Reviewing the DAP reviewing?
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I was just about to write up reviews for a couple DAPs I acquired over the summer (Hiby R3 and Shanling M0) but given the rocky start to both players, (in terms of software, some of it very understandable) and are still missing key features and neither are 'refined' yet. Or as I like to call it: incomplete. I got the R3 from Kickstarter (arrived May, I think) and bought the M0 at CanJam London 2018 (July). I've had both products for over 6 months and... neither are as good as they should or could be. M0 is still missing ReplayGain, companion app and an EQ that's not mysteriously preset, and R3 is... working through a growing checklist (hopefully). Some manufactures take the stance of "what you pay for is what you get, any update is us throwing you a bone" while some others are more like "we'll give you the features you want, but you've got to tell us first" and everything in between. But even with the varying attitudes towards it, the fact still remains that the early adopters will almost never get the 'full experience' for about a year, if not longer. This usually means that the same DAP is a completely different beast by the time the final FW update gets released. It will also make the review target different people, depending on the angle you look at it from, of course.

My question is, at what timing should these DAPs be judged/reviewed? Who do you aim your reviews to? To beginners or fellow enthusiasts? What aspects of the DAP make or break it for you?

This isn't intended to 'set standards' for writing reviews or to host a pity party for early adopters for DAPs still waiting for features. I'm just interested to see what people think of the current DAP firmware situation upon release for many DAPs (in general) and how that affects your reviews for them.

p.s. I just noticed that NOBODY that actually owns a Hiby R3 has reviewed it, even 8 months after it's release.

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