1. Moondrop Dawn Pro

    Moondrop Dawn Pro

    Features:- >High-Performance Dual DAC Chipset. >Dual CS43131 DAC Chips. >Supports High-Res PCM & Native DSD Decoding. >32-Bit/384kHz PCM & Native DSD256 Audio Decoding. >Clean Power With Independent Power Chips. >Ultra-Low Clean Output WIth Low Noise-Floor & Distortion Ratings...
  2. HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II

    HiBy R6pro II--the next-gen midrange player from HiBy in 2023. Sporting an all-new exterior design, it is also the first DAP in its class to run the flagship AK4101+Dual AK4499EX DAC set, and the first DAP to use all 8 output rails from two AK4499EX in single-ended output mode.
  3. Letshuoer S12 PRO

    Letshuoer S12 PRO

    LETSHUOER S12 PRO utilizes a custom 14.8mm large-diaphragm driver with great details retrieval, punchy bass and clear trebles. 102db high sensitivity means that it can be easily driven to volume, be it a cell phone or dongle DACs, LETSHUOER S12 PRO will sound optimal pairing with most...
  4. Apple Airpods Pro 2

    Apple Airpods Pro 2

  5. TFZ Tequila Pro

    TFZ Tequila Pro

    Description TEQUILA PRO It is a work of TFZ brand that has been upgraded for three years. It is a new generation of ultra-high-definition resolution reference earphones, which not only strengthens the overall quality presentation, but also gives a crystal-like transparent musical experience...
  6. BASN Bmaster PRO

    BASN Bmaster PRO

    【Enhanced Low Bass】BASN HIFI in-ear monitor earbuds flawlessly reproduce the mids to high-frequency sound. Professional dynamic driver delivers more low bass ends. Refined over five years to BASN extremely strict standards, BASN in ear monitors deliver a truly cinematic audio experience...
  7. 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro

    1MORE ComfoBuds Pro

    A melding of a smooth and balanced sound, with a very good use of ANC as an option.
  8. Tronsmart Force Pro

    Tronsmart Force Pro

    Tronsmart Force Pro Bluetooth Speaker Cutting-edge Qualcomm® QCC3031 Chip. aptX™, AAC & SBC HD audio decoding. Patented SoundPulse® Technology. Broadcast mode to sync sound across 100+ speakers. Up to 15 hours of playtime. Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Convenient Voice assistant. Type-C...
  9. Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Ultra Clear & Loud 4 microphones and Environment Noise Cancellation technology guarantee crystal-clear and loud call quality.Onyx Ace - Crystal clear calls, studio quality audio. Genuine Qualcomm® The genuine Qualcomm® chip provides the most stable connection, delivering exceptional...
  10. FAAEAL Datura Pro

    FAAEAL Datura Pro

    Faaeal Datura Pro Impedance: 16 Ohms Frequency Range: 18Hz-20 KHz Power: 5mW Sensitivity: 106dB Driver: Dynamic Jack: 3.5mm
  11. B

    What to buy zsn pro, zs10 pro, cca c10

    There's sale on Aliexpress right now and I can't choose which ones to buy. Please help me decide which are best. KZ ZSN PRO 13$ KZ Z10 PRO 30$ CCA C10 23$ I need to decide very soon
  12. matej

    Comply tips for Jaybird Tarah Pro's?

    Hi I've recently bought a pair of the Jaybird Tarah Pro's for use around the gym and when running. I find the supplied tips to be rather shallow and don't provide enough of a seal in my ears so I'm looking to replace them with something that will allow the bass to be more pronounced. I'm happy...
  13. Cybertox

    LCD2-C, EL-8 or HD660S?

    I am looking for a new pair of headphones. Currently I own a Custom One Pro and a DT1990 Pro, I am running them both using either my iPhone 6S+ or The Element when I am home. The Element is the only AMP/DAC I currently own. Now that pretty much all of my ear-pads ripped on my Custom One Pro, I...
  14. piotrus-g

    Custom Art Ei.3 (-13%) and Pro330 (- 17%) clearence

    Dear Head-fiers, It's high time to say goodbye to our long time favorites - Ei.3 and Pro330v2. They are now on sale at €295 and €475 respectively, for limited time period, before being completely phased out. So don't miss out - Both IEMs are huge...
  15. geneX

    Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pro

    Hello fellow forum members! This will be my first review of a pair of headphones and also my first pair of good headphones. Excuse me for not going to deep into the technical stuff, but this will be understandable for people like me (the people who only owned a gaming headset of some sort)...
  16. Bloos

    STAX SRM-D10 Portable Driver Unit - Impressions and News

    Hey guys, please share any impressions and updates about this exciting upcoming portable STAX driver! (I don't feel like searching through all the STAX forums in the future for this info :confounded:, just so it's all in one place).
  17. gaiastar

    can you help me to decide between ATH-M50X & HD598 ?

    Hi i have read a lot of good about Audio Technica Pro ATH-M50X , exceptional for what they cost i haven't tried them but my trusty headphone are broken , long sad story can you help me to decide between Audio Technica Pro ATH-M50X & Sennheiser HD598 ? i have taken in consideration AKG K701...
  18. Marcelo Muniz Filho

    Planning on going from my Sennheiser HD598 SE to an AKG k712 Pro

    This is my first thread and I did some research but couldn't find something very specific about it, sorry if I'm doing something wrong. Basically my doubt is: going from an HD598 to an k712 is really an uprade or a "sidegrade"? Is it worth it? I'm quite satisfied with the 598 for music but for...