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  1. Raketen
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  2. rkw
  3. Blueshound24
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  4. bflat
    Dang, should have put some of my low end gear up for sale LOL
  5. gemNeye
    Some Fiio gear at decent prices from an unlikely source. Despite the outdated looking website design, this is a legit business. I've purchase PC components from them in the past with no issues. Unfortunately there is no free shipping on any of these items. For most of us residing in the Continental US, even with shipping costs, it's still cheaper than buying from Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc. with free shipping.

    California is the exception since they have some weird taxation policy. As an example, for most states in the Continental US, standard ground shipping for the Fiio Q5 is $6.45. For that same Fiio Q5 as a California resident, shipping cost is $18.15.

    Here are the deals:

    Fiio A5 amp (Black) - $84.30 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-fii-a5-black~7FIIO011.htm
    Fiio X3 mkIII dap (Red) - $109.19 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-fix3miiird~7FIIO005.htm
    Fiio M7 dap (Black) - $139.65 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-m7black~7FIIO00F.htm
    Fiio X5 mkIII dap (Black) - $216.76 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-x5-iiib~7FIIO006.htm
    Fiio M9 dap (Black) - $253 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-m9~7FIIO00X.htm
    Fiio Q5 dac/amp - $274.91 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-q5~7FIIO00K.htm
    Fiio X7 mkii dap (Titanium) - $425.34 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-x7-markii~7FIIO008.htm
    Fiio X7 mkii dap + AM3A module (Titanium) - $452.98 -- https://www.provantage.com/fiio-x7-markii-am3a~7FIIO015.htm
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  6. Pharmaboy
    Yup, Provantage is for real. I've purchased mainly computer stuff from them in past. Kind of a poor man's NewEgg.
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  7. AJZ0
    I've also purchased from Provantage many years ago.
    They have a FiiO page with all items, though no BTR3 (which can be purchased from eBay seller savistore for US$69.99 minus whatever discount eBay has today) or μBTR (which I purchased recently from Amazon for US$27.99) which I mention because both are good deals for taking your headphones mobile.
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  8. antdroid
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  9. LCMusicLover
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  10. phthora
  11. slowpickr
    DM6 will probably be next. I never got on that hype train.
  12. gemNeye
    Fender IEM deals @ Adorama.

    Fender CXA1 -- $29 -- (Blue) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6871000010.html?emailprice=t
    (White) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6871000011.html?emailprice=t
    (Black) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6871000012.html?emailprice=t

    Fender FXA2 -- $59 -- (Metallic Black) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6882000001.html?emailprice=t

    Fender FXA5 -- $99 -- (Silver) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6883000000.html?emailprice=t
    (Metallic Black) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6883000001.html?sdtid=12471193&emailprice=t

    Fender FXA6 -- $179 -- (Red) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6884000000.html?emailprice=t
    (Metallic Black) -- https://www.adorama.com/fe6884000001.html?emailprice=t

    Paste url in a new tab for the deal.
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  13. Andrumgt
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  14. alpha421
    JH Audio ciem discount up to 15% until 1/2:
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  15. kenchar
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