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The Audio Lounge

  1. Podster
    Sorry OD, do they usually run for a week or daily? Pod is old and gets confused easily:open_mouth: I just got the idea when I saw Cat Scratch Fever (Pretty sure "Song" is not in that title) and it is a new day:thinking: Thought we wore "Song" out yesterday for a couple pages worth?

    I'm still lost where Waz came up with "Hot Child in the City":confused:
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  2. rr12267
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  3. OldDude04
    Lol, all good, I was just giving a heads up. WoW is word of the week, but we're free to post random video goodness that isn't WoW any time we like so carry on my friend.

    Oh, and I think @jerick70 posted Nugent just cuz he heard it on the radio.
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  4. Podster
    I plead the 5th, nothing like good old ignorance either. All this time I was just thinking WOW was like WOW cool and not word of the week:open_mouth: Obviously on brain issue day Pod was standing behind the door instead on moving thru the line:rolling_eyes:
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  5. mbwilson111
    Yeah the Word of the Week is posted on Wednesday by @groucho69. We actually did try doing a Word of the Day a year or so ago but the problem was too many videos seemed to stall all other conversation and some people even quit the thread because there are other music threads like "What are you Listening to Now."

    At the time I could not open the Lounge if I did not want my tablet to crash... it just could not load a page that had tons of videos on it. So we finally sort of agreed to having it once a week and each person should limit their contribution to one or two. Occasionally sneak in three. Actually a couple of people wanted to limit to one. I think I was not the only one whose device was crashing.

    Ok on the PC but sometimes I am too lazy to go to the PC.

    I still do plan to add a couple for Song this weekend if no one else does. There have been a couple of huge omissions. C'mon... think 80's MTV...

    When there are too many no one can listen to them all. It was suggested that we post things that we want the others to hear.

    Random posts of songs not related to the WOW are different.
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  6. Layman1
    Yes! How could I forget?!
    Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing'!!
    Oh wait, it doesn't have 'song' in the title :p
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  7. mbwilson111
    LOL... that one did get a lot of play. I can picture the whole thing in my mind. No need to post it :)
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  8. jerick70
    No worries @Podster. It took me the longest time to figure out what WOW meant when I started on this thread. I was like..... "What the he** does that mean". I finally googled it and felt like a horses azz. :D
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  9. Podster
    No worries MB, jerick70 pretty much described the Pod in the post above:rolling_eyes: Just consider everything I posted without "Song" in it another random posting and I'll behave in the future:smirk:
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  10. groucho69
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  11. groucho69
    Happy Friday!

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  12. Podster
    Ooh, ooh got it this time:rolling_eyes: LOL Random song post and not sure if many have heard these guys but this is off their "Your body above me" album and highly recommended:beerchug:

    Oh man, just one more great album from a one album wonder out of Austin Texas (Lead singer got the big head, thought he would do better as a model:astonished:) anyway the album is called Reach Out and if you can find it and you like bluesy Rock you might just LOVE it:beerchug:

    As a teaser this is the first track off of it and once again HAPPY FRIDAY loungers:grin:

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  13. jerick70
  14. Podster
    I love Kate (B-52's) Pierson on it, she makes the song and I'm ready for some Love Shack now:grin:
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  15. Richsvt
    Love REMs stuff. That is a goofy song but great harmonies...
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