1. Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Tronsmart Apollo Bold

    Ultra Clear & Loud 4 microphones and Environment Noise Cancellation technology guarantee crystal-clear and loud call quality.Onyx Ace - Crystal clear calls, studio quality audio. Genuine Qualcomm® The genuine Qualcomm® chip provides the most stable connection, delivering exceptional...
  2. FAAEAL Datura Pro

    FAAEAL Datura Pro

    Faaeal Datura Pro Impedance: 16 Ohms Frequency Range: 18Hz-20 KHz Power: 5mW Sensitivity: 106dB Driver: Dynamic Jack: 3.5mm
  3. aaf evo

    [FS] - FiiO M11 Pro *SOLD*

    For sale is a FiiO M11 Pro with all packaging and accessories. I bought this to test against some other DAPs I have currently so it is no longer needed. The DAP itself has some scuffs on the corners but nothing major. It functions perfectly. There are a few hairline scratches on the back of the...
  4. jim723

    [WTB-NA] Fearless S8 Freedpm or Pro

    I am interested in Fearless S8 Freedom or S8 Pro in excellent condition with the original packaging. Shipping from the U.S. or Canada preferred. Thank you.
  5. Tweeters

    FS: TRN V90, KZ ZS10 Pro

    TRN V90 - $30 KZ ZS10 Pro - $25 SOLD for $52 total
  6. iBo0m

    [WTB] Sony IER-M9, FA A8000

    If you have any of these for sale, send me a pm :).
  7. songmic

    FS: iFi Pro iCAN + iRack

    Hi, I'm selling my Pro iCAN + iRACK. This amp is universal voltage and therefore can be used in any country in the world. I'm the first owner, purchased in late September 2019 so a little over 3 months old. They are in excellent, if not mint condition. Original boxes with everything included...
  8. Asahi Templar

    For Sale- Koss Pro4s Closed Back Headphone

    Up for your consideration is a Koss Pro 4s studio closed back headphone. This is one of Koss highest end headphones and was designed for studio usage. It sells new for 139.99. It includes a great lifetime warranty and is easily the best built modern Koss headphone. It is quite nice sounding...
  9. songmic

    WTB: iFi Pro iCan

    Hi, I'm looking for an iFi Pro iCan. Please let me know if you have one willing to part with.
  10. twiceboss

    WTS Fearless Audio S8 Pro mint PRICE DROP [FINAL]

    Im selling my mint S8Pro. Im the second owner. I use less than 15 hours. I have too many iems. I want to reduce my collection Asking for $380 shipped. Timestamp: Pictures:
  11. twiceboss


    I need S8Pro before buying their Roland just to know Fearless is. So let me know if you have S8Pro and want to let it go. Thanks!
  12. Jmop

    Simgot EN700 Pro w/black cable (red/blue)

    Great shape. Original box and accessories included and the ear tips are entirely unused. Shipping and PayPal on me. Lower 48 only.
  13. twiceboss

    WTB - Fearless S8 Pro / Freedom

    Finding a good condition S8 Pro / Freedom. Offer me.
  14. Tweeters

    WTS: KZ ZS10 Pro, Tin Audio T2, KZ ES4

    Here's a timestamp: KZ ZS10 Pro - $30 Tin Audio T2 - $25 (SOLD) KZ ES4 - $10 Prices include shipping. All in excellent shape with their original boxes and extra tips. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  15. B

    What to buy zsn pro, zs10 pro, cca c10

    There's sale on Aliexpress right now and I can't choose which ones to buy. Please help me decide which are best. KZ ZSN PRO 13$ KZ Z10 PRO 30$ CCA C10 23$ I need to decide very soon
  16. Dan Lee


    I am selling my 4 month old iCAN Pro. I absolutely love this amp and never thought I would sell it, but I recently started playing with electrostatic headphones and have stopped using my planars. So right now this amp is literally functioning as an incredibly expensive bass boost for my stats...
  17. matej

    Comply tips for Jaybird Tarah Pro's?

    Hi I've recently bought a pair of the Jaybird Tarah Pro's for use around the gym and when running. I find the supplied tips to be rather shallow and don't provide enough of a seal in my ears so I'm looking to replace them with something that will allow the bass to be more pronounced. I'm happy...
  18. drag0nslayer


  19. citro

    Bryston 4B SST PRO

    Up for sale is my Bryston 4B SST PRO in near mint condition, as you can see in the attached pictures. For the ones who got here, they must already know what to expect from this little beast. 300Wpc into 8 ohms, and 500Wpc into 4. Built like a tank and made to last. Still with 5 years warranty...
  20. Cybertox

    LCD2-C, EL-8 or HD660S?

    I am looking for a new pair of headphones. Currently I own a Custom One Pro and a DT1990 Pro, I am running them both using either my iPhone 6S+ or The Element when I am home. The Element is the only AMP/DAC I currently own. Now that pretty much all of my ear-pads ripped on my Custom One Pro, I...
  21. piotrus-g

    Custom Art Ei.3 (-13%) and Pro330 (- 17%) clearence

    Dear Head-fiers, It's high time to say goodbye to our long time favorites - Ei.3 and Pro330v2. They are now on sale at €295 and €475 respectively, for limited time period, before being completely phased out. So don't miss out - Both IEMs are huge...
  22. 308med

    [FS] Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm for parts/needs single driver

    For sale is a Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm headphone with one blown out driver. The rest of the headphone is in great condition and the headphone has brand new ear pads installed. I originally planned on fixing the driver (which is why I picked up new earpads) but have decided it isn't cost...
  23. geneX

    Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pro

    Hello fellow forum members! This will be my first review of a pair of headphones and also my first pair of good headphones. Excuse me for not going to deep into the technical stuff, but this will be understandable for people like me (the people who only owned a gaming headset of some sort)...
  24. atsq17

    SOLD: JH Audio JH13 Pro Freqphase CIEM

    Update - SOLD Update - will also include the $150 - 4 foot Norne Ultra Pure OCC Silver Plated Copper Cable (TRRS 3.5inch connector) for $75 if you want. Old classic that's still awesome today. Ridiculous bargain at this price. Sounds very balanced with fantastic bass when the music calls for...
  25. hybridamp

    [SOLD]: AKG® K712 Pro ** Always Free Shipping & No PayPal® Fees!

    S o l d ! Description I bought these AKG® K712 Pro headphones used here on the forums and they are in good used condition with normal signs of use except that a lot of the silver paint has been worn off from handling from the raised “K712” logo and the AKG® triple-heart shaped logo thing above...