
Pros: Warm and lush sound
Good Display
Class A/Class AB modes
Great LO on both 3.5mm and 4.4mm
Cons: Weird button Positions
Battery backup is average
lacking stage depth

This is my first mid-fi DAP experience and I'm not much of DAP person, so my impressions and thoughts would be reflective of these facts.

Gears Used:
Sony EX1000
IMR Ozar
Newbsound newb50
Amps paired:
Gustard H16
Schiit valhalla 2



HiBy R6pro 2 is a stunning device, I was very intrigued by the looks since the launch and it did live up to it, beautiful looks and display. The device has snapdragon 665 chipset which is fairly new and decent performer and 4gb ram. The same applies in the performance of this device, it is pretty decent overall but stutters at times. I suppose that is ok for a DAP.
User interface is pretty much vanilla android(12.0) and gain, class modes are available from notification center.
Battery drain is quite fast as it has class A amplification.
I found the button placement to be odd on the left of the device. I kept mis clicking the next/previous button whenever I handle the device.


The bass is quite balanced on these. I don't find them to be overpowering even though this has warm tonality. The sub bass has decent depth and has good texture. Bass is quite fast, tight and controlled keeping the mids clean.

The mids are clear, lush and forward. Though it tends to be on leaner side, it does have a tinge of warmth and gives life to the vocals. Female vocals comes across lively but there's a slight shimmer on upper mids which could be felt on some tracks. This could be more pronounced with bright or lean IEMs. Male vocals could lack heft at times. But overall it is smooth listen yet brings in lot of details

There is no sibilance, they are just as smooth as butter on hot pan. Again details are amazing on these keeping the sibilance in control. Sony EX1k could be sibilant if pairing is not good or when paired with bright or neutral source but this had great synergy. Lovely vocals and highs.


Staging has great width and height but depth can be bit lacking. Imaging is precise, instrument positions can be distinguished quite clearly. Layering goes hand in as well, no problem with busy tracks. I cannot compare these with any other DAP in the range as I haven't heard other ones in this range but R6pro II does sound warm/clean/detailed for what it is.


New Head-Fier
HiBy R6 Pro II : Where Sound Quality Meets Amplification Excellence!
Pros: Versatile Amplification: Its powerful amplification system, with the option of switching between Class A and Class AB modes, caters to a wide range of headphones and IEMs, offering flexibility and adaptability.
Exceptional Sound Quality: Delivers outstanding audio quality with a warm/neutral tonality, quick transient response, and exceptional transparency, making it a compelling choice for audiophiles.
Detailed Midrange: The midrange impresses with warmth, transparency, and a forward presentation that enhances vocals and instrumentals, making it a standout feature of the player.
Cons: Warm Tonality: Some users seeking a more neutral or analytical sound may find the player's slightly warm tonality not to their liking.
Limited Colour Options: The R6 Pro II is available in a limited selection of colours (Black/Purple), limiting personalisation choices for the price.
Not Suitable for Bass-Forward Sound: If you prefer a bass-forward sound with a coloured and fun signature, the R6 Pro II may not be the ideal choice, as it aims for a more audiophile-oriented sound.
The HiBy R6 Pro II DAP is a remarkable addition to the world of portable digital audio players. With its promise of delivering high-resolution audio and a host of impressive features, this device has caught the attention of audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. In this review, we'll delve into the key aspects of the HiBy R6 Pro II to see if it lives up to the hype.

Design and Build Quality: The R6 Pro II is a visually appealing DAP, boasting a sleek and modern design. Its chassis feels premium and durable, with a satisfying heft in the hand. The large touchscreen display is sharp and responsive, making navigation through menus and album artwork a breeze. It's evident that HiBy has put considerable thought into the design and ergonomics of this player.


User Interface and Software:The player runs on a customized version of Android 12, providing a familiar smartphone-like experience. The software is responsive and intuitive, but it may take some time for those new to Android-based DAPs to fully grasp the interface. Additionally, regular firmware updates from HiBy have addressed many initial software quirks, improving the overall user experience.

Connectivity: HiBy has left no stone unturned in ensuring connectivity options galore. The R6 Pro II supports a variety of wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with LDAC support, and even aptX HD for high-quality wireless audio streaming. This player is also compatible with streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, further expanding your music library options.

Battery Life: One of the few drawbacks of the R6 Pro II is its battery life. While it offers decent endurance, averaging around 8-10 hours of playback, it falls short compared to some of its competitors. However, the inclusion of a USB-C port for fast charging helps mitigate this issue to some extent.

