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Hiby R3, Pioneer XDP-300 or Cayin N5ii

  1. Oncisounds
    Hi guys, so new to the forum, however in need of a digital audio player, so here I am for advice. My proposal;
    Hiby R3: small, beautiful and a tiny marvel!

    Pioneer XDP-300: little big, ability to use android apps such as Spotify and not just tidal, dual DAC and Amp combo and a much higher impedance for headphones.

    Cayin N5ii: can't really thinking any benefits over others for this one. My question is which one and why?

    Anyways these are my choices, my worry is the lack of support for 100ohm+ headphones on the Hiby R3 and the lack of a greater output frequency (i.e 20hz-20khz)
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  2. 1TrickPony
    I could sell my black R3. 130+ish (USD) if you're looking one of the best portable choices. Just add an amp if you want more juice. Actually You get plenty of juice if you enjoy balanced output. There!
  3. Oncisounds
    That's one hell of an offer there! However I'm actually from the UK so that may be a little difficult! Also amp wise I'd have to attach a pretty decent one to manage my sennheiser HD6XX. I'm kind of planning for future proofing here so I'd probably need to power 300ohms. It doesn't actually mention anything in terms of balanced output impedance, I know with the balanced audio the XDP-300R can drive upto 600ohm but I couldn't find anything on the Hiby R3.
  4. buke9
    I think the XDP-300 is the same as the Onkyo DP-X1 and it is a fine player that does streaming. Haven’t heard it with the 650’s so don’t know. Not big on portables for running high impedance cans but some do pretty well with them. Have the Hiby R3 also and can say it does sound really good but does lack power single ended. Balanced it would probably be ok with the 650’s as they sound fine but at a lower volume that I tend to listen to and I don’t listen real loud but double the power as what happens on most balanced gear and they would probably be pretty good. Don’t have the cables to test this out with as I would probably have to make them myself as not a lot of call for HD-650 to balanced 2.5 mm cables. The R3 does really good with the Meze 99 Classics and does a fair job with the HE-400S but the 400S would definitely like a balanced connection from it and that will probably be my next project but the 2.5mm connectors are just a pain to work with.
  5. Will Chiu
    I will say the cayin n5ii is better than the r3 in terms of sound quality and also the output power. However, the hiby has a better value for its price. Haven't tried the pioneer before so can't comment on that
    Edit: the hiby allows you to stream from your phone, so thats one more benefit for it.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  6. Oncisounds
    It's funny you say about the HE400 because I also have the HE4XX and whilst I probably wouldn't be using the Sennheisers or the HiFiman outside of home it's just nice to have the option. I love the Pioneer worry was the drawbacks of android based systems like timing issues and input lag, I'm sure it's barely noticeable but still. Of course the Hiby R3 has a decent drive for most headphones and I could always mod for the balanced 2.5mm TRRS if needed. Thanks!

    Think I just liked the dual DAC and AMP, the power and as stupid as it sounds the option for Spotify, I most use FLAC or DSD but just having the option for Spotify when I can't find the artists I want on tidal is handy
  7. Oncisounds
    Awe IV heard a lot of bad things about the Cayin, I'd all but rules it out at this point. I mean it uses the same DAC as the other two so I figured sound quality couldn't be to different.
  8. Will Chiu
    Well the dac used do not matter THAT much. Think about fiio x5iii and ak380. They both use the same dac, but the difference is Huge
  9. Will Chiu
    And also I personally like the n5ii quite a bit when I listened to it some time ago.
    Could you let me know what bad things have been told about it
  10. Will Chiu
    Also, I've read reviews about the n5ii (THL and headfonia, to be exact), and people have good comments for it.
  11. Will Chiu
    But still, I think if you must choose between hiby r3 and pioneer 300r, I think r3 has a better value. (As stated before, havent listened to the pioneer, but since the pioneer has been out for 2 years already, I think the hiby do have an advantage)
  12. Oncisounds
    True about the DAC choice in both the X5iii and the ak380. The bad things IV heard are the following:
    - Poor screen quality, especially when compared to Hiby
    - Keyboard input lag due to slow android components
    - Issues with Spotify offline and in general
    - No lock for the scrollable volume wheel
    - Laggy UI
    - Spotty WiFi

    Those are all the issues IV seen with it which aren't major but I do like the idea of switching from Android to avoid the issues with it and audio.
  13. Will Chiu
    I believe you're right. All those reviews talk mainly about the sound quality of it and not so much on the experience of using it.
  14. Tsukuyomi
    I have the FiiO X5 Gen III, and i'd agree with the no lock on the scroll wheel.
    Sound is good for what you pay for, again, im only using it for transport or out in public. never use it at home because i have a better setup.
    But its over-all very good. i've never had trouble pushing mid-tier headphones, not sure about super power hungry headphones but i'd imagine it wouldnt push it very well.
    It does have balanced so thats up to you.

    I'd look into maybe the X7 Gen II from FiiO... looks like it could push much harder stuff.
  15. Oncisounds
    Yeah don't get me wrong every review IV seen say the sound quality is great! But those little usability issues are enough to put me off, similarly in fact to the Hiby old school modigle phone like touch type which looks really frustrating.

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