1. GoldenSound

    Why you can't trust audio measurements

    I figured this may be something worth starting a dedicated thread for. There are all sorts of reasons as to why measurements may be unreliable, misleading, confusing, or just inconsistent. And I've made a video discussing some of these topics.
  2. X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones

    X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones

    X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones X5i Crafted for the music lovers who value quality and taste but don’t follow trends blindly, MAS’ X5i is a stylish high end 5-Driver in-ear headphones imbued with minimalist aesthetics and unrivaled performance for music on the go or home...
  3. KeithPhantom

    What do you think about subjective opinions without any scientific basis?

    I always had that question since I learned the basics of audio processing and reproduction. I remember when I didn't know anything about audio and was looking for bettering my experience with it. I started like everyone here, reading the other forums, thinking that everything made sense: amps...
  4. TronII

    A New Curve...

    After learning about speaker orders, in combination with being exposed to some recent threads, I came up with a new idea for developing a compensation curve for circumaural headphones: I call it the "Open Air Response" (OA). In a flat open field, with little to no background noise, (like the...
  5. TronII

    A Couple of Hypotheses

    1 (Short): Could the Sennheiser *Headphone Redacted*'s veil be a result of the ~70hz bump rather than the treble "roll-off"? We could make this hypothesis testable by restating it as: "Does emphasizing/deemphasizing certain frequencies alter the perception of others?" 2: Could the acoustic...
  6. T

    DAP Burn-In - What happened?

    Hey, I’m well aware, that the question wether Burn-In for DAPs is real or not is heavily debated already. This post ain’t about that! It’s rather a scientific one: When I got my latest DAP (AK SR15) I couldn’t help but give it a go right out of the box. I was surprised to find spaciousness was...
  7. Prog Rock Man

    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    (As I find more blind tests I will add them to the list here.) So, we love to have a good discussion/argument/rant here (and on all the other audio forums I have seen) about the many claims audiophiles make that others dismiss as myths. The arguments go round in circles; I hear a difference -...