Price: The HiBy R6 Pro II is positioned in the premium segment of the DAP market, and it comes with a price tag to match. While it may be a substantial investment, the exceptional audio quality and feature set make it a worthy consideration for serious music enthusiasts.


Balanced and Unbalanced Outputs: One of the notable features of this DAP is its support for both balanced and unbalanced outputs. It offers 3.5mm and 4.4mm output ports for both single-ended and balanced connections. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred amplification setup based on their headphones or earphones, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment.

Audio Quality: The standout feature of the R6 Pro II is its stellar audio quality, it promises a remarkable audio experience, and it delivers on this front with its exceptional sound quality and versatility. Here's a summary of the sound impressions.

It supports a wide range of audio formats, allowing you to enjoy your music in its purest form. The sound signature is neutral, offering a faithful representation of the original recordings, which is a boon for audiophiles seeking accuracy.

The amplification capabilities are a critical component that contributes to its reputation as a high-quality digital audio player (DAP). This device is equipped with a sophisticated amplification system that enhances the overall audio experience for its users. The player offers both Class AB and Class A amplification modes, catering to different preferences. Class AB amplification combines the efficiency of Class B amplification with the linearity of Class A amplification, striking a balance between power and audio quality. Class A amplification, on the other hand, is renowned for its purity and low distortion, making it ideal for audiophiles seeking the utmost in sound quality.

The HiBy R6Pro II is also designed to handle a wide range of headphone impedances. Whether you have low-impedance in-ear monitors or high-impedance over-ear headphones, the player can provide the necessary power to drive them effectively. This impedance matching ensures that your headphones receive the optimal amplification for the best possible sound quality.


The bass, though not the central focus, impresses with a tactile sub-bass and tight mid-bass. It maintains control without bleeding into the midrange. While it doesn't boost bass quantity, it elevates its quality, providing an authentic and textured bass experience. This refinement is particularly evident when compared to inferior sources.

The midrange shines, offering a warmish neutral profile with transparency and smoothness. Notes are well-defined, not overly sharp, and vocals are slightly forward but well-controlled. This emphasis adds depth to vocals and instruments without veering into metallic or grainy territory, resulting in a pleasing and engaging midrange.

Vocals exhibit a balanced thickness in the midrange, avoiding dryness. Note body has structure and a relaxed, yet energetic, character. Lower-mids provide additional warmth, while upper-mids offer clarity and a hint of shimmer. Male and female vocals are rendered with depth and detail, showcasing the 8x DAC architecture's capabilities. Details are easily illuminated, and the timbre remains natural and unprocessed.


Treble is balanced and refined, integrating seamlessly with the mix. Even with IEMs emphasizing highs, the R6 Pro II maintains control and refines treble presentation, offering a punchy but not harsh character. It provides good extension and clarity beyond 10kHz, enhancing the overall listening experience. Extended listening sessions remain fatigue-free.

Surprisingly, the R6 Pro II provides a spacious soundstage given its power rating. Sound is naturally rendered without feeling pushed too forward or recessed. While the vocal imaging benefits from MSEB settings, it is firmer on the 3.5mm output compared to the 4.4mm output, which sounds more expansive. Elevated bass and emphasized upper mids strike a balance between resolution and dynamics, offering an engaging listening experience.


In a nutshell, the HiBy R6 Pro II (Gen 2) is a symphony of sound quality and customization that will make audiophiles' hearts sing. With its dynamic amplification, versatile Class A/AB modes, and meticulous tuning, it's the top choice for those looking to elevate their musical journey. Whether you crave relaxation or dynamism, this player puts you in control, ensuring an immersive and mesmerizing sonic adventure. It sets a new standard in the world of high-fidelity portable audio, making it a must-have for the discerning music enthusiast.
Very nice review with interesting descriptions.
HIBY R6PRO II - I had the opportunity to listen.
In this price range, great design, great sound, bright, readable screen, great possibilities, space specification and...................weak battery.
I guess there weren't a few centimeters of a larger housing to increase the capacity of the very weak battery.
If the FIIO M23 DAP announced for this year (FIIO Q15 amp/dac, also with similar specifications already shown at the shows) is to have a similar specification as the HIBY R6PRO II - but with a larger battery, I choose FIIO M23.

