hiby r6
  1. rantng

    FS - Hiby R6 SS Stainless Steel

    Hiby R6 Stainless Steel. Purchased from original owner some time ago. Back glass was partially cracked in lower right corner. I patched it up w/some UV resin to prevent chipping then applied a faux leather backing; I was never a fan of fingerprint magnet back glass anyway and I think it adds a...
  2. vinjeman

    Hiby R6 Hi-Fi android dedicated player - Flaac, Streaming wifi

    I have really enjoyed the music from this little unit using microSD for storage. You can stream Spotify, Tidal and many others through wifi. I have used Spotify to download for off-line storage. Flaac files sound amazing. I have used Noble X (via drop) and Beyer-dynamics A&K T1.2 headphones...
  3. F


    Private Seller * Hiby R6 *Condition - 8/10 *1 year and 2 months old bought from local manufacturer in the Philippines * Complete with box - Items included * silicon case * extra tempered glass * leather case * No Issue * Battery Capacity - * 3-4hrs straight balance * 7-8hrs unbalance *...
  4. thedanadamsusa

    [SOLD!!] Hiby R6 for sale with Miter case, and 400Gb SanDisk MicroSD - Mint Cond

    Hiby R6 DAP for sale - just under a year old. In perfect condition, the only visible wear are some fine scratches on the rear - please see picture. But I have protectors both front and back, so the unit itself is flawless. Original packaging, Hiby USB to USB-C cable, screen protectors and Hiby...
  5. drag0nslayer

    SOLD Hiby R6 Hi-Res DAP with 2.5 iFi iEMatch

    Selling my Hiby R6 Aluminium with 2.5 iFi IEMatch as a second owner and it's still in very perfect condition with good battery life and without even a single scratch on it. You can see the manufacturing date on its box as it's not even year old till now. Everyone knows how good this DAP is at...
  6. R

    Help about Hiby R6 as transport

    Dear all, I have tried to connect the hiby r6 via USB to Chors hugo 2 to play spotify. But the light of hugo 2 turn green which mean the data passing from hiby r6 is 96kHz. Is it correct as spotify should be 44.1Hz?
  7. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Hiby R6 Pro (Google Play version)

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** I own a couple of these superb R6 Pro DAPs and decided to sell this one. This is the version with Google Play installed and functions exactly as you would expect. It has only a couple of hours of play time as I used it...
  8. KLJ1992

    Recommendations for Balanced IEMs with Hiby R6

    Hello, title says it all. I'm coming from the shure 215s and decided that its time for a upgrade. Music choice is not a huge factor as I listen to everything although I prefer instrumentals and vocals to be important. Cost needs to be around $250-400 usd. Will be using the balance output on the...
  9. Benz-Fi

    FS/FT Hiby R6 Black Alum Android Dap - Sealed Brand New (SOLD)

    Looking to sell or trade a Brand New Hiby R6 Dap. Box is sealed and never opened with full warranty. Asking $450 - I'll cover shipping, buyer covers PP fee. Ships from US Or looking for Trades: Lotoo Paw 5K MK II, Cozoy REI or any high end closed back headphones
  10. D

    noob deciding on a streaming DAP / headphone combo needs your help

    Hello All :) First off its great to be part of a helpful and insightful community with similar interests. This is my first posting here so apology's in advance if it sounds like I am unsure of what I am talking about. I am looking to purchase a portable DAP for playing my FLAC collection but...
  11. buonassi

    SOLD: Hiby R6 - aluminum grey - w/ blue PU leather case

    No drops, scratches, nicks, chips on the player. In 'like new' cond. See pics for full details. The only mod from stock is that I cut out a larger area for the 'balanced jack' opening - on the silicone case- to accommodate bigger 2.5mm balanced plugs. Most people will use the blue PU leather...
  12. K1030

    [SOLD] Hiby R6 w/ screen crack

    Looking to sell my Hiby R6 with learher case; purchased this time last year from an indiegogo patron. Player works fine but has a crack in the screen on the bottom left corner. Otherwise a great player and DAC. Comes in original packaging with original accessories and leather case that shows...
  13. Benz-Fi

    Hiby R6 Android Player - Brand New (Sealed)

