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The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

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  1. deniska80
    Thanks a lot. They didn't answer me. And Im very curious about the difference in SQ(may be sound sig) and on-the-go convenient.
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    No worries. I’ve reached out to me and Brise Audio will try to give me a pix of the quad spiral as a comparison.

    I’ve not tried the STR7Ref therefore can’t speak much about sound difference. However one ergonomic difference I can think of is that I would expect the STR7Ref to be more flexible and less tangly than the UPG001Ref due to the wire difference construction.

    I have the UPG001Ref8 (granted that’s got double the wires of the Ref), and it’s stiffer...more suited for headphones than for, say, earphones. I would guess the STR7Ref would be more suited for earphones.
  3. deniska80
    I know that UPG001Ref8 has amazing quality in terms of SQ, but it is inconvenient for using on-the-go with iems. So Im thinking about 7ref and 001ref4. Ask their opinion about SQ of these two, please
  4. AnakChan Moderator
    So the UPG001Ref is a 37 strand 4 core structure as mentioned in my original post https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-brise-audio-japan-cable-thread.843612/ back in 2017. It hasn’t changed. There is no cross section picture. The details of the UPG001Ref is proprietary.

    The design however involves a knitting design that is to reduce cross talk & other noise.

    With regards to sonic differences, sorry I don’t have the STR7 therefore can’t really comment on that. However I do have the PTK which I think is similar to the STR7. I need to check for a confirmation.

    Hopefully someone else who have both can comment on the difference betteeen the STR7 & UPG001Ref.
  5. ehjie
    @AnakChan , hi. I'm looking for the Brise IEM Cable upgrade specifically for my 1670ss. Could you share the link? or someone? Thank you & cheers...
  6. AnakChan Moderator
    Hmmm... I’m not familiar with the 1670ss. Are they Accoustune’s?

    Brise Audio have quite a range so recommend to start from here :-

  7. ehjie
    Yes, they are.
    Thanks for the link, but i am already browsing that. I saw in another platform, 3 Brise audio cable types, but the photos taken from a shop somewhere in Tokyo.
    Acoustune suggested the Brise audio cable as upgrade.
    I'm having (small) issues with (Cosmetic)1.cable having oxidation near the mmcx terminations. I know this normal & unavoidable, (Sonic) 2. peaky treble, 1 / 100 albums occur, 3. a little lift in the mids would be very nice.
    I love the tuning of the 1670ss. I believe a cable upgrade would be ideal.

    Thank you for your reply...
  8. productred
    Right now I think the Asuha is the best offering considering sonic performance, costs, aesthetics and handling.
    ehjie likes this.
  9. Peti
    Japanese craftsmanship and adherence to high quality standards never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure these cables sound splendid. I've always wanted to visit the land of the riding sun and get lost in Osaka.
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    The folks in Brise Audio have had a lot of experience in cables despite the company itself being new. The folks behind it have made cables for PCs, etc. (which you can still find on their website). What I like about Brise is that they deal simplicity when it comes to the type of cable - copper only. Just good quality copper. Prior to Brise, I had used sliver, silver gold, copper silver combinations, etc. and whilst those sounded good, (the naive me) didn't think that pure copper could produce such good SQ and other added materials were a necessity.

    After buying a Brise cable, I realised that just good quality pure copper properly isolated can sound very smooth and fluid.
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