1. HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II--the next-gen midrange player from HiBy in 2023. Sporting an all-new exterior design, it is also the first DAP in its class to run the flagship AK4101+Dual AK4499EX DAC set, and the first DAP to use all 8 output rails from two AK4499EX in single-ended output mode.
  2. LesureSuitLarry

    Looking for comparisons of Argon Mk3 vs T5p (gen 2)

    Hey, as the title says, I'm looking for someone who owns / has heard both these headphones to give their opinion. I was a fan of the t5p when I auditioned them in store, considering I can't audition the Argon Mk3's, need someone's input. How do they compare against each other?