Visveswaran Umashankar

100+ Head-Fier
Hiby R6 Pro II - Mid-fi Magic!
Pros: 1. Smooth liquid AKM sound
2. Excellent screen
3. Great height and width in a more or less 2D field.
4. Lends a somewhat natural tone and timbre to my IEMs (Ragnar and Radon6).
Cons: 1. Not so impressive battery life
2. No difference between A and AB modes
3. Android performance is only about 4-5 hours.
4. Holographic almost missing completely, flat staging.
First of all, I'd like to thank @gadgetgod and Hiby for organising this review tour in India, and giving me this opportunity. I have used my Fir Audio Radon6 and Noble Audio Viking Ragnar IEMs to test the DAP, along with PW Audio First Times cable with Shielding.


Let's get on with the bit on how I found this device in terms of operability.


The device has a no nonsense packaging with a simple cable, the device, its purple case. The screen is almost phone like, with pretty decent color reproduction for a DAP. Can't really complain at this price range for a better setup. And with its curves, the Dap looked quite stylish and different to me. UI is also pretty smooth, a bit laggy sometimes, but nothing much to complain abou given the price.



In short, below average, is how I'd rate the battery performance, it lasted only about 6-6.5 hours for me, and with Android operations (using streaming services), the battery fell by about 27-28% in just an hour, which alarmed me quite a bit. Because, the sound was quite engaging (which I'll talk about in the next section), but the battery performance was an absolute bummer for me, totally unacceptable by any standards.


Let's talk about the sound quality in detail now!

Staging, Layering, separation, resolution and Dynamics :-

Wide, tall, still lacking in depth. The stage extends really well both on the X and Y axes. Especially the height, simply stunning for the price at which this device is being offered. But the depth wasn't great at all, very mediocre actually, horizontal instrument placement on "Chesky's Ultimate demonstration disk" album was quite weak on tracks like "If I could sing your blues". All in all, a mixed bag when it comes to staging.

Layering, imaging and separation, all come together very well to give a very well defined and spacious sounding presentation. Dynamics are pretty decent as well, slightly on the softer side for me, as the kicks felt a bit rounded, but the sudden instrument and vocal shifts and octave changes were all rendered quite well, and nothing felt out of place to me. Tone and timbre, while pairing with my Radon6, sounded quite lifelike, but with Ragnar (which in itself, takes a lot to sound natural, namely Wm1z M2+FTS+a100tb), that wasn't the case, and it did sound a bit unnatural as it mostly does. But it did retain the resolution of both Ragnar and Radon6, as they should be, and it aided the overall presentation to have an excellent definition and space.

The R6 pro2 didn't make my life difficult at all when I picked it up, in spite of the fact that I was coming from Wm1z M2 and DX320. It's a pretty decent technical performer, to sum it up, but, sans staging depth. 🙂


Mids, Bass and Treble :-

All are great, thank you! 😜

Alright, no need to get disappointed, I'll explain it one by one

Mids :- It did sound quite melodious, rich and emotional, while maintaining an amazing sense of clarity and details. I was totally taken aback by the level of finesse shown by R6 pro II, considering the price. I couldn't help but feel that it was comparable to some multi kilobuck DAPs that I have heard previously. Surprising performance, coming dangerously close to my beloved gold brick, which is commendable for the price it is being offered at.

Bass :- Slamming and pounding bass, I absolutely loved the dexterity and the gentle handling to showcase the viscerality of the sub-bass and mid bass regions. In spite of that, it retained the monstrosity of Radon6's bass impact and sheer power. Again, I was baffled by what I was listening to, on some of Ritviz and Nucleya tracks. How can a DAP, ridicule some bigwigs, not in terms of relative performance, but in absolute terms as well. Incredible job Hiby.

Treble :- Smooth, velvety and dripping with honey, yet retaining it's sparkle, R6 pro II again took me by surprise. No idea how the Hiby engineers managed to do it, but whatever they were high on while designing a sub-1k DAP, please have more of such substances, while designing the rest of your lineup. 😜 Cymbal crashes don't sound as harsh and/or smeared with Ragnar, which has tendency to expose a bad pairing so blatantly. Radon6 had an extra dose of sparkle, which balanced out it's slightly darker nature, by lending a bit more air in the upper treble reaches. In short, treble is without any trouble on the R6 pro II. 😁

Conclusion :- I would've bought the DAP in a heartbeat, hadn't it been for the almost absent staging depth and the poor battery performance. If you can live with that, then I can confidently say that I haven't come across a DAP that can perform so well under the 1k mark. My friend tells me that both these departments have improved after a few more charging cycles and burn in. I hope I'm proven wrong and I end up picking this gorgeous DAP for myself.