    Brand new in the box, sealed and never opened Hiby R6 Player is in Black Aluminum, great player for a great price: $425 Price includes Shipping in the US, buyer pays PP fees. - Will consider trade offers, looking for TOTL IEMs and Headphones. Please PM with any questions
  14. Tex Irie

    WTT: Hiby R6 for Headphones (MDR-Z7, EL-8, etc.)[Trade Pending]

    If anyone is looking for a DAP and has headphones of similar value they would like to trade please PM me and make an offer. This Hiby R6 includes the original accessories and a 200GB Sandisk Micro SD card.
  15. Tex Irie


  16. PDT1137

    [SOLD] FS: ***2nd PRICE DROP*** HiBy R6 with Extras

    Hello! Selling my black aluminum HiBy R6. Purchased this year in September. Great player, just not using it like I thought I would - less than 24 hours on it. It's in excellent shape - always kept in a soft interior case and put the glass protectors on it as soon as I got it. Comes with...
  17. DimaSebastian

    FS/FT Hiby R6 aluminium black+ifi audio iematch 2.5mm.

    I sell Hiby R6, aluminum good as new. I would trade for a pair of open back headphones, put in the extra cash if needed (PM me with offers). Comes with blue leather case, box and all accessories and ifi iematch. Requested price 400 euros. Open for trades, pm me with what you have and we will...
  18. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!] Vic's Mid-Tier Purge! Hiby R6 SS w/Blue Leather Case $475 OBO

    Hello! Today we have for sale a Hiby R6 Stainless Steel version with the Blue Leather Case - #1 on my list of all-time portable daps. Yeah, beats the iBasso DX200, FiiO X7II and Onkyo DP-X1. Not all of it is SQ related. I think the DX200 is #1 there, and I like the FiiO over the Hiby. But...
  19. Zerousen

    [SOLD] Hiby R6

    Like new condition, item is pristine. Comes with all accessories and stock screen protectors and films. SOLD https://i.imgur.com/OgEjwfW.jpg
  20. yanaginagi

    FS: Questyle QP2R Gold w/ Dignis Case

    Selling my current favorite dap to fund my new desktop system. Kept in the case and used with care. I'll say the DAP itself still in near mint condition with the exception that one of the "guards" of the volume knob (the outer one on the right) is bent and has some scratches. Comes with the...
  21. Zerousen

    [WTS] Hiby R6, Sony WH-1000XM2

    Need to clear out some of my collection, so these have got to go. WH1000XM2 - Like New, black, headphones and case only - $185 shipped CONUS Hiby R6 - Spotless, in pristine condition. Comes with all accesories, with stock screen potectors and films still applied. - $475 shipped CONUS...
  22. heliosphann

    *Sold* Hiby R6 (Black Aluminum) w/Black Leather case and 200GB MicroSD

    For sale is a Hiby R6 in Black Aluminum with an official Hiby Black Leather case. Second owner, but the unit has very little playtime (under 30 hours tops) and is MINT condition. Only selling because I'm trying to reduce my headphone related gear and I have a DX200 which slightly better fits...
  23. bbfoto

    SOLD! NEW HiBy R6 Stainless Steel DAP - BNIB! Indiegogo version!

    FOR SALE: HiBy R6 (Stainless Steel) DAP. Brand New & "As Is" in Sealed Box! U.S.A. Only. PRICE: $539 Shipped! PRICE REDUCED for Memorial Day from $549. And Receive the Exclusive HiBy Soft Silicone Case! SHIPPING: Included in price and shipped within the CONUS only. No International...
  24. capt_wacky

    [FS] HiBy R6 (Steel) + Leather Case

    EDIT: SOLD HiBy R6 (Stainless Steel) DAP with official leather case. Arrived this week from HiBy via their Indiegogo campaign. In the months since ordering, I realized that this isn't practical to me, as I don't do a lot of portable listening anymore. I opened the box only to verify that this...
  25. Vingard

    [SOLD]: HiBy R6 - Stainless Steel

    Putting my stainless steel HiBy R6 up for sale. Comes with all of the original packaging and accessories. It is in excellent condition and has seen minimal use during my ownership. I will also include an unused HiBy leather case. Shipping to continental US only. Price includes shipping...