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The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    Yeah, mine is from e4ua.jp.
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  2. deafdoorknob
    Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 09.10.22.png

    can't fault them for being honest
  3. haiku
    Ordered the new Ref14 balanced without bass pot for my Layla2 (and a Marakumo6 3.5mm IC, too) . :sunglasses:
  4. malvinviriya
    Has anyone ever paired these with a UE18+? Doesn't seem like the site has their connector yet :frowning2:

    Also, how do they hold up (The UPG001) in terms of daily use. I'm planning to get the 4-wire version for that matter
  5. haiku
    Ordered the Brimar Audio Labs "Supreme Reference Monarch (The Force)". Will be interesting to compare against the Brise Audio Ref14.
  6. littlexx26
    their 'high quality copper' they don't want to disclose could be oyaide 102 ssc
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    Brise Audio's new 2.5mm -> 4.4mm TRRS right angled adapter
  8. buzzlulu
    Do they make a 4.4 female > 3.5mm single ended?
  9. haiku
    Just send them an email. Naoki is a really nice chap. He will help you.
  10. buzzlulu
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    Brise Audio was exhibiting at the e-earphone store in Akihabara today. Took the opportunity to bring the Susvara to listen to their stack. They weren't shy about it - SFZ network player and DAC, and Oji Special amp with Murakumo cables :-

    1st up, the Susvara cabled by Brise Audio's UPG001HP into the Oji Special BDI-DC24B-G Limited amp, with the SFZ DAC and network player. Back end cabling all Brise interconnects naturally.


    Next up is even more special...replaced the UPG001HP cable with the TotL Murakumo. This cable is seriously euphonic. To give you an idea, the headphones are already $6000, the Murakumo cables would be around $4800, the Oji Special BDI-DC24B-G Limited is like $7400, and I don't even want to know how much the SFZ DAC & network player costs.



    Brise Audio also showed their new cable (no name yet but announced only yesterday/today). It's got the new Pentaconn right angle plug. The cable is based on the limited PTK2017S shown at the Fujiya Summer Potaken in July (limited sales only for that weekend). This one is also 49 strands into 4 wires and is their Ref version. It wouldn't have the PTK2017S name but some other name.


    This is also new, it's their UPG001Ref 2.5mm -> 4.4mm adapter


    And here are their Murakumo interconnects...

  12. haiku
    One of those Marakumos there is mine! :ksc75smile:
  13. Sleepow
    I still have not spent time doing the critical comparison between the UPG001Ref 8 wires and the Dita Truth, but I have not removed the cable from the Dream since I got it (a month or so ago); while using it daily for commute as well as long walks in the city.
    It is big and heavy, but maybe thanks to wearing glasses (I tuck the memory wire behind them), it is actually easy to use on the go.
  14. Sleepow
    Finally did some comparison.

    Before buying the cable, when demoing it, I felt increase in soundstage and holographic imaging; and that is why I got the cable. I confirm this is still the case, and probably due to an increased lower end extension.

    At the time I also notice loss of dynamics due to less incisive trebles; that gave me pause but wanted to give the cable a try.
    I am happy to report that after burn in, this is not the case anymore. Dynamics are as present as ever with the Dream but with increase treble extension, which for me makes the upper end sound smoother.

    The only downside, and I am not sure how that fits with the other observations I made, is that on sibilent recordings, there is a tiny bit more sibilance.

    Anyway, now that I compared the cable side by side, the Brise will most likely be taped to the Dream for the foreseeable future.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  15. fire2368
    How do I go about ordering cables from them? I haven't figured this out...
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