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  1. alexzogh
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  2. Roll
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  3. Lurk650
  4. slowpickr
    Audio purchases are tough. You can either get screwed or rewarded by waiting lol.
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  5. nutteerasit
    great deal for qp1r ,thank you so much
  6. kingdixon
  7. willywill
    Don't feel bad, Sony and Kimber got me for almost $200. Never again i'm not paying no more then $10 for a balanced cable again.
    I stacked up on Black Friday I pay $4 each from Venture Electronics
  8. Zachik
    Jumped on it yesterday, before your post... would have saved me another $10... oh well - you cannot always get the BEST price ever, but close enough I guess :wink:
  9. CoFire
    Tried the discount code HEADFI2.5 doesn't work, anyone else having issues? As well, how long is the cable, I don't see the length anywhere? Any impressions on the quality of Meze cables, this cable?

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  10. slowpickr
    The cable length is 1.3m (it's listed on the link). The Meze HPs are so easy to drive, I don't see the value in a balanced cable. Am I missing something?
  11. kingdixon
    Ye, i guess your right !

    I found the promo by luck while searching reviews for the cable, honestly i don't know in such cases did they just forget to deactivate it since may, or do they mean to keep it running till now.

    EDIT :

    It seems they just forgot to deactivate it, because the promo is not working anymore.

    I wonder if anyone else got to use it before it was disabled.

    @slowpickr i got it for my audeze sine, since its said to fit them on the forums, and i need the extra juice out of my wm1a.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
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  12. slowpickr
    Now that makes sense! Had the Sines for a while. They do improve with more juice.
  13. Lurk650
    The added benefit that a balanced source may provide. i notice the difference. Also, I don't like the stock cable with mic and the non-mic is too long. This cable is perfect.

    You need to drop the Onkyo and join the ZX300 club :D
  14. slowpickr
    I don't mind the stock cable so I'm going to pass.

    I'll join the ZX300 club when you decide to sell yours at less than half price to fund another DAP LOL
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
  15. Lurk650
    You know me all too well! But the 300 pairing with the N5005 and 99C's are something special.

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