hiby r3
  1. Zayl

    Best bang for the buck $250 DAP, Shanling M2X, Hiby R3? Other?

    Hey all! I listen to lots of different kind of music : electro, metal, hard rock, classical etc... I'm looking for a, best bang for the buck, $250 DAP, to pair with my 1MORE H1707 over-ear headphones. I've been struggling with these four models : - Shanling M2X - Hiby R3 - Hiby R3 Pro - Hiby R3...
  2. MrNaturalAZ

    Hiby R2, R3, R3 Pro radio.txt File - 226 Verified Stations including SomaFM, 181.fm, and more

    [Edit 4/13/2021 - updated file, adding "Radio Dismuke"] [Edited 6/15/2020] [Edit 9/12/2021 to add...] Also works with R2 and original (non-"Pro") R3! One of the nice features, for me, of the Hiby R3 Pro DAP, in addition to being able to stream Tidal and Qobuz, is the "Custom Radio" feature...
  3. G

    Hiby R3 volume levels / balanced output

    Hi there, Greetings, I’m a newbie to these forums and after a bit of advice if that’s ok. Have just purchased a Hiby R3, which I’m loving. Have transferred a lot of DSD and Flac files onto the SD card and I’m playing it through a Chord Mojo into my Naim amp. Sounds fabulous - in fact, some...
  4. Ladytron604

    BEST Wired Closed Ear Headphones for Electronic Music Genre

    Hello all, I am a newbie looking for expert advice on what are the best closed ear headphones under $300 to buy for the R3 Portable HiFi Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player High Resolution Audio Player. Right now my setup: FLAC files on my Hi-Fi Walker using Beats Studio 3 Wireless Closed...
  5. Nolbert0

    Reviewing the DAP reviewing?

    I didn't know where to post this so if this is in the wrong place, could a Moderator please move it to the appropriate section. Ta I was just about to write up reviews for a couple DAPs I acquired over the summer (Hiby R3 and Shanling M0) but given the rocky start to both players, (in terms of...
  6. etiolate

    [help] hiby R3 - wifi with captive portal connection

    Does anyone know if the Hiby R3 can connect to a wifi network that employs a captive portal? If so, how? I couldn't get it to work at my office today. Thank you.
  7. tarunalpha

    Hiby R3 vs portable DAC

    Hello, i am looking for the portable audio solution for my Oneplus 3 and Galaxy tab s2. Ultrasone Naos looks to be very promising solely because of its versatility. And after reading reviews about Hiby R3, i am very much tempted to buy it. 1. As per the specs and reviews, we can use R3 as...
  8. O

    Hiby R3, Pioneer XDP-300 or Cayin N5ii

    Hi guys, so new to the forum, however in need of a digital audio player, so here I am for advice. My proposal; Hiby R3: small, beautiful and a tiny marvel! Pioneer XDP-300: little big, ability to use android apps such as Spotify and not just tidal, dual DAC and Amp combo and a much higher...
  9. deafmutelame

    Please vote ONLY if you have heard at least 2 of these DAPs: iBasso DX120, FiiO X5 III, Cayin N5 II, Shanglin M3s, HiBy R3

    iBasso DX120 - $299 FiiO X5 III - $349.99 Cayin N5 II - $299 Shanglin M3s - $279 HiBy R3 - $229 Please answer to these questions: 1 - what DAPs have you been able to compare against each other? 2 - what headphones/IEMs have you used to do the comparison? 3 - explain...
  10. A

    Is anyone selling HiBy R3 in The UK ?

    Hi guys, Do you know anyone or any company who is selling HiBy R3 in The UK ? Thanks
  11. CactusPete23

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    Right on the heels of the successful R6 introduction, HiBy released a new DAP, the R3. Kickstarter funding has completed https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/844915658/hiby-r3-ultrapor.table-touchscreen-hi-fi-network-mu?ref=e27fem IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR CHINESE VERSIONS OF THE R3 And TIDAL -...