The EU deals thread

  1. Jackpot77
  2. Aevum
  3. Aevum
  4. Aevum
  5. beowulf
    Sony 224,34€ at Amazon Italy.
    Not the best price ever, but close to it.

  6. angpsi
  7. god-bluff
    Makes me regret not getting those XBA-N1AP @ £79.99 on Prime Day even more..... THANKS for that ?!?!
  8. parabellum777
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  9. soundofmed
    Bang & Olufesen H6 for 190 euros on and about 10euro shipping within the EU:)
  10. beowulf
    EUR 2.147,00 a couple of days after. Well, that escalated quickly...


    Very Sony+Amazon, the price ranges on the Z1R have been insane from start. The Amazon UK history is a total rollercoaster...

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  11. tienbasse
    2100-2200€ is the normal price for EU, it is just that Amazon flash sales rarely last long (couple of days for high-end items).
  12. drwlf
    It was discounted occasionally for weeks on end when Z1R was launched for 1300-1600€, several peeps ordered from various EU Amazons from the US, and it was banned to promote that in the Z1R thread :p
  13. pessoa00
    New AK380 from Top-Tech-Outlet seller on for £1.999. Should get mine next Monday!
  14. Tulku1967
    It's a very good deal....
  15. god-bluff
    HD598SR £79.98
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