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The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

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  1. margroth
    Thank you sir! :D

    A comparison would be the best option but otherwise, your impressions with Tralucent 1plus2.1 + Brise Audio would do. I just want to make sure that they make a good match, so I can put them to good use :jecklinsmile:
  2. Hoegaardener70
    Hi there (and other fellow Brise owners), I own the UPG001HP Ref. now for a couple of weeks and appreciate the build quality of it. I have the 8-wire version. However, i find it also very stiff even when not on the move, it seems rather massive and also drags down the Utopia. On the other hand, sound is top notch and I love the wooden slider to play around with while listening.

    Cannot really decide if they are a keeper or not because of the sturdiness of the cable.
  3. baiyy1986
    Does anybody have information about the new str7se cable?
    Just saw some nice price on their official website.
  4. IgeNeLL
    You should change your inear :3 :)) :)) :)) that will be a lightening way.
  5. margroth
    Ah, the good old sir loving his Layla II + Brimar cable :D
  6. IgeNeLL
    Looking for impression too. I'm going to having one next week.
    Looking forward to it. :3
  7. margroth
    Noted. I am looking forward to hearing your impressions as well.
  8. IgeNeLL
    It take times! babe
  9. IgeNeLL
    Does it any information about the material between their product line or it is just different in cable geometric and braid structure?
    I'm having STD7 SE and it most promising characteristic is black background a clean noise floor. Very good in comparison with 500-1000$ range.
    Wating for UPG001HP for HD800 too, I wonder about the different between UPG001HP and UPG001HP ref
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    Does this help??
  11. robotncc
    Hi, I am living in US, how can I purchase Brise cable?
    Thanks :)
  12. iBo0m
    Hello guys,

    does anyone know a price list for Brise IEMs cables (just indicative prices)?

    I was looking at STR7-Ref. and flex001.

    Someone mentioned that cables are rather stiff - based on the pictures the Brise cables looks thin and probably flexible? (which is my major requirement because of comfy wearing). Can some owner share any experiences regarding this, please?

    Thanks :)

  13. AnakChan Moderator
    The STR7-Ref is approx USD$650 & the Flex001SE is approx $167.

    These ones are more flexible than the older UPG001HP/STD001HP series.
  14. deniska80
    What is the difference between upg001ref.se 4wire and STR7Ref 4wire?
    The price is equal...
  15. AnakChan Moderator
    I believe it has to do with the #strands/wire combination. e.g. the STR7Ref is a 7-strand one core, and 7 cores into one wire.


    The UPG001Ref, is it’s a quad spiral. I’ll need to check but I think they are a 37 strand per core. Naturally the diameter of each strand is different between the STR7 & UPG001Ref. I’ll reach out to Brise to try to get more details.
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