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  1. alpha421
    ^legit as can be. Great and tempting price.
  2. Raketen
    Earsonics having a "Christmas Days" sale, 30% off on ES2, ES5, SM2iFi and SM64 until Dec 19. Code: XMAS
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  3. money4me247 Contributor
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  4. phthora
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  5. the fool
    Too bad the lcd-4 and lcd-4z, lcd-i4 are not included
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  6. Th3Drizzl3
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  7. Ken G
    Audeze New and B-Stock sale.


    Most of the "New" on sale are the same price as Audio 46 however there are some good deals in b-stock.
    Sine at $149 with Cipher is a STEAL.
    LCD - 2 closed back for $649 is a good deal also.

    I have both and I highly recommend them.

    PS: deal is also through Audeze at Amazon if you need to use Amazon gift cards or want to get an additional $70 off by opening up an Amazon Chase card.
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  8. Terco
    Audeze Holiday Special 2018

    - LCD-MX4 Headphone $1499
    - LCD-3 $1199
    - LCD2 Classic $599
    - SINE DX $279

    - LCD2 Closed Back $649
    - EL-8 Titanium $329
    - SINE Headphone with Lightning Cable $149
    - iSINE20 In-Ear Headphone with Cipher Lightning Cable $279
    - iSINE10 In-Ear Headphone with Cipher Lightning Cable $189
    - Travel case for LCD2/3/X/XC/MX4 $79

  9. showme99

    (Ken G and Terco beat me to it! :beyersmile:)
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  10. HiGHFLYiN9
    GREAT price on the SINE w/lightning cable. $149 is unheard-of for that quality imho.
  11. kingdixon
    Daaaamn, thats a very nice price, i just bought this on bf deals through audeze for 249$ just a couple of weeks ago, i guess iam not that lucky ;(

    For what its worth, the bstock one i got is as good as new, its a nice headphone and even more for this price.
  12. kl884347

    OK, really dumb question here. If you wanted to wanted standard a standard cable is there an adapter or will any cable do? So on the fence with this. I saw the 1more for $99 and saw this for just $50 more and thought - holy smokes.
  13. phthora
    The Cipher version comes with a standard cable as well. Really no reason not to get it then.
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  14. kingdixon
    Exactly, both versions come with normal cable included, the lightning one comes with cipher cable also.

    I think this applies to all audeze products with lightning cable
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  15. slowpickr
    You guys cost me some money lol. Just got an Amazon gift card today and then I see the isine20s (open box, b stock) for $279. The rest is history, or should I say liquidated assets :yum:
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