Europe Deals Thread

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  1. canonlp
    Philips Fidelio X2 Hi-Res Headphones Premium Design (Over-Ear, Velvet Cushions, 3 m Cable) - Black
  2. pessoa00
  3. god-bluff
    Loads of DT990 pros are on Amazon warehouse deals from £61 to £66.

    Take some beating for value:

    An old flagship for little more than one fifth of the current price of Sennheisers old equivalents (H600/650)
  4. god-bluff
    the still excellent (recently replaced) Denon DM40 system £149 (less speakers) Richer Sounds

    I paid £300 18 years ago for my DM30 (albeit with speakers)!?!??!
  5. god-bluff
    They now several dozen 'used very good' pairs for the princely sum of £59.25!!!?!??!

    Crazy... Every head deserves a pair at those prices :-S
  6. angpsi
    The £59.25 offer has come and gone in a whiff! Got mine for £60.24, sad.... (ok, I'm joking!) Along with the 30 days return policy these are obviously a no-brainer. I wonder whether Amazon suffered a wearhouse accident and now they are unloading. What do you think?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  7. soundofmed
    Hey can anyone please send me the link... I'm only seeing prices at 100+ pounds for them
  8. god-bluff
    Sorry I can't seem to do links on my phone but search for them on Amazon. Scroll down to 'new and used' select 'Used'

    They are £60.24 again!

    The ones I got yesterday were £69 but were 'used like new' In reality the box looked like it had never been opened
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  9. soundofmed
    Thanks alot! I couldnt seem to see the used section on amazon on my iphone but just checked it out on the desktop.. wow what a price
    Are there any reviews or threads of this up on headfi?
  10. god-bluff
    Lots; they are a popular phone

    Search for 'the DT990 PRO impressions thread'
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  11. skajohyros
    Missed out
  12. angpsi
    @skajohyros, might you by any chance be Greek? Could be willing to let go of mine, not sure I like them over my HD600. I'm based in Athens, Greece.

    Btw, they came in pristine condition, can't imagine why they were selling them as wearhouse deals.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  13. skajohyros
    Pm'ed you
  14. chickenmoon
  15. encoreAC
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