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The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

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  1. productred
    Not sure what you mean by material structure and material, but I find it hard to find any other cable maker pouring so much heart and soul into the materials like Brise.

    To me I also won't regard the Ref as the smoothest cable out there - that title more often than not relates to coloured and details-lacking sound reproduction.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  2. fokta
    Was trying another 2 type Yatono and upg001ref 8wires final edition.

    pairing with U18t and DX221mk2.
    Yatono, aiming for detail. still puncy yet tight Bass.
    UPG001Ref 8wires Final edition, IMO, aiming for stage, The presence of Vocal/mid will have depth, not a bass head cable. here I find High or treble is smooth...
    While back to UPG001Ref 4 wire. felt Low and mid getting Thicker, more musical in my ear...
    actually I can said, give better weight in Mid...

    Just my 5 cents...
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