Testing audiophile claims and myths
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with tips
63 Hz "abdomen"
125 Hz "chest"
250 Hz "oo"
500 Hz "o"
1000 Hz "ah"
2000 Hz "a"
4000 Hz "ee"
8000 Hz "s"
16000 Hz "ts"

It is not about the fundamental frequencies or overall bandwidth of the sounds, but the characteristic frequency ranges.
You are so far off its not funny. this is completely not true
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with tips

You are so far off its not funny. this is completely not true
Why don't you tell us morons how it is if you know better? I am very surprised how much criticism "my list" has got.
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I didnt say anyone was a moron, ok? There is no way for a human to make a 16k tone by going TSSS. 63 hz is so much lower than a chest type of thing.. Just off by a magnitude.
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If it helps MIXING songs, I guess. I disagree because EEE is not 4k and just because modifying a static blast makes something that could be interpreted as an EE doesn't make it useful or true.
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then how is it useful? Just get a freakin tone generator and listen to the actual frequencies
...and get an equalizer and dial the frequencies in and out of music so you can hear where it sits.
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Fair enough. I do get where this guy is coming from. Maybe I don't have the right wires crossed in my brain to get the vowel sounds out of eq.

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