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The Fiio X3 Thread.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by eke2k6, Feb 18, 2013.
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  1. hemipowered007
    Havi b3pro 1 is a great budget own, used it a long time w my x3i
  2. hema
    Thank you.
  3. TheGiantHogweed
    Anybody still using their X3? Such a quiet thread now but I'm just interested how many still use them. As I'm just not in to touch screen operated devices or a scroll wheel, I'm not sure I would like FiiO's new players as much. I am so used to the X3 I can feel where the buttons are and often do what i want without having to look at the screen. I hope it will last. But it seems just as reliable as when I got it over 3 years ago now. Battery life still is comfortably around 10 hours and it isn't reducing.
  4. Mr Trev
    Still using mine, although mostly as a DAP now.
    I totally agree about how nice it is having proper buttons. Makes it so much easier to use as an aux. for my bedroom stereo (the m2s has functional buttons, but they are pretty small and not as easy to find in the dark as the X3's buttons)
    Don't think I can get 10 hrs out of my battery, but the life has been fairly stable the past year or so - since it's plugged in most of the time, not an issue anyways
  5. HWTest
    I do, daily on my way to/from work.
  6. TheGiantHogweed
    Well I have it on low gain and virtually always have the volume under 100. So even using the amplifier inside, I still manage around 10 hours.
  7. FrankC
    Still using mine. I bought it November 2013. I upgraded to a 128G card a couple years ago, now that's nearly full. I mainly use it now with earbuds under protective muffs for cutting the grass (3 hours at a time), and feeding the stereo in my old truck. The battery doesn't seem to last as long anymore, but I only need to charge it every couple weeks in the summer, so not a problem. I just hope a replacement battery is still available when the time comes. I also prefer buttons.
  8. DavidA
    Still using mine, not daily but once a week at most and the battery is still lasting 8-10 hours so I only need to charge it once a month.
  9. Coop
    Still using mine occasionally. It has passed its duties as my main player on to a AK70 about a year ago. I'm planning to put some music to help me sleep on the X3 and use it when I go to bed. Still need to find a decent set of IEMs for that though. My Westone W1 is perfect fit-wise, but sounds thin at low volumes (10 or less on the X3) and hisses a bit too much.
  10. labcoat
    I still use mine when I have time to just listen to music.
  11. TheGiantHogweed
    Nice to see some posts again in this thread! I think I must have been really lucky with the battery. I will soon be using it for about 10 hours in just 5 days most weeks now. I should be able to test if it can do 10 hours for sure soon. But I have been using it very often the whole time I've had it. Never gets left for more than a few days without use.
  12. Lespectraal
    Still using it today since September 2013, using it to listen to podcasts nowadays. I also use it to replace my old desktop's bad audio.
  13. AluminumHaste
    I use mine daily, listen about 4 hours total every day, charge it once every week and a half usually. But I'm using the COAX digital out to my Pre/Main amp so that's probably saving me a lot of battery.
  14. hemipowered007
    Use mine daily either on its own or as a transport to my ifi bl, still love the thing.
  15. MunkyOne
    Yes. Mine is still going strong since 2013. Mostly, it is attached to my PC as an external DAC, but is sometimes used when mountain biking. Battery life is much the same as when new, which is surprising.
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