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  1. Dobrescu George
    Okay, so Massdrop features :)

    I've no idea what share link does for Massdrop and I never used their services, nor do they deliver to Romania in general, so I don't post affiliate links.

    Crosszone CZ-1, I have a review incoming, and I thinkg Headfonics just posted their take. It is an amazing Japanese headphone, with extrremely good comfort, nice build quality, and large soundstage, but the instrument separation is better compared to HD800S, while the soundstage is just as large. Also, they have more bass than HD800, but still in a somewhat similar overall signature.


    Massdrop HD6XX:


    HEM6 and HEM8, very specific mid-forward IEMs with very analytical signatures. Similar to Ety, but more comfortable and more balanced. Did a review here: https://www.audiophile-heaven.com/2018/09/nuforce-dynamic-be2-hem8-optoma-experience.html

  2. phthora
    Amazon has the Audeze LCD-2C for $599 down from $799:

    This matches the Audeze and Audio46 sales, of course, but also allows the use and accrual of Amazon points for cardholders.

    Keep an eye on the other Audeze offerings, as they might join this sale later.

    SINE C: https://www.amazon.com/Audeze-Headphone-Cipher-Lightning-B-Stock/dp/B07FKW652F/
    SINE DX: https://www.amazon.com/Audeze-SINE-ear-Open-Headphone/dp/B076D8P8QP/
    LCD-3: https://www.amazon.com/AUDEZE-LCD-3-Headphone-Maple-Leather/dp/B07D9WWKTS/
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  3. phthora
  4. talan7
    The CZ-1 has me intrigued. Do you recommend at a grand? I read the bass was soft and lacked impact. They seem gimmicky and perhaps is why they dropped in price so much.
    As far as the HEM’s, I’ve been eyeing the HEM8 for a while now. The problem is there are many 3, 4, and 5 (hybrid) iems to compete with that just recently come out, like DMG/6, fiio FH5/7, etc. Is the HEM8 better than those?
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  5. bflat
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  6. Dobrescu George
    If you wanted a HD800 that has better bass, CZ1 is totally worth it :)

    The midrange is much better than HD800 as well, more gentle, more life-like, less bright and more realistic, but with still a huge soundstage and great comfort, at 1K, for this kind of experience it is a best buy for sure.

    As for HEM8.... They are not comparable with FH5 or DMG/6. They are comparable with Ety ER4XR, that's where their sound is pretty much at, a better ER4XR, more comfortable. They are still extremely midrange-forward and aggressive / analytical.
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  7. baiyy1986
    It is very attempted, I heard CZ1is very rare, glad Massdrop find some nice Japanese cans.
  8. Ken G
    The A & K SR15 is a very weird design however it does have a few advantages over the AK70 mkII. First off, it is one of the first A & K players that will allow you to side load additional music services other than the ones that are shipped with the device (which I believe is Tidal). It will also allow Tidal offline support and MQA decoding (if you're into that sort of thing). A & K has confirmed that none of those items will be back compatible with the AK70 mk II unfortunately.
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  9. phthora
  10. doctorjazz
    Thorough review indeed! Encyclopedic would be even more accurate! Wow!
  11. phthora
    Well put! I get the distinct impression that Moedawg likes the QP1R...
  12. baiyy1986
    Utopia Pads 249 Clear Pads 199, carrying case 149.
    You do the math :)
  13. Droidguy22
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  14. bflat
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  15. Humblepie
    Hopefully they are still at that price when I get home from work.

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