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The Audio Lounge

  1. Richsvt
    So, after some consideration, I think I'm going to hold getting the R3 Pro. I have been waiting for this thing for months and now that it's here, I'm waiting again. I spend so much time driving that I feel I really need some decent sounds for my ride. I'm going to take the extra money I would have spent on the R3 and use it towards a sub build. Maybe down the road I'll look at the R3 Pro again. I'm going to have to live through people here on how it sounds. Please post impressions and thoughts once you get it.
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  2. OldDude04
    Mine arrives Monday, I'll give some initial impressions, plus some R3 to R3 Pro comparisons. Let us know how the sub build goes.
  3. jerick70
    Here you go with a little extra thrown in....

  4. Whazzzup
  5. groucho69
  6. jerick70
    Bro, can't wait to hear how it compares to your other kit.

    Waiting for the Roland impressions too.
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  7. jerick70
    Car builds are a unique experience. A lot like building diy amps and preamps. I guess I should ask ,Are you going to do the work yourself? I mean a new piece of kit is cool but the experience of accomplishing a diy build is second to none.
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  8. Richsvt
    I have done many builds myself back in the day. That feeling is great to stand back and see the finished product knowing it was all you. But, truth be told, life is catching up with me and my back is not as flexible as it once was. I do not have a problem letting someone else do the dirty work. I will pay for the lack of stress and pain. There are a couple good installers around here so will seek some professional expertise, especially seeing that this is a new car. Looking for that seamless integration...I'll post pictures once it's done.
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  9. jerick70
    I'm with you my friend. It's a bit of a odd man out for REM but it sure does bring up a smile to your face, which is what I was going for.
  10. Richsvt
    Ironically, it was their least favorite song, despite working with Kate. They vowed they wouldn't play it again, at least at shows. Stipe said that if some of their music was loaded onto a probe for other civilizations to hear, he wouldn't want that song included.
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  11. Richsvt
    Here's some random songs from my playlist this afternoon:

  12. groucho69
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  13. groucho69
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  14. groucho69
  15. groucho69
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